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[Music] so we're watching a group called his one high zone Lavie arrows oh yes let's get on to the video shall we I like this opening shot looks like they're dummies eh oh yeah I kind of like this yeah I cover all red like roses yeah oh she's so cute I like the song so far [Music] all right I like this [Music] Oh [Music] I will wobble the red oh I really like this [Music] I think since there's so many girls in it it gives it like death yeah oh that's so pretty that reminds me like old Hollywood stars but they look really good right there I was she kind of done yeah that all white like showing off their legs looks really good especially I'm a red background yeah all I'm sitting there with like the light colors on with the red background it looks very regal I really like it it's like a giant family photo yes [Music] and I like that dan what's a different word for cute it's just like easygoing yeah yeah yeah who's very simple which I like it's like very minimalistic I mean there's still a lot like there's still yeah for sure but it's I love okay I love that design of her where they submitted from the right away I liked it like they can all leave together in a group but then they also have times where it's like focused on the person singing right [Music] the more watch keep out videos and groups like do their thing I just have like a lot more respect for them because they're talented and like even just like dancing wise like like look at a newly public in her electricity video she literally just jumped around like this is actually like they had to have time to like put together and I think that's just that's like really incredible it was really cute I I don't know I I like the song like a lot that was really good that was like relaxing I feel really good yeah it was like easygoing kind of like yeah yeah I know I can't like pinpoint cuz it wasn't hard anything at all no but good it was so good but it doesn't have to be hard when I first heard it like it's not like a hard-hitting beat job it was more calm but still a beach shot like it's hard to like I don't know what to describe it as yeah how you thought it was a yeah yeah [Music] I know I really liked that Oh is your fear apart mine was when they did the move like this and then went up and the back row did it yeah like with them because there's so many members like when they do things like that it looks really good yeah and I really liked how all the girls except one like went down mm-hm in the circle yeah yeah yeah yeah I just liked because there were so many girls that it gave it so much done yeah yeah I really took shots of them all in the red room and it's like a lot of like things like a lot like cloth and they're all just like scenery I really like that and yeah I just like the whole like the general video I thought was just really really nice and it was really nicely filling mm-hmm how the colors pop yeah especially on the red background my favorite part was when they had the one Rose choreography where they were like black no they went from red to white to white to red type of thing where they switched I think that was my favorite part too is it isn't this sir thank you so yeah yeah this is a really good debut I really like it what would you rate the song I attend 8.5 yeah I did this like a 9.5 and then what would you rate the song on a time for everything I did whispers its I wanted to say April 58.5 it's not for Sarah why is it so my ranking is tempo regular and yes or yes I think my ranking is gonna change it's gonna be a regular tempo and then live en Rose Wow I really enjoy that Wow I was not expecting that Tumbo oh my god - tempo BTS and Han okay the same but this was a little bit honorable mention okay my my top 3 was tempo NCT 127 and then BTS idols yes practice



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