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the truth will set you free the French that'll piss you off what is poppin dog nation welcome back to my channel it should go the best pana and today i'm gonna share with you guys these pineapple park box braids and i have done something similar to this on my channel before they were called web box braids and they were more triangle parted these are gonna be more of a diamond part so it is a little bit different and to start out I did my first braid which is kind of like a guide and it's gonna go from the tip of the eyebrow all the way and curve around to the other side of her head this is like a guide grade and so I'm gonna do all the rest of the braids in this direction if that makes sense so as you guys can see here all the way until I got to the bottom of her head I kind of just followed the angle of the first braid and that's how I got like my first set of braids this is not like a beginner hair saw so I know a lot of you guys are gonna be like wait what this is so confusing umm I wouldn't like try this if you're just someone first starting out because it is very complicated and I think you really have to kind of visualize what you're doing so once I use my guy braids to do all those braids in that direction I'm gonna go on the opposite side and pretty much do the same thing I'm gonna take my first braid from the tip of the eyebrow all the way around to the other side except for this time these braids are gonna be overlapping the braids that I just did that is probably like the most simple way that I can explain this guys it's like even when I go to do these braids like I have to think a lot cuz I'm like okay what is it gonna look like if I put this braid here and so it would really help to kind of like visualize what you're gonna do first before you just dive in and start parting when I do the braids that are gonna be like the cornrows that are gonna be in between the box braids I never really add synthetic hair and the reason why I don't do that is because when you add synthetic hair Tiffany makes it makes it a little more bulky and I want these to a really natural and flat so I personally don't like to add any synthetic hair in there but you can if you're adding like really small pieces

so once again I'm using that braid as a guide so all of my next braids are gonna follow in that same direction and by doing this this is how you're going to create that kind of like diamond part look so you'll notice that once you start doing these braids that are overlapping and going across it's gonna create diamond shapes and yet you're just gonna do box braids in between those diamond shapes so here I'm just showing you guys how those diamonds are starting to form and how you can kind of just see where you're going to be putting your pots braids and I'm gonna keep it liddie when you get to the bottom like the nape of the neck it's not really gonna be diamond shapes you got to kind of like be creative with where you like tie in the ends of the braids to make those shapes because it does get kind of funky on the nape of the neck and there are several ways to do this I watched a couple videos and I couldn't really grasp it from any other videos so I kind of just like did my own way but like I said in the nape of the neck you kind of just got to play around with where you put the ends of the braids to make it look like something that's going on down there so this here is definitely the easiest part for me here I'm just kind of putting in the box braids and I'm using the two strand method and the reason why I'm doing that is because by using the two strand method the braids are more flexible and a lot of you guys asked me how to get braids tighter and the way I do it is I'm showing you guys right here when I'm connecting the braiding hair I'm really pulling on the clients natural hair and that will help to make your braids tighter when you're using the two strand method and then I'm just kind of borrowing hair from the other strands to make that braid even so that as I break down it's kind of seamless and you won't be able to see any twists and turns in the braids

so this high it just came out of a weave and her hair was really really dry so I know you guys saw me moisturize her hair in the beginning but I'm also moisturizing it as I go and to do that I'm using tropical roots that I had posted in the beginning of this video and I do like that moisturizer it's basically like a leave-in conditioner and oh my god her hair was just so dry so I kind of did it in the beginning and then I also did it to each box braids that I was doing I'm also using shining Jan to coat the roots of my parts I think it just makes it look really like sleek and super neat so I do like to put that but I'm only putting that like at the leg basically at the base of her head to complete this look I use a total of three packs of expressions here and I cut the hair in half I mixed two different colors together I believe this is a 33 and a 1b and I always like feather the hair myself so if you guys would like to know how I do that I do have a video on my channel which will show you how I get the tapered ends a lot of you guys asked how I do the tapered ends and I feather the hair myself

so as you guys can see I did not use rubber bands to complete these box braids and they're so really nice and tight sometimes I do use rubber bands that I'll typically do that for like jumbo styles or if a client requests it I do think that box braids tend to make it look a lot more neater and if you are someone who is a beginner to braiding then I do think that it is an effective method there's been like a lot of controversy because some people are like rubber bands cause breakage and I don't think it's necessarily the rubber band is how its applied and how it is taken off because when I put rubber bands on I make sure that I'm not putting the mixture in you tight and I always ask my clients to make sure that it feels comfortable on it also when they read it when they're removed excuse me that should be cut out so a lot of people try to pull them out and that's where the breakage comes from but I personally have never had a client who has suffered from breakage from using rubber bands so like I said sometimes it can't be the way that it's removed or if a stylist is putting them on too tight I try not to wrap them more than three to four times because some people wrap them really tight and then separate the hair and pull it which makes it even tighter and so just really be aware and conscious of that but yeah I absolutely love the rubber band method so yeah for the finishing touches I'm going to be adding mousse and I always link my mousse that I'm using in the description section I used the bigger AA styling mousse I typically use the green one which is olive oil and then today I'm tying it down with the do-rag just because I ran out of styling strips but usually I just use styling strips I think it's just easier because they're disposable so I don't have to worry about Washington do-rag constantly yeah and then I'm gonna be dipping the ends and boiling water also a lot of you guys asked about the kettle that I use and I'll also link that in the description section so just make sure you guys check that out because a lot of the questions that you guys asked me and I already provide the answers to that in the description section so just to save you some time sometimes I don't always get to answer everybody's questions so yeah make sure you guys check there

and yet guys this here is my finished look I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys what the parts look like and I hope you guys really enjoyed this tutorial if you guys do try this out make sure you guys the Emmie pics on IG I love when you guys share your work with me especially if I inspired it it's like super awesome and it makes me feel really really good so make sure you guys send me pics okay and if not thank you so much for watching this make sure you guys subscribe to my channel I have a really awesome awesome content that's coming to you guys and if you haven't already make sure you also click on my community tab I often post pics or polls and I love to interact with you guys so yeah thank you guys so much for watching this video and I will catch you guys

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