Back and Shoulder Pain CRACKED! with Chiropractic TMJ Adjustment - Florida

by: Mondragon Chiropractic

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you know there's one angle good

good I just need this here to open

there's open close it's on your right hand side does your jaw hurt or does it just click and it's annoying uh no it hurts sometimes I go like okay I've been there it goes and close good I know it's tree painful to have it then

dear Lord now hold your head like this head chin back for me now open close

but here we go good

okay mm-hmm all right open again good let's see I'm going to compare this is the good side house or is this when I push mmm open up with a little bit for me see this muscle this little hammock back there that's what you got to work on that hurt okay no this might make your eyes water but you okay ten times and then you're done you got it for you break

all right okay I don't have to go again let go takes about ten times you could just see his eyes on so far it's not it's very painful okay alright here we go so what what you've been through ah is this even tighter like warm it up first here you go you ready one two three four five you're halfway through it

that left-side definitely hurt more than the right side well that's what I'm wondering is if this side is so tight that this side is the abused side this is the side that's moving this looks like more swollen over here it's more aggravated everything is more irritated on this side and it's not moving so this side in order to open up your mouth has had to push harder to the point where it's like coming out of socket here that's giving you that clicking sound all right okay um what else

yeah shoulders here's draw a secret well I like the worst deviated septum you know I can't do anything for that besides re-break it and I'm not licensed to do that yeah you gotta go to a surgeon to get that fixed if you want all right let's check the wrists

elbow house itself oh good good it was good you have a high pain tolerance though that's for sure I'll try this wrist feels good when I tap this wrist here feel pain in there your hand okay so no carpal tunnel syndrome stuff yeah this feels good okay alright what else any other I mean you know this one clavicle I checked the other shoulder real quick oh yeah told you missed one

yeah I mean you're just gonna have to give it a few days to let everything settle again and let your body do its thing with the blood work becoming bring oxygen in there and repair it I kind of broke things down and your body's gonna rebuild takes about 48 out 72 hours if you're not feeling better they come back and we have to do it again it's really hard like to ask you how you feel now because it's not what you're gonna feel later I feel good like when I came in that especially my mid-back I was kind of bothering me that feels fine now my hips feel actually feel opened my back is was really tight when I first came in yeah this is improving this is probably the fastest when he came in this way I was like pressing on here it was like a piece of concrete but now I can get my finger to press on the muscle and the muscle gives on your stomach one more time I don't know yeah just on the little pads there this is just still there cuz it's not right here we go deeper then again and good there it is again good excellent good alright when you're back again you didn't know there's still left more stuff in there huh I'm like it I can feel it when you're like like oh man this has got to go some more Nick that's how it's postive okay drop yeah yeah now this is a little one so do you feel a stretch I have a larger one is my question because you're so tall a little bit arms above your head but don't I don't want to pinch your arms like eerie feeling tingling okay this puts a curve and your lower back okay and kind of mobilizes those oh I've seen that now they sell it's like a whole back brace that you lay on it I don't know these are generals they're prescription only [Music]

but you can't find it like on Amazon because they're not supposed to be selling them because they're dangerous if you don't know how to use them oh maybe that's why that one is like it's like a lock it's just like a little curved yes no no this has like a little lip I can get the bigger one it looks like you that was too easy for you so clean roll off of this one just roll

like push yourself up Simon that's it go higher feel like it's up here that's it that should be a little bit more tense

you just kind of stay there nothing more to do with it I'm just making sure everything is in place so sometimes I can pop more stuff like hearing yeah I mean that's the whole name of the game here curve in the lower back or ptosis in the lower back okay the muscles tighten as you go forward or slouch you take the pressure off the low back when you go backwards you have to actively stretch the ligaments on the front of the spine and the only way to do it is to put direct pressure on the back and arch over to something there's no cheat I'm just gonna host death hold back my shoulders no you have actually really good posture now when it starts to burn a little bit starting to come off [Music]


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