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well hello again this is Ron Matson from the executive briefing room here in revenue Zealand I'm joined with dr. chuck Missler welcome again to the program check nice to be with you so far yeah so far that's right well we hope to address a few of the questions that have come in throughout this last this past week the first one comes from Tom from the Netherlands he's a regular in terms of somebody that comes to us he says I heard that there has been a recent discovery of a large oil deposit in the Golan Heights in Israel with the Russians closing in on Isis could this be the build-up to the Magog invasion could this oil-filled be the great spoil of ezekiel 38:13 what are your thoughts it fascinates me that everybody wants to fit anything that you see into some prophecy no it might be but the oil deposit I believe is natural gas and that's exciting any kind of find for this especially if it's at or near Israel is economically significant in many ways but if it's natural gas that's particularly useful to Turkey and it's interesting if you want to keep looking at it prophetically the place we should be studying in the minds of at least many analysts is the politics of Turkey that they have a Muslim president but interesting is they've shifted over to a presidential model and he's had a landslide victory for two times now each time a longer session this time now it's nine so so let's just develop this little bit because some of the some of the older prophecy teachings on Ezekiel 38 and 39 of course really showed Russia being the the main player because they talk about rosh and their writers people who try to tie it to russia but there's a benefit of reasons - those are pretty specious yeah there are people that advocate these things with some zeal but that doesn't make them correct yes Rosh is a term for leader and so forth so how you look at the translation there are subtleties there I wouldn't try to build a house of cards on those subtleties but some people do and clearly the zekiel 38 event is an event yet future and it may be very prominent in the end time scenario there are some people Hal Lindsey being example that I think associates very much with Armageddon right and he might be right yes there are others that have a different view in any cases yet future the other one there's several battles that we sort of expect the other one is the Ezekiel 38 Psalm Psalm 83 and it has a verse verse 3 of that is very provocative it looks like it's a post rapture event and then there's another one the everyone wonders about Isaiah 17:1 the destruction of Damascus right so there's three major events that are yet future one of which is seems to be suggestive as being after the rapture which is interesting one of the things that Barry centerfield highlights in some of his materials right now this is very set a field who normally people would know him for his scientific discoveries regarding this life so we've mentioned him so many times he's a good friend and in el health we should give him keep in our prayers yes a very very provide I don't necessarily agree with all his views but I do respect his mind and a very interesting student scripture and he suffers from some deficiencies for example some of his materials reveal that he hasn't really had a chance to discover some of carnac's insights at the Temple Mount oh yes which we endorse some of the views that Konark has we don't endorse but that one is definitely in our opinion very much you start cold without yeah yeah anyway getting back to the topic there's a very very useful focus if you're a prophecy oriented to really do your homework about Turkey I first got pointed in that direction by Walid Shoebat many years ago right and it's interesting most of us tend to ignore Turkey not realizing how prominent it has been in history especially through the whole Ottoman Empire which ended it the rule after world war one so if you want to you know play around with these prophecy possibilities don't overlook Turkey as a but every time you see these questions come in they all want to tie it to Ezekiel 38 maybe but not necessarily there are other issues that we should be watching right right and what's interesting about sort of the subtle shift of the centroid of this Magog invasion from Russia to Turkey is has been shown in recent years there's there's there's more historical information that could have leads us in that direction doesn't yeah very much so at the point I guess I was maybe I didn't I wasn't clear is that most of us are victims of an overemphasis on Europe attend nation Confederacy and all that and it's pretty clear by some of the observers that it's probably more useful pay attention to what's going on in this room than what's going on in Europe hmm well one step even closer and that's what one of these Perry Satterfield highlights some of his recent materials is the importance of Turkey prophetically but the main point is that may or may not have anything to do with Zika 38 it's just interesting how Ezekiel 38 surfaces so quickly when people try to fit it in and this the oil deposit is exciting economically for Israel especially but whether it's oil derived but my understanding was it was natural gas which is even more exciting for a number of reasons mmm yeah all right let's move on to the next question this is from James she asked a very simple question this has to do with after the six days of creation his question is no disrespect intended but why did God being all-powerful need to rest to give us an example he took a rest to teach us to take a rest right and I think I'll do right now yeah no I think that God is indeed all-powerful is the creator of the universe it's interesting though that of all his jealousies God is jealous about many things yeah but of all his jealousy is primary sensitivity is his role as creator not as Redeemer as Redeemer you need his word to find out but the reason he's so jealous of the creator aspect cuz he feels that the creation itself is sufficient to hold us accountable to recognize him as a creator and it's fascinating to me is that our culture has invented the most insulting alternative of all you know the ancients used to make something out of wood or stone bronze or what an alternative god yes alternative God well but we have made randomness entropy as the as the Creator that we don't we're saying that we don't need a creator it just all happened of its own which of course is nonsense but it's the nonsense that we teach their kids in school right and it's astonishing people who embrace those ideas demonstrate they have no concept of what the the definition of entropy is in the first place you can use randomness as an approximate synonym but the main point is is it as the opposite of design right in other words I remember at the RAND Corporation published a book called a million random digits when you pick up that book they're in groups of five numbers it's a book of random numbers and you look at that you think it's a joke unless you realize what they've done that was considered a milestone in computer technology right because they were able to demonstrate through using supercomputers that in this collection of the million digits there was no patterns no similarities no predictability no repeatability in other words what they've proved by using a computer is the total absence of what the absence of design right horrendous implies a randomness of design if you have design that's a rebuttal that it's random it's it's right result of a designer and how fascinating is if you have any background in information sciences that's a fundamental and yet it's amazing that we have our teachers teaching our kids in school that they are the products of a random accident that all this hat just happened which of course is patently absurd in fact goes against the very definition of randomness or entropy so anyway no but what's interesting about that is even the sense of trying to express randomness in this RAND Corporation book took a tremendous amount of design to produce it it didn't didn't randomly come about it was considered a milestone of computer art at the time right and and I have a copy of that of course I was there but the point is that then you read this at night to put you to sleep but I use it as a prize I didn't bring one but I usually use it as a prop right because if you understand you look at it as a layman the thing that's a joke until you realize what it really is and it's a demonstration of the absence of design and it took a level of technology to reach that convict that proof if you will and God turns it around the other way he hope he expects our creation itself to be evidence of him as the designer that we are without excuse right right all right let's move on to something very personal I think this is from Roxy from West Fargo in the States she writes at what age is a child held accountable by God that they are responsible for their decision first of all let's talk about absolute of courses I don't know right okay we jump to the conclusion we pattern the concept against the Jewish behavior of when someone reached 13 there they're now an accountable adult and they have a procedure for that and so forth but but that's the Jewish pattern and I'm not disparaging it but I'm just saying most of us jump to that conclusion because we're patterning ourselves after that practice but the truth of matter is when is some accountable i if pressed I have to admit I don't know yes I have some guesses I have some perceptions but that doesn't mean they're right but where does that where's that idea come from that somehow a human being is unaccountable and accountable where does that come from but but also from Scripture is there any scripture that would sort of back up the example of of infants not being naturally guilty they have the ability to express faith in Jesus Christ so all implies that was something that many people miss he says that he was free he was innocent until the law came when the law came he was held accountable he implies there was a point at which he was no longer held guilty there's a point at which he was yes and and we and when we we analyzed that passage we assume what he's talking about is when he reached the age of accountability now was he's now being Jewish he may have been patterning that after the Jewish practice which is Bispo the reaching accountability at particular point in time but and there probably is scripture doesn't pops into my mind off the head right now well a lot of times parents will who perhaps lost a you know a young child a baby they'll refer to the the acknowledgement of David after he loses the son the fact that that was regarded as saved is it comes from David's experience from politics rene enrollments yeah we draw that from the scripture that there's a that that we had a child that has past is in the arms of the Lord right because it hasn't reached the age of accountability so but that raises the issue what is the age of accountability the honest answer to the entire Enquirer here is that I don't know I guess the overriding thing that we have to rest in is that God is just isn't he and that and that he would judge things against absolutely a fair standard and he will not be unjust in his righteous judgment no we find examples of people that in fact one of the interesting examples that were given by the Lord is about the rich man and Lazarus the one that when he died he was in torment and what was interesting about that presentation is that he had consciousness he had accountability he knew what he had to do we should have done in fact he has wish was that his brothers who haven't died yet would be a pro you have corrected so they don't have history no right right from that little presentation we learn a great deal from the Lord from that thing and and the thing that makes it's disturbing is that it's not a parable it's an actual person parables they don't have names you know this was not a parable yes actually which man and he had a servant by the name of his name happened to be Lazarus and there's perhaps a pun intended there but anyway right right let's move on to a question from Joan it's with regards to prayer she says I have your little book entitled Daniel 7 Daniel 70 weeks at the end of chapter 8 on page 98 you state the following I want you to remember that every believer has found the redemption of Christ as a result of someone's prayer you indicate that someone can be any one of us praying for an unbeliever can you please let me have the scriptural reference so the basis of that it's it's a great thing to to think about with regards to telling people to pray for one another is it just by practice or is there is there you know a specific scripture that would come to mind in that encouragement I have a guy that was on my staff at one time who took exception with that to that statement and because he could recount his life when he did come to Christ and I'll get into details but he he had a very elaborate explanation out that when he came to Christ Owen had never prayed for him before right and he came and he used himself as a rebuttal right right okay we have the discussion next day he came to work with tears in his eyes right he found out when he got home that his wife had been prayed for before before she'd ever met him she was taught as a little girl then she was taught that she doesn't know who she was gonna marry but whoever is he's alive today somewhere and she was taught to start praying for that's beautiful it's so let's not proof it's just an anecdote yes yes can I defend that from Scripture good question I probably can't bring a blank at the moment I write I bled him to believe that and and my statement was that that that's that's the expression of my perception well certainly you have in the epistles of Paul you have him constantly admonishing people to be in constant prayer one for another and the sense of like a man I have a description for a rock solid I think but it is important to pray for people isn't it and pray that their their eyes would be open and it's also important to admit we don't know we don't know exactly well let's take you to a question from Keith from England he writes regarding dreams he says dreams are in in Scripture are in most if not all cases prophetic my question is are there any scriptures which might unravel the mystery of our own dreams which are usually complex and can feature such things as people who are no longer with us and may even place and may be places we have never visited many dreams do not make much sense at all is there any guidance scripturally of what we are to make of our own often strange dreams we were talking about that the other day are you aware that there are dreams in my opinion defy analysis in other words yes indeed they could be God sent their might there are exact Bulls were in the Jewish culture too they seemed to there are occasions where they seem to attach as a lot of importance to the brian times right but i think the gigantic mistake to attach too much importance to them I don't think Satan can read our minds right but I think he can wouldn't surprise me if he could plant ideas that caused dreams so I don't regard them as a hallowed path or say I think it's dangerous to use anything but the Word of God for guidance and using a dream is dangerous I know some people do some people take very seriously yes they do but and I have had my share of pretty strange ones I couldn't rather you know cloud up this discussion on that in that direction right I think the urgency that I would feel very strongly is that we don't use them for direct guidance other than the Word of God right I think God is not incapable of speaking to us through his word that's his chosen vessel that's when he points us to and I think a regard on in fact let me speak to that for a minute one of the most I think what unites us is believers if we were going to analyze what we believe and don't believe there are things that you might believe that I don't and I have that you don't but what unites us is that what we share is that we would agree on putting the Word of God at the highest possible pedestal absolute who did above everything else and if that unites us we need to be on our guard because there's a danger and this might the question from you know it might be an example of this of using something other than the Word of God as a guide and I think there's a the Lord gave us a command he said be not deceived now that's not a suggestion it's a command it's an imperative be nothing well great how do you go about that how do you go making sure you're not deceived and one of the things I've come I started working and trying to make a toolkit what are the tools you assemble to keep from being deceived one of the first things I came across and I believe it's correct is that to to embrace precision don't be careless in the use of words use what the scripture says precisely right he doesn't sign a treaty he affirms a covenant there's a difference and to understand the subtleties of the language is part of not being deceived being precise the next step I believe is to guide your vocabulary your Europe the region in which you're operating and I'm one that is it I become an advocate of hermeneutical hygiene hygiene yeah now watch your vocabulary hygiene what I mean by that is we have a tendency without realizing it to denigrate the Word of God when we take something else that's not the Word of God and make it equal to that and the best the most dangerous example comes from Christian writers Christian writers who get enamored with Jewishness because they rediscovered the Jewish feasts and well and all of that and they start to get in love with all of that and they start quoting from the Talmud they don't realize that the Talmud was not inspired it was the Jews response to having lost their temple where they could no longer by the shedding of blood there's no remission of sins right well and without the temple that couldn't shed blood so they had suddenly had it they were in a quandary they ended up having to redefine Judaism and they spent about two decades working on it but they ended up with what they what we call the Talmud there are two official versions one is the Jerusalem Talmud which is missed name it was actually in Tiberias not Jerusalem but also the Babylonian Talmud which strangely of the two is considered the more authentic because of that Academy lasted longer but the point is when someone quotes from the town and recording from a Jewish source that is not we would regard not from something inspired right we need to be in our guards because if we start leading on that we're putting something at the equivalence of God's Word and that's a way of contaminating our commitment to the Word of God and so I I think there's a one of the things we can do to avoid being deceived is to deal with our hermeneutical hygiene hygiene I keep missing term hygiene I think there's a vocabulary hydrogen we run the same risk today because there's so many discoveries coming out of advanced mathematics of portals of black holes of wormholes as time these are interesting concepts but they're pagan they're not they're not inspired and it's very easy for us in our fascination with some of those ideas to raise them to the equivalent of God's Word by doing so we denigrate or contaminate our commitment to the purity of what God said and so one of the things that I think we do well do is to guard our our hermeneutical hygiene what I mean by that watch out that the vocabulary you're using doesn't draw on pagan terms not to make not to give them any kind of equivalents to the Word of God which is our ultimate final arbiter of issues and so well one of the things that's interesting about dreams that when especially people sort of major in the area of trying to apply some kind of prophetic or personal meaning to a dream generally what happens I have seen is there can be that augmentation of the event to fit the circumstances because there's no way to verify what they actually dreamed and another thing is to also recognize that if you just look even in the New Testament the occurrences of Dreams begins to diminish you have Peter of course has this dream at Joppa you have Paul having a couple of dreams which really are the Lord is the Lord coming to him but other than that we really don't have a big record of that so much so that by the time Paul comes back around to the Ephesian elders record in Acts chapter 20 he's not telling them to remember the visions and dreams that he had he tells them I did not neglect to declare to you the whole counsel of God and that sort of gets back to this idea of doing what he tells the the Thessalonians to test all things hold fast that which is true and that and the matrix that we test against is the Word of God and so people that have these dreams or ideas they need to be careful like you say that they don't all of a sudden yeah but I had this dream and and and find themselves venerating the dream more than the Word of God who that might be used to to test it and and to try it to see if it's really of the Lord to begin with and that's the trick of course how do you how do you check on these things some dreams are so vivid they're staggering in fact they often the dream can even in encumber your actions the next day because you fail to realize whoops that i got that from a dream not really and sometimes dreams are so vivid they can be a difficulty so to speak but the the verification is the problem where how do you verify right and that's again why we go to the Word of God right so in your life let me just take this segue a little bit off here have you ever had a dream that you would consider prophetic throughout your life I mean you've been in the ministry for more than 60 years have you ever had something that you would look back to and say I I really felt the Lord I probably do but it has validity to the extended fits after the fact yes that's an interesting observation that you you know it was from the Lord only after the fact when you keep it in retrospect because I think God uses in fact to use his prophecy not for us to predict in fact to use it predictably is against the law against the Torah right you know that's called divination and we are forbidden to do use divination what it is for is a fennec aiding the messenger right and so using it for authentication is legitimate using it in a predictive sense is actually an error that's prohibited and so we should that's another reason why I'd be very cautious about we've got letting a dream you influenced me about what the law of the future because that is a form of the occult mmm when it comes to pass and gets validated that's a whole nother that's a that's a that's an authentication that's not a prediction right in the traditional sense right and so uh no no I think that I think the thing we should guard against is letting anything cloud or defers from seeking God's Word as the ultimate guidance because it's in it's in writing it's in black and white so to speak it's a it's it's an anchor we can it's an anchor we can rely on right right and as we rightly divide the word of truth that's the thing that becomes the compass that we use to be able to guide ourselves and the guiding thing does come from acts 20 they're the whole idea that I thought all I could say I took I gave you the whole counsel of God right and that you don't hang your your path on a particular check verse no no it needs to be more composite than that yes yes absolutely okay here's a question from Joshua from Bend Oregon he says was Adams first sin disobeying God or did his disobedience lead to the recognition of his existing sin he quotes Romans chapter 5 verse 13 says certainly sin was in the world before the law was given but no record of sin is kept when there is no law so the question to you first of all did did Adam know he was sinning when he was ready know that because Paul tells us that it was letter to Timothy yep he says that that Eve was deceived but Adam was not you know released a very strange point here Eve was deceived and her sin stood yes Adam was not deceived he knew what he was doing but by by knowing that he knowingly chose to join her in her predicament she was a sinner he wasn't yet apparently but he chose to be by joining her and in so doing becomes a type of Jesus Christ right that's remarkable isn't it because oftentimes we talk about you know Eve being the one that that sinned first but she was deceived and it was Adam that sinned yeah it shows a sense of volition there doesn't it yes yeah and he did it deliberately knowingly and but that also he thus becomes the path for her redemption right and so forth and so that's why we can look to Adam as the first Adam we look at the Lord the Messiah as being the second Adam right he anyb partakes of the first one becomes a type or shadowing a model if you will of the one that was coming that's beautiful that's beautiful Diane from Seal Beach California writes Chuck who do you believe is the Bride of Christ I lean toward the church however others believe it is Israel since the actual phrase never appears in Scripture it's open to it it's open to an interpretation what's your opinion well I uh the question is who do I believe is the Bride of Christ there's no question about that my wife man excellent excellent no I I think the Bride of Christ is a term that seems to be uniquely applied to the church right in contrast to being the wife of yo yo D laughing which is a label of Israel right so we see a parallelism a nomenclature here in a sense and yet a distinction and so it's for that reason that I suspect I don't know but I admit when pressed that I think that the Bride of Christ is a favored subset of the body of Christ the body of Christ is all-inclusive but there seems to be a subgroup that is singled out that prepares her own righteousness right right in Revelation 19 so forth and so there's some distinct is efuses to look for them it implies a a special separation and favorite favoritism and so that's that's a view and I don't put it in teaching but I admit that's my protection my my presumption right and you and Nancy is speaking of your your departed now departed wife I mean you did quite a bit of research in this area of kingdom power and glory and and looking at the Bride of Christ versus the body of Christ and seeing a lot of the goofs-a-lot abuse from our Christian friends because they felt we'd gone too far and so forth there people still to this day that misunderstand what we were really saying but but that I owe it to her diligence to really highlight that and I joined her in that I think we stood together taking that abuse if you will right and it was severe abuse by the way so to just understand the controversy that we evoked by all then but because we were of all things suggesting that believers could be accountable that was an inanimate of many there was a teaching a very prevalent teaching among some that everybody in heaven is equal where does it say that Wright says it's the contrary right when this is that the issue really was not in the hair-splitting over-bright of christ's body of christ but really centered around the issue of the the judgment seat of Christ yes and the fact that there was a kingdom yes and so forth and that raised the whole kingdom issue and that there would be rewards there to believers they didn't lose there were just simple sanctification and there were all the same correct in fact Jesus said several of his parables were made that just point that people are not all equal there and so anyway yeah in fact that's why Jesus wrote seven letters he dictated should say seven letters and as we study those letters they have some very peculiar properties as we study them over very carefully but among those properties not the only one but the interesting one to some of us is that they lay out a foreshadowing of the history of the church right right excellent this is from Larry from the Philippines he writes John 4:23 States I am come and my father's name and you received me not if another shall come in his own name him you shall receive and of course he's addressing the Jews so his question is I have noticed how Jews totally reject Jesus Christ because he did not fulfill the promise of bringing worldwide peace Jews are also abhorrent to the worship of man however will the Jews accept the Antichrist and actually worship Him apparently so that's what Jesus taught in Jesus he will come in his own name and him you will receive and as a scary thought isn't it though really that's it that's exactly what Paul staged a hammer that in acts 21 of his final message to the elders he didn't go to Ephesus he had them come and meet them on the other side of the peninsula get them away from the crowds and he hammers at them there's going to be evil people from outside yes but also from within you yes and and he warns them of all that that was coming and that to be on their guard because they're going to be deceived and so I don't agree with his premise that the Jews reject the Christ because he died fulfill a promise of worldwide peace that's that's not the only reason yeah he didn't fit they're more worried about peace they wanted they wanted freedom from the Romans for the Romans but and also he didn't fit their model right and we all are guilty of that yes and so we should be careful that they're not build mall not to force fit him into something but to put on shoes that even plan to wear right yeah it's exactly right ok we have a question here from Larry he says John with regards to John the Baptist he says I was wondering if anyone has put forth a conjecture that the two high priests at the time this is obviously during the time of Jesus Christ at the time were political appointments and that due to John the Baptist's heritage that he was the rightful heir to the high priest what's your thoughts on that have you ever heard that conjecture before not really particularly think about it for a minute I don't see that I don't see John the Baptist inheriting that's where I'm having trouble the premise it was I was I was questioned well there's no genealogy given of him that would take him back through the ironic line we know but there's a Levitical line there that he's that his mother is a cousin of Mary which can be by marriage and very very ironic I mean a you know a little background but that to me jumbles two different concepts right there were two priests high priests one that the Jews accepted the one that was an appointment by Rome and all of that which was Newton John Baptist fit neither one of those rights but Jesus does make an interesting statement when he says that no man born of woman is greater than John accepting himself obviously yes is greater than John that's an incredible statement to make about John the Baptist but he sets that up as a straw man because then his next breath he says he that's least the kingdom of heaven is greater than John does that mean that John was not saved no it just means everybody saved isn't in the same category and and so but he he there makes a distinction that we should be sensitive to if we were running around trying to teach everybody that everybody in heaven is equal which is a surprising doctrine it's prevalent in certain different circles yes it is surprising in the sense that these circles would claim to be scriptural and yet they're embracing another scriptural concept that they sell very hard by the way so uh and it's an error obviously as per Christ's own words by using John the Baptist as the example Nolen no man born of woman is greater than John that's pause that's quite a statement accepting their villas IOA that's implied and taken for granted that the Messiah is not included there but then he goes on to say he that's least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John what is the point he's making that there's a distinction among people who are saved they're not all late that's why we use the term you know tribulations think we have labels for some right right to distinguish their source or the characterization but they're not all equal I think you have a different history and they may have a different destiny of some sort but there are they saved yes are they all members of the body of Christ I believe so right are they all Bride of Christ I'm not so sure right right excellent well Chuck we've come to the end of the questions that we're going to we're going to handle this week well then the at the end of our answers usually we're obviously so far afield it's probably time to bring the curtain down and let me just remind our viewers that if you can be saved but much more don't pay any attention to us yeah hey attention to the man absolutely right and also if you'd like to subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you'll get a weekly notification of these programs sent to use with the click ability so you'll want to do that if you have if you're watching this and are not a subscriber to the channel I encourage you to do so and also subscribe to our online news journal a personal update you can find out more about that at the website k house the letter K followed by house one word K house org go there and there's more information with regards to resources that are available for you especially our monthly news journal personal update and so as Chuck has already stated many many times in this program and programs previously don't believe anything we tell you you check the word of god there you have it may God bless you as you study his word god

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