IT'S A BLOODBATH! - Battlefield Hardline (#232)

by: OneCheesyMofo

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anyone in the house Jesus it is a blood bag watch out man get the fuck out the way what's going on guys my name is not youi'll welcome back to the episode promote to max rank to use for battlefield hardline so I've been playing quite a bit up the battle for the 1 closed alpha and I figured it is about time that I bring back some of the other battlefield titles so I have hardline here and I will continue to play and upload the benefit 1 closed alpha for as long as possible I believe it ends on the 18th today is the 14th so we got 4 more days to play the battlefield 1 closed alpha but back on hardline for now and for this match I'll be using the operator class running the AKM with the iron sights a legs or sight suppressor angled grip and no camo so my team is getting pounded on right now there one of these back there the recoil oh my god man I have not used the AKM in a while are you going buddy no you like that little drippy all right so we're gonna have to push up is I got you buddy yeah we're gonna have to make a decent push push effort go I'm in I'm in the bathroom no see oh there's one lane down right there who shot me though somebody came up for me I thought nobody saw me I have a suppressor how did you know it was up there unless he just came up randomly hey we took Charlie back though that's what's up good job team good effort Oh what done I didn't get this thing kill I'm not sure if running the suppressor is the best idea but I guess I'll use it for now all right I think I'm just gonna run smokes then I guess just start toss the smokes huh I mean that's like the only option really I only have one what happened to the other smokes I thought I thought three smokes was like the the standard way I'm confused I thought you normally had like three smokes I had one hold on hold up wait a minute okay I have the smokes for a second I thought that I had it different that I by accident I selected a different no I just have fun

he's weird we are getting pounded there's one day that's coming on that right side he's running through there you go there was one dead teammate in the house wow this is bad man I don't even know I don't even know if I want to push forward

I think they changed it though because I'm positive we had more smoke than they love dude I think it shows that there's a couple in the house but I can't see a damn thing

I think there's one going outside I know I'm getting hit hard all right so I guess - no there's no point of using the smoke scent it's just one I'm positive they change that though I might actually just go with the smoke or gas one passion yes kind of kind of pushed OSE with gas you have more than one

I might just be a bug with the smokes

m+ smokes f3

anyone in the house Jesus it is a blood bag watch y'all man get the fuck out the way

I got you bro what nope you know it's not working it's not working dude I'm sorry I tried I always try better move no that was a risky one I tried them

once these guys are about to push this here well they're in the house she's it's almost no point in reviving these guys they're about to die as soon as they get up Oh Colonel both ways what a bloodbath oh my god I guess spoiling the way in the back

it's funny cuz like I was literally the last line of defense like if you think about it me and the other guys that we're over there were the furthest ones up oh shit damn I can't even see him dude so this is how it feels cuz this is I've done this to a lot of enemy teams in the past

anyone in the house

this is so bad

I think there's one about to come around the corner Jesus it looks like there's two around the corner

no need nobody's watching that left side

yeah I can't watch my own back

oh I ran right into those bullets he was shooting at somebody else his guy goes for it teabag yeah so you get bitch I'm just long in the back we are getting hammered my guess grenades aren't doing anything now

before they'd be hitting people for days oh damn I got one in front of me but I don't know there might be somebody parallel to me like this guy

oh there's a lot of them has that have masks on I'm gonna try throw one over there oh I went right before the wall though so we got a couple teammates that got in

damn it

yeah I mean I actually made a mistake I looked left cuz I thought somebody had run a ran across so I looked left right before I missed me now I'm being affected by the gas

shit ever there's nothing else that we could do I mean peek in this deadly like trying to peek out there's no point of peeking out or running across you're dead man no point of reviving these guys are about to die soon as they get right back up I was feeling they're gonna start peeking oh he got that perfect headshot on me I got some teammates I got balls they're hopping over yeah there's no point now though

we made some room at least but it's it's too late now I'm going on the back I think yeah it's too late now this we've been perfect if we could have done this a couple minutes ago seven more tickets five four I think I was the final one to spawn back here that was a mess man but I tried my best man all right well hopefully guys enjoy thanks so much for watching I'll catch you guys for some more hard line and as

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