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it pause this and I'll take a look you always know like here's a good way for me to explain something to you guys on the Internet is that the amount of butthurt that somebody is feeling at any time in their posts that they're making about you is directly correlated with how many tripled dots and dots they add in their post right so if they're really fucking mad it's gonna have these dots everywhere something to keep in mind whenever you're reading anything on a forum what's going on everyone Jeremy here from the cornering a lot to talk about today so I'm gonna jump right into it ever since I put out that video okay on the pay cuts at Blizzard many current Blizzard employees have reached out with information both to correct certain things I said and also to affirm some of the things I said and there was some exceedingly juicy stuff that I wish I could have shared but at the end of the day I felt like it might be a little too personal they might get out and I'm always very careful with my comic that's yeah and even in this situation I'm not gonna show their emails I feel like I've established my credibility in this space if I had to I suppose I could I just don't want to make any I don't want to have any words of them being figured out so first I wanted to ask about bonuses now I don't have any problem to be clear any problem with people making as much money as they earn so I'm not dumping on people for getting big bonuses I'm just establishing where we were at before and where we're at now so it seems like if you were like a mid-level or a junior level employee maybe let's say between six and ten years okay I've experienced during good times you might have made bonuses as high as $50,000 which caused a lot of problems internally because people

which one should I do lead artist oh here's the storm never mind fuck that beneath you would see bonuses 1/5 of that okay a guy like Brevik was rumored to have bonuses as high as seven hundred thousand dollars when you know Diablo 2 is crushing it yeah you do we really had a problem with that thought everyone would always qualify things by saying hey I loved the guy and and things of that while the new competition oh my god a little bit something like this looks a lot like every other company old-timers took a big pay cut most of them were coasting anyway and there are dudes this is a thing who haven't actually done anything in years so overall compensation at Buzzard is still good for a few reasons steady employment layoffs are very rare unless you're too opinionated which that doesn't sound too o surprising given how the video games industry is uh working at Blizzard is great for your resume Wow a golden ticket to whatever you want to do with your creative life and it's still a huge boost to there you go three working on really cool stuff you get to work on franchises that millions of players will play Blizzard is still a dream job for 99% of the people who want to work in games and the new compensation is fair this employee summarizes the problems at Buzzard is as simple hot quota failed so heroes of the storm overwatch isn't king of the hill Wow isn't growing Blizzard maintain its autonomy because it was delayed so I want to play that back again for a second hots quote failed so heroes it they just say it they just say it booms at buzz it is as simple hots quote failed so heroes of the storm overwatch isn't the hill and wow isn't growing maintain its autonomy because it was dill it only delivered hid now that they've got a few ELLs under their belt outside forces are going to use as an excuse to meet power plays this is basic corporate BS and if the next game doesn't do gangbusters expect the company to get more incorporated into Activision's empire and then I talked to another story about compensation and this is what they had to say okay Blizzard has had a lower base pay for its employees but lures them with promises of bonuses I was making about 90 K before I was hired at Blizzard and blurs it only offered a 70k with the promise of two yearly bonuses performance bonuses and profit sharing bonus but as a mid-level employee the bonuses cannot go over 10% of your base income so after the change if you were a standard mid-level employee this ended up not changing your yearly amount that money gave lizard maybe it was even a race nearly 50 percent in California so this is true at a company I used to work with we had big yearly bonuses and they were huge numbers that you know you it was cool to beat your chest like yeah I got like a $25,000 bonus but you would get taxed up the ass on them it's the people who have been here a long time that took cuts because their bonuses were much bigger executives got a lot more perks including tons of stock options that normal didn't have access to so I'm not sure how much they were affected but the elder Buzzard employees were going the elder getting big checks we call it old Blizzard money there isn't many of these people F iminium silently left the company as soon as this went down base pay a blizzard is still lower than company standard industry standard but you pay for your passion and they know they can get away with it wow that's dirty so these are two different people and I'm coordinating the same idea that the pay cut was more so at the higher level but this person also went on to corporatism is absolutely gutting blizzard right now morale is extremely low and then the next person I want to take some nuggets from that's not good at length lengthy conversation and I want to say that this person also went out of their way to respect David Brevik saying first and foremost let me address the video demon after this immediately he's been the head of all of this a great David I think his work is very solid and what he and Blizzard North did was an amazing footnote in the history of PC games even the og concept of Diablo was a claymation turn-based game but the rat he went on was incredibly unwarranted and misinformed it's unfortunate that in the wake of Diablo moral people are scrambling for any kind of dirt on the company that they take stuff like this as gospel again no mistake I think he means no disrespect oh I'm sorry make no mistake David Rabbitt has some great games and has done a lot for PC gaming well yeah he's a smart guy but when you take these rants at face value then what they really are conjecture your get a damaging wing wave of negativity whose only foundation is well I think if you look up brevets work maybe expert has had nothing to do with Blizzard as a company for 15 years the man never saw the release of World of Warcraft I'm serious in 2003 he left to go found another company Wow wouldn't even come out to the end of the following year blizzard and Brevik the blizzard that Brevik knows yeah he knows is one whose largest gaming event was Warcraft 3 that's substantially different than Blizzard from what it is would become and what it is right now I guess I speculating on all this stuff with knowledge that he has of the company that he was passively a part of two nearly two decades ago so that's interesting the jab at Austin executives is also misguided Pardo left because he effed up what was project Ayten Matson left because he wanted to actually raise his family instead of just see them off in the off hours the whole grand conspiracy that Activision is weeding out Blizzard execs is absurd and borderline insulting the blizzard that Brevik knows is one that was in the twilight years of Blizzard success you know those lottery winners who get millions upon millions of dollars and blow it all in a year or two and end up homeless something similar happens with video game companies that happen into a genre defining blockbuster games everyone who gets profiting from the company then that then tiny company gets massive checks sometimes larger than your actual annual pay but eventually there comes a time where everyone has to realize that the company just can't shotgun out six-figure bonus checks to so many people I chaired this I want to say one thing right now I can't say what it was but one of the things that person said correlates exactly with something else that I've heard from someone that I know

typically what happens when either the craziness of the successive rides I can't say what it was and he is bankrupt and defunct from expense or the company wants to play the long game and set themselves to still exist in the future around the high point of Wow buzzer came to the clusion that the good times won't be around forever and started to make an effort not just to spend money because they had in pocket the blizzards 600 layoffs in 2012 was the final moments of the transition from the party blizzard to the business blizzard what part of this world profit I'm saying part of this was profit sharing becoming more sane in terms of scale the older people who had been around since the founding still got very nice bonuses but anyway joined the company after mists of pandaria would be getting something a bit more fitting from them what you'd expect from a normal triple-a company wonder they made WOD now you want to talk about actual payer problems let me lay this out for you those pay problems have been there for a very very long time this nonsense that has started was started by activision is ignorant and with Brevik they were just covered up by profit sharing during the good times pea Buzzard has always been low anyone who tells you otherwise either has a spouse who can support most of their expenses or work a job that puts them 3 tax brackets above the majority the company Wow we work in the most expensive country in the u.s. state in the u.s. to some California sorry and the pay is dismal to compensate for that if you walk the parking lot you'll see cars with uber and lyft signs on them for second jobs I know at least two vans that people of people that live out of campus and are homeless otherwise customer service reps and Irvine skip meals at work in order to afford rent many lower rung employees have yet to even hit 30k marks for a year to date gross income people who want to start a family have to leave the company because there's no way to afford it at what Blizzard is willing to pay communist of five or more Blizzard employees have sprung up to make rent more manageable communities from LA County because it would rather spend an hour driving to work on the i-5 during rush hour traffic then cut money out of their salary to for to live 20 minutes away the unfortunate truth is that many of us are exploited for our passion many people who fell in love with Diablo Starcraft and Warcraft work here because they believe the IP and I'm willing to take a lower pay because it's a dream job anyone who speaks up will get dismissed by management as just being greedy HR creates an internal website for our quote income and have the bottom line numbers include things such as government mandated health care Social Security tax and more the result I got in money that is removed from my take-home pay being shoved in my face as if it were a higher salary just through the school districts in Wisconsin do this too the reason this exists is because any of us were to take action we'd be told that we're easily replaceable because so many other places want in on all that I want in on it all the time so it becomes a choice a project that you believe in and a game that your heart is dedicated to or being able to afford a roof over your head there was a brief glimmer of hope when the new CEO that we might be able to see change don't get me wrong might was actually amazing and he was always in the corner of the employees but change to help make our vine livable never came but the recent fireside chat with Jay the usual line of well we did a survey with a company that tracks salaries across the industry came out and our hopes were dashed who knows if Blizzard employees will ever actually get to pay that let them exist as humans and do more than just show up to work hope so for our sake Wow Wow well well interesting rebuttals and I I think I'll just stop there I have pages and pages and pages and pages of this but the idea I I think the overall takeaway is Brevik was probably misinformed or using outdated information talking about how you know the corporate takeover is happening but also that it really stinks to work at Blizzard that they do exploit people's passions and this is very common in the games industry this is very common of if you look at a company like Wizards of the coast who produces Magic the Gathering just read their glass store reviews everyone says the same thing they hire us because they know we loved Magic the Gathering and they didn't pay us anything and it sucked and eventually because I wanted to get on with my life I had to quit the idea that people are living in communes to afford to work at Blizzard is truly sad I almost don't believe plenty of money that seems insane I'm not saying that you know they have to pay more just because but if this is true that's really unfortunate and honestly I just hope those people decide to find work elsewhere because I don't think anything's gonna change it Blizzard well this doesn't paint a very good picture for working in the games industry but I thought I was an important piece of information to share and I think wow people who are brave enough to reach out to me as it's an important story to tell I hope you enjoyed this video we'll talk to you again real soon oh wow um damn capitalism man capitalism this is great right everybody loves capitalism it's so fun I don't know what do you guys think like all right so here's where I'm at is that I I do believe him I believe what he's saying and I believe it's true I don't know I feel how much how much everybody at Blizzard gets paid I can't really know that but it does seem like this is

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