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by: Audiotree

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it's a mystery to tell somebody

it's so nice to wake up in the

and not

it's a I have to tell somebody when you don't go

mm and welcome the audio tree live today 2004 and we're honored to have with us nothing

i watch your long blonde beauty to be talking high school so kids will learn that God lives like music in the skin that sounds like a sunshine harpsichord I want high school report cards to look like this playing the gentle class things a computer magic a Viking letters to those you love and finding out about fish a marshes long blonde beauty A+

nothing an audio tree live everything sounding good for you guys I had phones and stuff okay great thank you so much for coming out and playing for us today could we go around real quick in just weather in this band or in a previous project could you share when you're like a practice space that you remember fondly a basement or garage or something

cool others we had this practice spot one time in a fish town in Philly and the owner was a dickhead and we broke the mirror and we broke the window and we lied about it so great great what was so mean about him or like why we see why we see a dickhead not see pretentious not see well there you go that makes perfect sense I have one in Auckland we shared with a testiment metallic Rex tattoo and also a bunch of cool cover bands they covered ac/dc sweet or really old and awful Oh a lot of awesome sweat in the Hall of old guys yeah I'm use this tight Nicky not even know I think I've ever practiced in my life that's why I'm not that good at guitar well all right definite you guys can go into your necks



audio tree live with nothing before you guys go into your last song one question is just do you have a chance to read on the road ever and if you do do you read anything yeah we all pretty read do you have a book that like you're into now or I don't know an essay that you're into now or something I'm reading a bunch of d8 levee right now okay that's the main thing I'm into right now sweet um I like to read the UM newspapers in the south to show you all the criminals and all their messed up faces like all the stuff that they do read all the things that they've gotten in trouble for why in the south I know it seems to only be there okay yeah but it's publicized any other readers no cool sweet nice-looking cartoons all day drawings and sweet do you draw yourself or do you just watch them haven't you just read about I'm the king of amidst pain drawing a pedophile beautiful alright I'll just say that guilty of everything is out now they're on tour going to the sub T tonight at 8:00 p.m. that's over here if you're in the area then Minneapolis champaign-urbana anything else for you guys to or deets or anything like that mom take it away

thanks nothing on audio to be live thanks you guys again for playing for us wrap it up thanks to ember cabs thanks to Goose Island for beer awesome people in the studio sound engineers camera and lighting crew hooking it up and viewers support the band by downloading the session when it comes out in a few weeks send a shout by social media to us or the band if you just want to connect and from all of us here at the studio thanks

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