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hi I'm Brenda Bailey from pie plate patterns in our tutorial for today is raw edge applique well are there's a lot of ways to do it but our favorite way is to use some kind of a fusible web and there's a lot on the market but this one is our favorite and it's the heat and bond why always gonna make one or two of copies of your pattern then you can just copy it lay your heat and bond right or your whatever you're using right on your pattern and copy it but if you're gonna make quite a few it's nice to get some template plastic and it comes in sheets like this and then you can just mark your pattern on this and then when you copy around it it stays the same if you use a piece of cardboard or something it'll eventually change the size of your of your pattern because you go around up so many times but this template plastic is great it's not very expensive when we use it quite often so I've taken this and I made a little flower and then I've marked it with a mechanical pencil I love mechanical pencils because they give you a sharp line and I just marked it right on the smooth side of my heat and fog light so now what I'm going to do is I'll show you a different pattern and I've learnt this one this is a little bit bigger flower and so what you can do with this sometimes when you use the heat and bond it makes your your block kind of stiff so if there's a big area in the middle of your pattern sometimes I like to cut that out then we've got least a quarter of an inch all the way around inside the line and it will still stick and work just as well as if you have the whole thing ironed onto your fabric this particular applique works really well for shapes that are a little bit intricate and then you can you don't have to worry about about how they're gonna try the gray which is perfect so I would iron this one on the back of my fabric lightens yes with and then I can use this for something else made the middle of the flower or whatever but if you have a bigger piece you can cut that out and then your like isn't so sniffles this ins not got a lot of insight area so we're just gonna go iron this on on our fabric I have this cute piece of pink fabric I'm gonna make my flower out of and I'm going to iron this onto the back of it I made sure that it's bigger than that than this because if it's not then this is sticky on this side and it will stick to your ironing board I use a hot dry iron and just press it on like that I also have the middle of the flower then I'm going to put on this light pink so I will put that oh I earn that on as well while I'm doing it the next step is to cut out on the line all the way around your flower or whatever you're doing you can do some really fun things with this technique of applique like I said it will work on little tiny pieces as well as big pieces and you can layer them and that's what I like to especially take out the center part like I did on this one and then it doesn't get too thick at the ironing board now and I'm going to pull off the paper from the back of this of course I can't do it on camera and this leaves your stickies on on there and then I'm gonna press this on the background piece now this background piece I've cut it eight and a half and so my finished block will be seven and a half because I always cut the background piece a little bit bigger because sometimes when you applique it kind of skews your piece a little bit or maybe makes it a little smaller and so that gives you a little extra room so when I get finished with this I will trim this down to the right size so I press that on and then I'm going to go and I'm going to stitch all around it and then I'm going to press the center on it okay now we're at our machine and we're gonna zigzag around this and I've got a piece of paper behind my my fabric you can buy stabilizer that's used for this but this white paper works well and don't use paper that has the writing on it because the ink will get on your your project I've picked a stitch a zig zag stitch that's a little bit close together but not not like a satin stitch it's close enough together to keep the edges from fraying I picked a color here that I hope you can see it's not quite the same and I will just go around the whole flower like

I'm gonna show you what I mean it of what I've been doing on these inside points I get to almost the point and then I just quit sewing and then I go to the next site I don't have to sew clear to the point because the center of the flower will cover that up okay I have my center the flower and I took of the paper off the back I'm going to just lay that on top of the flower center at how I want and then just press it on this is a this technique works really well for layering when you have different layers like this is two layers of appliquéd you know we're going to start sewing around the center you can pick any spot you want and go kind of silk that's kind of hard to do a circle but make sure that the outside of your zigzag is on the outside of the circle and you can use any whip up zigzag that you want I've chosen a mid mid whip stitch because this is kind of a small flower if I don't want anything to get I'm gonna move this thread out of the way and then when I get back to where I started I'm gonna just overlap my stitching just a little and maybe do a back stitch and there we are right here I've made a demonstration of zigzagging on a piece of fabric with paper behind and then keeping the same zig-zag going and without the paper behind and you can see a difference this kind of pulls the fabric and you can see down here at the bottom there's kind of even a little pleat and the zigzag isn't as wide and it's nice so it really does make a nicer finish product if you use a paper or a stabilizer behind it but you don't want to leave it there so now we're going to rip the paper off the back of our flower and it comes up really easily because of all the stitches around then I'll just rip out these middle parts like that and there's a couple more little little pieces I'll need to get but basically that's that's finished then there's your flower now what I need to do is trim this to the right size a half an inch bigger than I want my finished square so I'll do that and then we're done this flower actually came from one of our patterns and it is in our book piece of pie ala mode and it's made with a layer cake and it gives you three different options of things you can do this has cherries on it because the fabric who used to have cherries on it and it's applique done with the same method and then this quote here has the flowers and then we have a little one right here that has little cards and there's patterns free to those in our book it's a great way to applique I know there's a lot of ways but it

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