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what up YouTube I'm B word for 150 yep and we are trapper react right now I'm about to react to hi students buddies moments 2017 - so let's get into it yeah dude he's part God he's probably knows dudes chill a fucking 10 inches of hanging for ski got my protein got high-protein moderate carbs gutsy antioxidant action dropping it shit oh [Music]

man it's bumpy now stop this video Oh squeeze yeah Oh squeeze hot fucking ass goddamn room man you got to turn it on an angle cut a CD finish it something goddamn dog Vito in this bitch Best Picture Sonny up kissing get bail hugging do didn't think this blue-eyed wife I was like what the fuck does up blue eyes got to do with anything just thank your wife I hope I get a war with them said I like to think my brown-eyed wife I like to thank my dick sucking wife to me dick she's got me through hard times for this show she sucked me on for I got him taste my food before I swallow it bitch

tips meals get out of here made him feel better here David got me one fucking baton killing you I still could go be irritable fuck trying to steal her what

why I got some damn Gumby action going you got some mystery action going to bitch like that damn horse you crazy goddamn horse action fuck you you look just like me I'm the type of woman to be in the mood make it to fuck off getting shot man I'm the type of woman who will constantly be in the mood a may get the fuck out my ear what did she say she's car you like licking your lips or some shit so like she's sucking dick man get the fuck out my ear I told you about this shit what's this shit all over your shoulder motherfucker


ain't done eating yet bitch

[Laughter] absent-minded motherfuckers not found out people's fuck that shit up game too damn wrong envelope the to last year's blame Steve Harvey for this you sound like uh blamed take carpet for this that's crazy man you do something so fucked up they named it after you poor - Steve Harvey Steve Harvey man dude you just poured a Steve Harvey this just gonna get bad for you she's just some pictures if she says she liked you too most she did yeah fuck her look she sent a picture man I can't be real bitch piss my fuckin wife off you stupid bitch yo man give them the video some uh some what some flavor I've been dating this guy for quite some time now and the sex is not too bad he is uncircumcised and very much hello goddamn truck driver with that goddamn beard on you like fucking osama bin haji in this bitch you like a light-skinned on this motherfuck yeah he make i said he'll make out you finger bang did you finger bang no nuki get the fuck out of my goddamn ear man hey man you just giving them some goddamn lips action right now right on the coffin the right what you didn't get the nail right on the head not on the car oh yeah right on the head where'd you get the coffin from Bix - right now I only eat milk nice fat greasy slice of pizza chocolate chip cookies on the side and then a bowl ice cream on the other side of rocky road closed look at me just taking these take a deep breath more we leave him we're gonna go get you a block of chocolate man look Jim put some almonds in it bit some facts it's super sugars to calm you to fuck day get the fuck off me now you got some fucking fingernails Oh cut your losses the bitch is stupid

if it's a woman she's unclean yeah let's go some like fish right if it's a dude he's unclean it's called smile fucking walrus is a severe case of dick cheese god damn like a walrus fucking walrus spanking motherfucker smug a damn walrus you like pussy or do you left for pussy you don't like pussy you shut the fuck up fucking read his girl's email

we was watching it my Netflix y'all fuckin watching Netflix and we world my bed when I wanted to make my move on her she dissed me yeah cuz she them friends on your stupid ass I acted cool and then went in for it again bitch get the fuck out my I thought that muhfucka stood there I think he's being is yeah I think they said that more for like 200 times anyway know what I don't know was a young boy hey Keith Kim keep your kid yeah we're y'all in there taking a bath together yeah make sure you pull it back on that goddamn force key you gotta put some soapy water on you gotta keep it clean cuz if you don't pull that damn foreskin back you can have a bunch of fucking saman coming out of your shit yeah I already know where's mama told ya mama said pull it goddamn foreskin back boy I'd get out to tell mom you pull that goddamn post-game back boy I said yeah mama no you didn't fucking small I got them big cheeks get your ass back in the damn tub run some hot water on it and pull back on it goddamn boskie crap it


[Laughter] me too - so I asked my girlfriend we finished up haha see you need stuff fuck around yeah yeah she's actually into because we hold hands and make out and stuff could you teach me a few things and how to still go away from my boyfriend thank you and love your shows what's she gonna Stila for his problems gonna become your fucking problems cuz goddamn whore you talking to him fuck out the way haha fuck did he get this shirt maybe buddy got an awesome down there hey Africa he don't look like a fucking preaching to me with this fucking shirt on he's like a fucking pimp to me I got a man of God we talking here this my fuck is a man of God so if just so don't be waiting til last moment to get your damn ticks man damn I bit my fucking love we can't add no other shows once it sells out it sails on what the fuck man you know I feel like taking a spoon slamming in your fucking face man I'm just fucking pissed off today how the fuck did you do this so everybody can see how fucking ridiculous

thank you do that man you Kista sorry ass missing motherfucker that's clean - let me get back to be million is the black on black

oh shit let's do rice on with it motherfuckers talk not gonna win okay that could've got real good open up do you want eat not Bella's damn dipping sauce all over the fucking place

there used to be a good yeah I enjoyed that more southern part 1 dou Y AB of 2017 Yeah Yeah Yeah right that's what I was thinking the whole way through it



was the effort the whey protein they actually had protein with the night there was make it I wonder what he was doing I thought he was no when I take the scooper like pour it in his mouth like just the powder in his mouth I yeah I realized they had a little makeup date drinks and a shake of the but is the fact that my he was stripping his mom he get it up in you they're all back you think Wow oh yeah but he basically say what she was thinking yeah the way he was saying I'm like I hate this being silly but he actually showed you actually put it up to the camera at my hopped away from teen is actually on the page yeah let's go that's already actually of course if you enjoyed this video like comment subscribe thanks for watching as always

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