Silver v Red - Clash of Champions

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I didn't very slew a single cards because it's just one or two years older and then yeah he was always that step ahead remember in 1999 he finished third for the European Championships for Junior Championships in go-karts and there was a guy telling me that he will be in Formula 1 [Music] Oh believe me mm never world champion triple world champion three times world champion synchronous boom four-time world champion you need a second to do the stage and one was in Austin I offered the toss [Music]



then we erased each other in homework 3 I think that's really the first time that we met me the first time I hope and was really aware of Sebastian [Music] you [Music] Sebastian sunny here in Australia and even another Formula One season do you still have the same excitement does it still feel really special to you yeah new generation of cars difficult to know what's yeah how the race is going to unfold how the racing will be so you have plenty to look forward to a lot of challenges so you need to keep you know our eye on every single step and then a new year a new opportunity how excited are you they start performing the one season the car is the unknown whether we're behind or heads coming here whether it level or the Red Bull gonna be up there with us where there's two teams or three teams fighting for the championship but also that I'm feeling the best that I've ever felt so what is that how does that reflect on track and I hope it's in a positive light you've been working hard it looks like the team have been - how differently are these cars to drive them to the ones that you've driven previously it's not a massive difference I mean it's the difference is that you are going through corners faster so you're running more speeding through it's more visible in that sense because you've grown more g-force through the corners more compression through the body physical levels have to go up this year I think they got the load faster which is obviously good news faster we can push more push harder push longer how it impacts on the racing we will see but yeah so far good news it's so hungry for that full of championship I think that's where the energy is and I sense that from my fans and I sense that from my friends and I really want to deliver that I think that desire to have that full Championship is greater than so you have any realistic idea where Ferrari are in comparison to the other teams not really I think we had a decent winter a lot of people talk highly of us which might be good news but then again it's just winter testing is very easy to you know get the wrong impression so I think we have to look at ourselves do our job this weekend and see where it takes us the first couple of weeks obviously important but then again it's a long year

but here comes Lewis Hamilton aiming for a six pole at Albert Park and here's our poll was four medals Awards the line now so Lewis I just wanted to know if you have seen Sebastian in the park family watching the Mercedes very closely touching the wings that Kings are the tires have you done so with a Ferrari no Sebastian I heard you been touching my car welcome along to the 2017 Formula One World Championship Melbourne looks an absolute picture today we have five lights on the head of the drivers it's like Santa wake up Hamilton gets away very 118 Sebastian Vettel has to cover up a three ball sack the Hamel to the fennel goes through an escape people say like this you know doing well you can poach this it meets get this gap it is critical for it said

Hamilton Pitt's first it's the soft tire for Mercedes so it started to cool off down second three point three seconds and it's disease rates critical computer parts for stuff that not still sake of the battle this happens in the 29th if he stays in the 29 no one has raised critic Locker Vettel will be ahead of him what I to now typical comes in to stop now Lewis Hamilton behind the Stanford sebastian vettel now ahead old Lewis Hamilton Hamilton behind for snapper how frustrating with a frustrated will Hamilton be now see a long way to go keep your head down it is 28 128 one is let us know what you could do to close that gap looking firm I 27th okay they're curious good English good sebastian vettel starts up 2017 fine winning the Australian Grand Prix Ferrari on top Down Under the Ferrari regazzi gratia gratia for grand epic Tina and there was murder golden touch for the Silver Arrows today Lewis Hamilton comes home to queen second place [Applause]

how happy I made this incredible start to the season [Music]

it's like salmon or way we go the Mercedes getaway for everyone a deep but Hamilton goes into the lead now we're looking to Sebastian meant the battery but at Pebble get into the first turn just ahead of the Mercedes Sebastian Vettel pits with the soft tires there is a major into the once again involving and Tokyo Chopra Nancy the safety car will now be deployed

safety car will peel off into the pit so now we'll see those tires are up to temperature and we'll see what the drivers could do for that sebastian vettel going down the insider Kimi räikkönen movements and six fix this time is going to go around the outside he went down the inside and Kimi räikkönen went around the outside of Daniel Ricardo Ricardo fights back sebastian vettel got just a far enough ahead yes he has sebastian vettel pulls off a super move there

all that's all for that left front that's a big problem and that's an even bigger problem sebastian vettel goes past max Verstappen

and it's eventually picking up the pace now you know there are two lap server undercuts we were just waiting for bitch get out of our whip though it's all good now Bentley's pushing that you're doing good lap times don't keep your head down yeah in revelation 22 average catch if I have to go [Music] Hamilton takes the checkered flag and wins the Chinese call play and it's all square at the top of the driver's championship kitchen ownership of so much for your efforts Sebastian Vettel comes over second place into the should I step it up with a solid race and my spokes of their random or oh I think in the bigs positions felt like we were the quickest where the cricket man [Applause] you but ass crosses the line he's back on provisional pole not by March until a little sector absolutely right Martin could we see Valtteri Bottas ending Lewis Hamilton's run a six consecutive pole positions can't Hamilton make it back up again it's all eyes now on the timing screens as he sees the checkered flag crosses the line he's not done it here comes Kimi räikkönen right cannon crosses the line only fifth fastest Sebastian federal can he get on to the front row no he can't third for him or factory bata on pole for the first time in his Formula One career [Music] it's lights out Attaway we go this does get a good start on Sebastian feathers over show mapping away with Julian Barbour in the background box will be the minute oh boy yes

we knew someone was going to go aggressive and they're going onto the super soft tire so Ferrari committing to a definite to stop strategy here Oh max Verstappen shout out to the race long stroll this is going to bring our safety car it's POTUS is coming in and Hamilton is rather double stacking has this safety car save Mercedes race this afternoon pretty pretty timely the slowest way that's gonna hurt in a bit more they were waiting where they could car to come in that may well have helped Mercedes a treat in that respect because better was absolutely flying where are they no bet ins in front of them is knee Hamilton looking to get the job here on Danny Ricardo he's getting a very nice thin stream indeed behind Ricardo down the main straight pulls out now to the right-hand side goes will to well with Daniel Ricciardo and going into turn one Red Bull leads to paltry sponsorship behind even Lewis Hamilton up into third place ahead of Daniel Ricciardo now tries to take the inside line quite get it into turn to better well out of position in two and three that's going to get bought as a great runner Vettel's gone to the inside the only place if you go wohlfahrt ass leave his breaking lay and go ride around the outside he's gonna get squeezed out there

close up to Beltre close up to Beltre we get the message

sometimes a five seven fifty five second penalty drug slope it said treatment the last stop of the service it stop and we're loose just head down but let's get on it [Music]

34 134 1 but the pace to witness the list of a don't hold Luis up here's two seconds a lap quicker pushing for the word please a little Luis

traffic noise it's still to play for pay come on special buses cars his past to spend another three episodes Parma and Erickson some people but Sebastian Fabul the current four-time world champion is going to win that jewel of the deserts and take the firing we want service m31 what device here where the quickness

Hamilton comes home for second place

I just asked you had tense it was in those final laps I mean the strategy was perfect from the team everyone pulled together and got you that winter David in those final few laps were you worried at all not really worried but I think we needed to you know keep attention to what's going on obviously Lewis was very very quick closing in with fresher tires but I think we were able to save tires before that and had enough to respond so with traffic with the lapped cars there was a bunch of three cars I think it's also a McLaren and salbon which cost some time but then he had to go through as well so yeah you never know who clears traffic faster I think in the end is always you know all eyes the same for everyone but as I said I think we just needed to stay sharp make sure we don't relax too much because obviously we had a bit of cushion and control the race a little bit in the end five seconds you got for the stop for holding Daniel up in the pit lane when you were closing in on serve at the end were you within that five seconds do you think if you've got within it where I got to was as I could get to so I mean of course if I didn't have the I didn't have the the the five second penalty then I think I would have been and also we lost it over time I think in the pit stop so I think lots of different things could have happened today but it didn't and we will assess it and try to figure out how we can move forwards here goes Sebastian Vettel then rather final corner Hamilton's got a bit of time in have it is it enough Sebastian Vettel puts his Ferrari on world's Hamilton can get Boland ecards Ferrari for the first time since France in truth

[Applause] [Music] it's lights out and away we go then sebastian vettel leads them all they know it's happened to get a decent start it's almost into the pod that Kimi räikkönen there he's got three arrays for the rebels alongside attacker Ricardo Sebastian pen racing away then down toward the first head and feel Tremont act as guide to the lead of Rome and Roshan and Jolie and Parma also involved in contact racing once again at suchak safety car is in signals

yes we are borderline our tips [Music] other cause destruction as well give you up-to-date fades car number 77 to go up to the super subtype

we are staying out this is very good stay there so bet some stops on that first floor so on seven that younger tire that could be significant 9.15 does nearly one second faster is one little mistake there might just have cost battery but ask the chance of winning this race [Music] is impressive the Porsche pressure on it we're on the final lap sebastian vettel will need to clear Felipe Massa into turn four and he can't quite do it but not cleanly anyway manages to get parted faster keep your head down for the first time ever fell sorry pal SAS wins agree Sebastian Vettel comes home in second place little strawberry sweater yeah Williams at the end but Phillip I'm not frustrated I'm pretty happy I think you know we executed a good race we tried everything obviously with the start yeah maybe we're hoping for but worse start for a while sorry but that's how it goes but overall it's exciting I think it's a good pedal it's his first Grand Prix win so let's not talk about whatever myself or you know things like that is his day he he deserves to win d drove fantastic race no mistakes I think he locked up once in 213 but other than that really a superb race great first in he was a lot quicker than Lewis all weekend so just have to you know give it to him I could credit to him he had a fantastic weekend and was just better than all of the all the rest of us today [Music]


and it's lights out and away we go to get to a well summoners ball toss to Sebastian

Lucas is critical time the race now just giving everything he's got the baby pretty hard it might be a two horse race Buffy it looks like it's shaping up to be a real head-to-head sebastian vettel stops did Mercedes push Ferrari into the undercover

this is going to be so close got to pass this Red Bull

but that was an important move you get the feeling Mercedes together need to bring Hamilton in as Hamilton stops a burst at the beginning tires that have gone and yes it is an aesthetically of time we have opportunities appear

that's what my - we'll go wide that's it we'll be going mad inside that cockpit you get a better run this time and sebastian vettel goes onto the grass this time sebastian fatal on the inside does managed to get past I get the feeling Luis how much it's gonna get past his teammate a lot easier than sebastian vettel people need to be closer to campus Oh van Doorn a virtual safety car has been deployed Lewis Hamilton bed to get rid of those medium compound fires we're coming in an hour but if you pit now while your rivals a flat out we go flat out down the pits see he's going to lose a lot more time here now because this up under racing speed

[Music] Sebastian fabulous Hamilton on Apple 2 gets post on the track who's gonna come out in front

federal sit on the inside volchek comes around the outside Swoopes it to leave Oh Chuck took wins the Spanish go free get it there Lewis what's a race face what a race there's a boss of drive force of dried pal guys what can I say offense s each other this weekend strategy was on point pistols just all we can really really appreciate a lot

yeah I mean the first stint I think was able to manage my tires and stay relatively close and then the second stint was a little bit difficult to keep up the pace with him with with a medium tire and then the at the end came out so close together which very very close into turn one I gave you space I was a little touched not really but it definitely didn't give me much space but you know it was cool qualifying to it's a yellow flag all the drivers have to back off Hamilton will start probably 13th after buttons penalties championship leader crosses the line he's not made it on to bold Kimi räikkönen keeps that pole position Kimi is back on top

it's lights out a white wake up [Music]

it's Kimi räikkönen for fennel bowties to staff a terracotta the top five [Music] yeah copy that Louis just look after the car becau after the tires erase comes later super soft tires going on Kimi räikkönen's Ferrari battle will emerge in the news Sebastian battle championship leader comes back out onto the track there comes his teammate Kimi räikkönen since 2001 or today they have Sebastian Vettel wins the Monaco Grand Prix [Music] Granta Lamoureux the tulips to do tile [Applause] [Music]

Hamilton breaks for one more chicane rides the curbs avoids the wall of Champions the man who took his first poll in Montreal in 2007 extended his advantage in here got off to brake pedal quickly then a cadence braking then is it gonna be pole position today can II hope for its he can hope as much as he wants he's not gonna get it today Lewis Hamilton's matched Ayrton Senna's career record the Senna family wanted to give you something to congratulate you on equalling Aaron's record it's not a replica it's race one from your hero to you

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] it's lights out and away we go an excellent stop from Sebastian Lewis Hamilton covers it and outside covers max Verstappen turn into the parrots goes carlos sites and also felipe massa they got a damage we need the box and changes ever made

the track is played when Gracie again something's flown straight off one of the front wings as the staff and tries to go around the outside of those hamilton habits and just cuts it off but salmon has to say in second place is Sebastian Vettel's front way

you keep pushing carts

sebastian fertile pits

Kimi räikkönen is now down into seven Sebastian Vettel is so 6p6

the track Sergio Perez in a battle but he's gonna come back on the track sebastian vettel tell the exciton Sergio Perez move again from the championship leader Lewis Hamilton takes the checkered flag and wins the Canadian Grand Prix by chocolate shakes the racemate fantastic tough guys great question team eyes Reyes nice to cooperate I think the card is all today that's it



[Music] it's lights out a way we go about robotics pointing towards Lewis apples announcer gets away well though that cut sport a soft down the inside go sebastian vettel tried to get the car under control give me right come with all other rebels I think it is I thought it was a Mercedes but this is the problem battery podcasters come with his front right tire back to the pits

if ever you stop for a nose change the safety car is German so so his dangerous for us there is Danny tree at stops by the side of the track the safety car is coming out a lot of activity in the pit lane as well so there goes Hamilton also coming in sebastian vettel lewis that was a pretty close on that last restart so uh the safety car and safety car line one trust me it wasn't

Luis is backing up the pack a little bit so he went into it same way he protested me what the hell is going on

literally first cable of Serbian turn it hit me he might have lost a bit of front wing there Sebastian Vettel and he said Apple - what did you do hnd by the office understand

if we get racing once again about to mentally look down the street senator is already calling out to the right outside

I'm diffraction out down the inside

manages to hang on the second place and well done master the truth both idiots come on their knees damage and they have red flags the drivers will now come into the pit lane whilst the marshals get a proper chance to clear up this track with all the bits of carbon fiber

and now they can start going once again Hamilton then ahead of Sebastian Vettel this looks like bed rest is just a little bit loose at the bank to see if you can pull it into position on the straight and said what if that flies out he'll be obliged to pay it so we've been instructed we have to pick this lap

that the seconds topical penalty for regionals driving so we need to page I do States Australia keep your head down and walk Sebastian Vettel has got a 10-second stop go penalty for dangerous driving Hamilton coming down the main straight we can see there here comes sebastian vettel pisa just a heads of lewis hamilton ii participate driver baby like that or you speak after keep your head down switches to the inside thought about it for a moment now some apt in federal goes down the inside gets parts Fernando Alonso has Hamilton got some decent acceleration and traction return to to he has such sebastian vettel still to the house

there's no one ahead so down is bad wait copy those out please try Castro we don't give DRS a crazy chaotic amazing race full of incidents for Daniel Ricciardo the checkered flag is there he wins the wrong brave of recovery the colors pretty good interests I don't get it why I was done ten seconds seconds penalty I think it was quite obvious I mean I don't run in the back of him on purpose I damage my wing I think he had a little bit of damage as well he says you break tested him what's your point I didn't control the pace so like every like all the other restarts are slowed down in the same spot did you turn in deliberately well I think it was very clear I think in the end we're racing with men so I don't have radio to him but I think if we get a penalty then we should both get a penalty why were you surprised then you got a penalty for dangerous driving I think whatever I was I guess it was the running in the back of him but you know same for him with the brake checking so well grown-ups were men so emotions running high in the car but we want to race we don't you know wheel to wheel but not when it's you know the restart he said that it was a point to prove about being men he felt that you brake checked him that was going to be his whose revenge the sanctions we well I mean if he wants to prove that his man I think we should do it out of the car face to face I don't have a problem with him I think it's just one action today that was wrong and I think if I go penalize then he should get penalized imagine all the young kids that are watching for more today and see that kind of behavior from the four-time world champion yeah ten seconds is an awful long time when you stand there and there's nothing to do so there's a long one long way to go and it's time to it's hammer time that's for sure

what's asks for the 104 - so goes even faster the POTUS deserved that poll again a matter would have started third without his gearbox penalty its Valtteri Bottas with his second career pole position happiness for sebastian faith alongside him the nearest title challenger to fettle will start in p8

and it's lights out on when we go exit star for Beltre font a celebrity dagger economist writes a potato Sebastian fennel which one is he gonna go but at least a minute ahead of me just to start ooh water stars Louis Hamilton up in a sixth place

slipstream with this around the outside Lewis Hamilton into turn four goes up into fifth place and password language over 4.4

smacks buttocks do the opposite too - thanks pants box do the opposite - right

Hamilton at the moment we passed the start/finish line metal eight tenths of a second behind got us in the lead and Hamilton a tenth of a second behind Ricardo in third place love Mercedes under pressure the other giving pressure Hamilton goes very deep and now gets a decent x-ray now turn three you're right Martin these rights are the cards tail is a left side the repple easy past the red phone inside the line for Ricardo Montes swirling around hasn't got the grip that he wants holding off sebastian vettel for what was a thrilling climax crosses the line it's ba test from federal and completed the podium places Danny Ricardo canto to hold up Lewis Hamilton


it's lights out no way we go in appleton gets away from where I could on the fennel can imagine Stamper chilling with Sebastian Vettel's they get the sweet village it's Hamilton from market around the outside cutbacks must avert it pressure from the raffinate laser it gets passed before before the start of the one in turn straight here's better pin another move on best happen is he closer though fizzy close enough he's gaining is coming down be inside sebastian vettel through stole seeker step it goes up the track he's still just ahead the crowd loving this into the rail she can we go federal gets pushed on the track first happens on the track itself that was another full other breaking sebastian vettel Ferrari try the undercuts something around the two second part would be good driver stops honest marks tires and change some Tigers up and is it quicker there come sebastian vettel now and the ferrari is ahead of a stubborn

while tax is going to be challenging down into snow events is gonna be a long wait he's getting the term is gonna try go around the outside for now sorry for taxis brain into stone has he got almost as he comes back onto the track

easkey skillet do it this time because he was that much closer I have double fronts they've been blistering for 20 laps right can FBI smell bad guys I got a puncher stop punch out front light the Sebastian Vettel's got off amazing it is recipe he's got a puncture to what is causing these punches

[Music] Lewis Hamilton once a full-time winner and the pretty strong p83 scrum three win Appleton and Silverstone a beautiful work there mate lovely job homegirl pre-baked comfy - Kenya sassy job guys fantastic job all weekend what can I say about these fans we've got the best fans here [Music] [Applause] [Music]

the final turn no it's a Saturday afternoon yes [Music]


a little bit

both sass rivers Stephan in appleton suicides Randy gunning for it for staff at his go Hamilton ball up his tail Kenny sit down the inside Fabrice tapper block set off this review check Radio check we have equality issues of Garrett get back the steering is did you get to Warsaw his people

he has Arboleda she's a politically Easter going by this amplitude rifle boy

Radio check watch your back Louis yeah okay a lot of peace don't let me use it I don't know why infrareds us though yeah keep your head down ray she's gonna come to us just keep your size in good shape and yeah things'll start having 2:07 get past sir absolute that passed or just give me a living know when I can brace battery yeah copy Lewis yeah we are looking at it we are managing it will let you know it's already passed into turn one you go strap out three Ferraris just up ahead

Drs he's got it this time he has got at this time but he could put his foot down and try and get ever closer to Kimi räikkönen loose so we begin at five four laps five four laps from callipers at the reaching the limit

and it is for the final

three ball toss is allowed pastors teammates to take his place on the podium Lewis Hamilton finishes for Lewis it's James thank you very very much for doing that he didn't go very slow [Music]


[Applause] well then this his 200th race weekend he's on provisional pole at the moment and the time the rest have to beat is a 140 to 5 by Lewis Hamilton is a new track record Ares Sebastian Vettel the man who will now try and deny Lewis Hamilton that record equally 68th pole position in Formula 1 at federal crosses the line and it's second Lewis Hamilton it is the crowing record pole position 68 in Formula one for Michael Schumacher and now for Lewis Hamilton as well [Music] it's lights out away we go

I believe

we go to the example who's got a good slipstream now

thank you challenging Etobicoke miss Hamilton stays out in front for the father who could go with him

Paris and I'll count all as we go down a ride up with oxygen debri all over the track we're gonna have to see I think a safety car that's also a that bother me why is the safety car driver so

Racing again believes this race then from Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel's got a really good slipstream now going down through 200 miles an hour trapped in metal poles to outside the championship leader is alongside Lewis Hamilton fights back Hamilton protects the lead

as he reaches the by now Hamilton wins it's far on this Sunday afternoon getting a Lewis fantastic worthless really good results about a little star race nearly there what are the last three star dies I was close to close a bit further back Margaret addressed Varanasi

as he crosses it's a record and Formula One Michael Schumacher's record goes here service right there are these Hey


when we go to happen while strong already coming under pressure has happened to cut him up for esta Bano con Sebastian pebbles lost places and the starties tucked in behind for taps and Kimmy right this happens it goes into turn one Sebastian Vettel through the first two the lesbos don't get ahead of Kimi räikkönen sebastian vettel put himself

it's been an absolute breeze travel to today he takes the championship lead for the first time in 2017 and wins the Italian Grand Prix get to do Lewis just a walk in the park to Moscow Brittany said I can see something that's why I bet

yeah we're not so quick at the end this could end the occupation I think I had

I thought you didn't didn't push it you know exactly


I'm not too stressed and very much looking forward to the next races I know this team has to go a lot in them and we need to keep pushing no doubts Mercedes is very strong and a little bit ahead at the moment but you know it's not the end of the season will you take the championship lead back in Singapore well I can't make any promises and to be honest lead or no lead for sure it's better to be in the lead but the most important is to lead after the last race the rest nobody remembers

[Music] Lewis Hamilton was fifth fastest stays fifth fastest even though he improves his time that's not what he needed is Sebastian Vettel crosses the line he increases as a party to Austin hold position nice one nice one such excitement in the car yesterday yeah did you think you were lucky we saw that kiss on the barrier well I got away with it so well yeah it was a very exciting session very happy that I was in the end we had the result and we got poll so now looking forward to the race so many fans here you enjoy Singapore I do I love the truck I love the place and yeah I think it just looks beautiful when their lives up and get out of here we've got a race to do I'm so sorry I decided something guys want to see a race right I bet they do I know they do you love it well look at that it's a pageant have a great race your pole sitter this evening



but it's lights out the when we go to stamp again today



he's got a damaged radiated from when he hit his team-mate stop the car goosal yes we are water pressure I got the car correct yes stop the car now easier sorry I'm ready [Music] well it was very short I had to never start I think not idea of it conservative maybe too conservative in the beginning then I saw max trying to chase down to the first corner [Music] and the next thing I hear is I feel and here's contact and then that was it I was still able to carry on but the damage that happened at the start was making a stop victory number 16 in Singapore that is 28 points clear at the top of the championship Ferrari Spain Hamilton's gained get it there Louis lot and also drive eight not work for better than that guys what can I say turn around today fantastic job with the strategy thank you so much although I work it until you believe the me

yeah and let's drive in order to do I can live back charge button on that makes it worse okay box it's over for qualifying for Sebastian Vettel he's gonna start last Hamilton crosses the line it's a one thirty point one so Kimi räikkönen's got tournament tips to try break up to this Hobbs will miss Hamilton here comes Kimi across the line and he misses out by the slenderest of margins by four one hundredths of a second and his Hamilton are bold Kimi räikkönen has a turbo issue gets away let's see microscopic

down towards turn four we go for stamping on the inside Oh Hamilton it said the lead of the race for max Verstappen

Vettel ahead of botas after the round of pit stops the inside tries to cover it off but if we do it Stafford wins the trophy and takes the Asian girl prefer red bow

is that possible stroll is not looking where he's going he completely shut did it to my car he's slamming homie about it with one will broken for a bunch of idiots AB stop the traffic would you believe it would you believe it yeah we could say believe we could say it's a believable [Applause]


[Applause] [Music]

might sound away we go pebble does start well how much have I have to move over the cover and when he does so Templeton who leads Sebastian panel and then comes max for Stanford goes the red bull on Sebastian Vettel what a move by Max for Stanford bouncing out in front now Verstappen in second and that is struggling for pace in the moment as well trying to get around the outside difficult from that position for our car defend against a Ricardo Bettles got a major problem no change in problem correct yes correct still have the same issue I'll go side it be still struggling for power the force in here of Perez will be mastered there he goes Sebastian Vettel's but over to commercial Toto for me break masters at the turtle they go dog sebastian bach's we retire the cow on the plate


[Music] Lewis Hamilton wins the Japanese Grand Prix it is a fifty nine point lead at the top of the championship now with four races to go for Kitchener Lewis boy beautiful work lovely man each race as a fantastic result [Applause] too long to be too critical of the team sebastian given the step that's been taken this year why is normally a critical especially if things go wrong so as part of our job but you know I think I need to protect them we've done an incredible job so far obviously Peter the last last two races with the reliability issues but you know it's like that sometimes of course it hurts and we're all disappointed but now I think the best is to get back get some rest and then yeah go flat out the for the last four races and see what happens you stand on the threshold of your fourth drivers World Championship this weekend there's a part of you regret that the fight has sort of gone out of it now with all the misfortunes that Vettel and Ferrari suffered on the Asian leg in Singapore Malaysia and Japan no way about it I mean obviously you've got such a massive margin now with there was such a tension throughout the season up to up to September but there's much less tension now from from your point of view approaching the races nothing has changed for me when everything is exactly the same as it was going into the last race into the second half of the season it's exactly the same and mentally for me so maybe it's changed from your perspective for me it hasn't Louis you've talked about being on another level since the summer break I just wondering what's changed for you within the team and maybe for you personally over that break and into these races this that's allowed you to operate on that high level of consistency I think it's just been a I think it's just really been that confidence of obviously as I said just understanding a car a lot better this year particularly the second half of the season knowing its strengths and weaknesses and then I would say we're constantly evolving the process in which we work together myself and my engineers so we often hit the ground running with a balance that I'm more comfortable with which then naturally helps you just easily step forward or step forward easier throughout the weekend in the right direction and otherwise just on my driver side I don't know I think um you know it's a lot of positive things happening on in my life a lot of really interesting things that are forecast over these next 18 months and so I guess that's that's an exciting and uplifting thing and there's um so I'm arriving at these this races generally with an abundance of positivity helps to keep your mind in the right place and obviously I have you know the team of Toto and the team Mercedes have been incredibly incredibly supportive of all the different things that I'm into and the things that I do in the way I move which enables me to be in that position so which are much appreciated Luis Ferrari seems to be fallen in technical crisis in the last few races to expect them to react here and Sebastian can be a strong fighter in the end of a season as well I think he's been a strong fighter all year and you know just because he's a obviously had a few issues technically but I think still the car is as good as it's always been for sure they'll have some sort of upgrade comments this weekend they've definitely had a couple hiccups but I anticipate they'll be very strong this weekend and for the last four races so that's why nothing changes for me I still got to continue to keep the pressure on and there's no reason to back out just gotta keep pushing forward [Music]

it's lights out away we go fennel gets away faster about to move the camera but has he moved over it up Sebastian fellas got the inside line there squeeze it into the mean Hamilton and second bolt around the outside of a garden that leads down the hill then the Ferrari with an excellent start

he's half a second quicker of this that Hamilton he's going down the inside Appleton he's taking the lead of the glorious Lewis Hamilton the leaders changed hands and this is desperate desperate stuff for Ferrari who and rather hoping to be moving away from Hamilton to be extending the advantage and now Sebastian Vettel sees that silver arrow disappear off into the distance the rim of the problem down to the bits it's about their cuddles it yep mental boots properly because I think they were scared to try and undercut them Hamilton at now pits not surprising really given the lat that the Sebastian Vettel has been setting and look here comes Sebastian Vettel right now and it is very close indeed Hamilton will stay ahead serve the Ferrari to Linda close guys wherever you have to get so close think about the custodian peeking the best option is to go to the I plan we are faking

Sebastian Vettel in the pit stop and Ferrari have reacted with Sebastian Vettel to what red bull did today so good that covers it off really well now federal goes around the outside sebastian vettel with some really good traction a litter one does get past bouncer in for tests and you can just see in deter one where i can it takes a pretty nice wide line there and Sebastian Vettel is led through

Lewis Hamilton wins the us bro to take second place in turn a nice beautiful workplace extra fun today thank you so much for your time appreciate it till offense thanks for the support yeah great work yourself loose Mercedes world champions you guys and one thing care guys worked so hard this year truly deserve it so

[Music] I think if you put it into your terms you know swimming upstream for a long time during the season and coming into the second half of the season that I still feel I've been swimming upstream just fitter and healthier and stronger mentally and overall so just stronger swimmer up say but of course riding the wave of reliability great great reliability great teamwork and yeah I think I've been performing the best ever their septic Li the second half of the season which is usually the case so usually the second half of the season is often my strongest but this is definitely been the strongest of my second half of season so I'm but I have enjoyed the battle the whole way through I think - at the beginning you know constantly fighting and and that Sebastien always being up ahead I get close within six points and then he pulls another four you know had been via 14 or whatever it is so but I was confident that at some stage we'll get closer and then it flipped over and then I was keen to not let it switch the other way again so just kept kept the pedal to the metal base well I mean we still have a chance obviously it's not in our hands as much as we would like to but we have you know it would be a wasted opportunity if we stand here and say that there's no way we can do it there is a way I know that there are a lot of things that need to happen but sometimes you know these things do happen so you see I mean fast is fairly straightforward we we're coming here we try to win on paper should be a bit better here let's see if that's the case but overall I think we have a car we can fight with last weekend was a bit tough yeah the race especially was worse than we expected we found a minor or we found it a thing that wasn't right but you know overall I think we have we have the ingredients to win this is going to have to count for Lewis Hamilton's I don't think he'll get to the checkered flag in time Sebastian Vettel's up through the middle sector there and he's pumping in another decent lappers Hamilton now crosses the line and doesn't improve on his time best Hamilton can hope for his third on the grid this weekend Lewis Hamilton there sorry Sebastian Vettel now going through the final corner can he leapfrog max Verstappen onto pole position yes he can by eight one hundredths of a second and a new track record Sebastian Vettel puts his Ferrari on pole the fun is it was challenging it was it's great to see how close we were and at the end of C I think the gap was really a couple attempts but that's still quite significant here what was it that you felt that you were lacking if anything out there were the others just quicker just just Griffiths system just overall great in terms of tomorrow how do you approach that same as always yep I'm gonna try it's a long way down stem one so if I can hopefully practice works tomorrow to get a better start I mean Sebastian got a better start me in the last race so hoping to do the same this weekend tomorrow all about the win for this race you'll still go for the win I will be going for the win I mean that's what I'm racing for I'm not racing to finish nowhere else but after turn one it's pretty difficult to overtake you need a one point four second Delta to the car in front so and you also you can't follow because the car gets too hot here so and the brakes get too hot so it's it's gonna be an interesting one but I hope at the start we have some fun

and it's lights out away we go and battle gets away very well indeed let me sample to norm on his tail just a bit trying to cover him up Kimi räikkönen for company the sapper breaks the tug and now he's got a will to live at Bethel house coming up on the outsiders the outside Hamilton in third place best a man had been attacked once again but this time fatal picks up a little bit of damage as his right wing they're talking fiber on the track yes it will stop eventually scarlet diamond

computer reset box box Hamilton's got a puncher on his right rear tire Hamilton and sebastian vettel coming to we'll start for Lewis Hamilton who's gonna have to now try and lift back to the pits they stopped over at or no we're taking it in the neck trying to the Sabbath Anna Marcus an extra he deliberately don't show loose at battle is coming in for those changes you can see because of the damage to the front lip part of his front way [Music] Lewis Hamilton his race has taken an awful battery but in the terms of the championship in its still apart each Hamilton

and there goes back bevel under-braking round the corner was there Felipe Massa now he's gone off the track

and push the other guy over the truck

it's trailers to be fight for this position

the 2972 Ultra something

beats at least p2 plus offer negative make it too

so you complete it beat it is he gonna go from that far back yes he is down the inside go travel knocks up goes wine stays up the track nice move from Sebastian family's right behind you Lancer now he's gonna pull over to the right hand side he does he goes down the inside

three seconds giving up my question how many seconds you said 23 love affair to live into much bigger example to trying again he's gonna throw out the outside again hey me breaking into turn one and this time to do touch and it was damn thank it was for me so enforcing it around the outside not making it easier told good but now helps it with DRS goes down to 110 for a battle to fight

what's our son goes to put on a place I gave you space to give me the tasty

just observe max for Stefan wins the Mexican troll pray for ripples in his bed he is pitiful right now to become the four-time world champion at 17 and he kept scary for this season it's an air Lewis champion of the world Lois's is thought of not the race evolved it but who care coverage for my world champion big a louis nicolas like you would like to thank you for time thank you [Music] I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone in this team but you've done the past couple years it's just remarkable and I'm just so grateful for your hard work this year god bless you [Music] still her eyes just don't give up didn't never give up and I was going back to when I was and my dad put me in a boxing ring when I was younger and there's kids beat the crap out of me my nose is bleeding and I didn't want to go back in and it would felt very very similar to turn you know turn three today but the puncher could have easily resorted to giving up making mistakes but I felt I remember that moment and I was like I'm not gonna give back when they keep pushing I'm still gonna give it everything so that when I crossed the line I'm gonna be proud of myself and I definitely yeah it's not about me is not about us it's about Louis today so that's his day he won the championship and he well deserves to do so so yeah I don't think you should talk about anything else today but his I tried everything to get back in sports um how enough points to keep the title open but obviously the moment when you cross the line you could say that I should have realized much sooner but the moment you cross the line is it's tough but then again it's not about me it's it's Louis's day so you know he deserves everything that he achieved this year I think we had a strong year so far we have a strong car but here and there probably we missed out to maximise on that more of a challenge it is hard times ahead and love that best challenging and be born without it

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