LABARAN KANNYWOOD EP 4 2019 || Kawar Nafisat Abdullahi ta bibiyi Saurayin ta, Rahama Sadau ta...

by: Kannywood Empire

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[Music] [Applause] assalamu alaykum Shama us women and Maryam Allah I'm gonna need to make a vitamin for the library uncanny uh oh god candelabra and know I own his equity children and sue I am a childminder pizza of the light button so they so I know myself with each other to solve major drama take it up minion and Connie woods good idea the money my Ryan can use the shampoo myself with the ceremony item LCD FINA Connie would sinner who has shield with a cherry the wooden tentacle kunavaram ooh Nathanial it's comical commentary subscribe YouTube channel LUMO Akane wood Empire double agent Robert O'Connor insider dimension now Facebook tilta the Instagram training with Empire that's caliber and now I wanna mark on a German official Abdullah da baiana yet daughter called the so tomato question soda in the tickets nine in that era Sam melena Haqqani Achanta net suta in the hull Manama be enter a key to occur to check abacus a touchy by talk about him any and so I met a Haqqani am Akuma and Lyle are cheetah under Marconi potential German twat so fatty Russia travilana here the turf Ataturk rasoi amitaba inochi wa time not to confirm chicken sugar lara you wanta there were number to me come on yeah now Massacre stratagem daddy aku direction Sahara me a gentleman on watch for a homicide Oh Timon and Carmela they get it entertain I'm ed Italian University Agatha Cyprus Tommy and Haqqani a sharp enter the Instagram in the a local agent ax harmony and persecuted semana mu monitor at Amarna a lasagna and kale

but that's enjoining Miku mama likey why to sign a moose hydrangea yarmilla nature are my pencil Belgium in a PC but she from aa Bayonetta Leland Sapna Belgium year many come back America kookaburra Cosimo party who mahalia's in a yarmulke is the 5% the to one degree Nina campaign at UK l2n a needle a he who community delegated or chocolates Pokemon I a miscibility man animal puta Kakuma a maiden bitch that happened a apparel she caribou could use one person designee Chi 1 butene [Music] 95% were like the cover no kuni tomita gonna buy a PC given its mid-1991 me tonight in junior ticket Emma committin su kamioka-san she away when we tighten come chappie so you want she commands and abuhami teri say written and immediate foundation matanza to tell about the T Mohammed Amin era I owe you I shall side as women sho nough Facebook Tita the instagram connie would Empire the vehicle Oliver own the cunning which are hidden TV now unity TV break a condition a readership you hasta times when American cartoon where I do chrono consumer ah I shall for money instagram connie woods empire [Music] mondaya jong-il city FINA Connie would serve Avoca she do how can I be buying one Bharani the entire current sugar bank assign a PDP while to achieve Abu Bakr yay in the natural by acharya ram you Musa Frank Rizzo at cinta Piazza how can they hear about Colonel maybe Adam Ian PDP Makani woods somewhere - I think abou Ricardo de ravio Musa focus on Dukes Sanada maybe our Dara the Vatican uncanny with Dharma belches Oh Abdullahi tapa raucous 2001 a mouthful in the - para ser de calle de rainey Nozawa vandeman carbon together sorry man Instagram belches ooh klodin so a large animal Connie woods my Sunnah only ZZ cycle also mania mania and carnival food idea the mania mania and carnivals good idea when a mutiny would I be a Sunni the virtue of a fatty Mohammed sani danja Sahara Tent Sonny al-amin Bihari docume in Marana in the desert is the chin Yoko acaba so don't shrug Amma maybe I am in a PDP in akane woods amalga band in Natick America I wanna give underwriter ventaja result is a little ear TV us holla at you over her here should be only child yeah and film the Moraga the point gherkin in the visa muhammad wa ba si Buchanan's are Akio et Sheldon home a very very touchy she Buchanan's a volume of food on cookie al abama might be at the end the nation' and hiding say day then the tiny idea mystical about the palace Elizabeta students attend Shiva the party Muhammad the son danger the reason rather my body w directin m planet Thank You gos on wo who photographed do garry pierre-pierre avocados in Turku by an untouched apparently taken i jelly means our lives and take a Tom banza no alibi it seems that it is I need to go mother a do it in Libya you know for now we have sat at a Thank You mi here the way to keep a I'm a trap eater oh my criticism by tau V G above the unlock a mighty equaling shoe one in our other parrot habit hello material achiever walker acrobat affiliate at la parka camels to let open issue or distilled ESS measure an Avenger see I'm by Tai Chi [Music] Radhika a chemical castration la Morena no no no macho Camacho when Oh Malcolm ezra dance a miserable Navarro Natalie woods then Okinawan Shiro Kakuma tell at the Hartlepool Zaku II attentive armata email Mo Rocca matzo - Anna comical commentary subscribing the YouTube channel limo Akane wood Empire debbie is a political insider dimension now Facebook tilta the instagram connie with Empire

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