Ep140 - Hunts Corner @ Linear Fisherys 2017

by: Carpking71

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hello and welcome to episode 140 and uh for this video I've come down to the linear Laker complex in Oxfordshire and I've come on to the UM Hunts Corner Lake not being on this Lake for a couple of years so you had tried to get on here last year but because of the nature of the lake it's always quite busy plus many of you might know ox leaves and hunts corn had a bit of a shutdown period because I thought Oxley's had a war quality problem so you couldn't access hunt corner for about seven eight months I think it was fun member rightly so so I've been waiting to get back on a corner for a while and I'm here you can probably see by the chaos down here to my right I've only just got here and someone's trying to call me let's just turn that off so yeah I've only just got here only just pitched up in a swim I say on the gear still on the floor of not set up yet I mean peg ten the last time actually done a blog or num hunts corner a couple of years ago now it was actually from this pig where I done rather well on zig that time there's been nothing showing on on the surface at the moment so probably the first tactics will be fishing on the bottom but I've got plenty of bait with me floaters and spawn mix so I've got all options depending on what happens this session right less water fault let's get this lot set up until some appens let's go fishing

right and guys hum up to so far it may look like the rods are out but they're not actually out yet so far I've just been uh chucking the marker rod around trying to find some spots to fish and I found three really good spots to be fair all the different ranges like just over nine reps and found a really nice gravel spot on that rod the middle rods gonna be fishing dead ahead see where there's a big gap in the trees or the left hand side or that big gap in the trees that's a long range rod that's fishing at just under 18 rats also found a really nice gravel spot and then the right am rod which she just saw me chuck into is about mid range 11 and a half wraps and again another really nice gravel spot of just filmed no weed apart so you can see what I've just dragged in on that calf just a tiny little bit of dead fit weed and do normal edging around that is pretty much about all I have found so no real way to worry about and even that little bit dead weed up be more than that PETA fish on with pop-ups or wafters or probably a Ronnie rig on one rod and expect yes three different ranges that's just to cover cover me bases in case that the fish are all at different ranges albeit the less known rod and Roy and rod Roni sort of - rod length difference in length and then yeah the middle rod is just under 18 wraps which is probably about two rats shy of actually chucking it right to the far side margin so that's three spots found a little bit of clay as well once it come off the gravel spots as a bit of clay on the lid so first if it does land just off the global sports I only landed on clay or maybe a bit of dead weed so really happy with a spots all found I'm not even gonna get me deeper out this session I there's no need I found three really good spots of just I do now is rigged up the rods and uh actually get fishing just add a bit of rain in this world while I was saying up the baby just got the busy up in time yeah three different ranges and if all the see if one range producing more than Yolo I can change the other two rods to at the moment I'm happy with all really good solid and it almost feels as rough as this gravel that's in the swim it's a real a real positive donk donk donk in no lock up sis well we even with the um you know the Fox grappling lead it's not locking up on anything so is no solid weed up there right yet waffling now for let's get the rods rigged up and actually get fishing okay I thought you're gonna get fishing first I'm not I'm gonna put some bait out first so I'm gonna put a bit of spot mix out I've just been on the old Fox with map wrap so uh if I can show you that so don't don't you can see it very well so now where you can actually see that but they've got me three a la marca floats indicate in me um where I'm gonna be fishing to and then if none of you you this fox with mapper up yet all you do is like what I've done right you click on the UM on the marker float and then at the bottom you can mark up your information about where you're actually fish in that you range what you're fishing on the depth and then if you get any fish or need to write any further information you can write it on the note so it's four gone are the days where you actually need a bit of a paper and a pen to write down the information store all on your phone now on the Fox Slim mapper up oh no I won't have to refer to me informations at the MoMA can remember knowing in a bit rats just under eighteen eleven an hour fraps I'm gonna so gonna put a bit abate out now before actually get fish in the way I'm gonna spook a swim with a bit of spotting I'd rather do it now before I'm fishing rather than the rod throughout all right let's get a bit of spawn mix made up and then um some bait right then guys I'm gonna knock up a bit of spawn mix mouth so that's where you can only see my hands at the moment and uh another empty bucket so I'm just going to show you why in a knock up for this session well in this bucket what I've already got mixed up I got this from hinders ready prepared it was two separate mixes before I put it all into one bucket so obviously the hemp as you can see and then the other mix was um sort of a bit of particle in there what you what you can see some maize and then some little mini tiger nuts and then I just mix that together just to you know just to save carrying too many buckets basically so I'll knock that out together Oh

small bucket which is probably about half of it to be fit and then I've brought a load of sweet corn with me as well got four kilos of it so that about half for that in as well and then last ingredient hunger add to the mix I got some littler ten milli lysosome boy leaves ten mil isn't so that makes I reckon maybe it might be just a little bit more than a kilo to be fair the fun bit digging we're doing just let's get it all mixed in yes

wouldn't be fun would it was like in digging in we're hands in all mucky that's all for fun and making us mix up on the bank there we go I think that's fair to say that is already mixed now so there you have it one it's all linear special spod mix it's funny it's what the linear is known for living on spawn mix sir so a nice mix of different particles there hemp or other little particles ten Milly's mini tiger nuts and little ten milli boilie so basically a typical linear type spawn mix really right once I've rinsed me and off time to get some of this into the water I think

what anger we are about three hours into actual fishing time and the fish 17-pound on the nose taken on the the left and rod that felt to the UH just over nine wraps spot on the left and rod solid PP a bag it's some soft pop up in in the bag of cotton member why exactly because uh I door load of PVA bags already pre tied and done I know there was all pop ups but uh what the pop-up is I can't remember exactly I'll have to redo all three me rods if focus once he come into the margin as he went under over and round all the other rods so all three rods to redo but you can't really complain once the blanks out of the way so all right being lively so let's get in back I'm going it's just a little quick update just to tell you what the bait was once I got the rod in and I could see what the bait was I can now tell ya it was actually a wafter not a pop up as I said when I was showing you the fish but it was a little white 12 mil oh um cream complex from West Country baits that rods back out now I've actually put it out on it on a pop-up now on a little yellow um the 12 mil done dumbbell type popper cuz I know caught on white of put back out on yellow because there's a lot of yellow was the corn in this pod mix Oh yellow will probably just look a bit more natural in the baited area than white but then again that goes against their fingers just happened because I've caught on white so I'm just talking waffle really mine guys I've just had my second capture of the session not a carp but an equally as pretty fish but unusual and I haven't actually caught one of these for years and years wow that a Rudd haven't weighed it but uh about pounder guess but it's a special fish to be fair there's quite a rare in a lot of waters now and I haven't caught one of these since I was a little kid so um yeah I'm quite happy with this fish it's not a cop but cuz I haven't caught carping about a crud in about 30 odd years I'm pretty happy with this to be safe get in on a little yellow on the little yellow dumbbell off pop up is all but I've just recast I've start cups oh no Cup but I'm equally happy with this to be fair I think eyes I know you can't see me at a moment but it's the rig I'm gonna show you the Ronnie rig I think too complicated bit uh tungsten tubing yeah that's to keep the rig funk down through and a half ounce flat pair lead knowing inches for iq2 in 20 pound this Koya stiff IQ the 20 pounds so it when it goes into water it does kick kick the bait out when is when it goes down and then I'm I did have a yellow bait on my Ronnie rig but I've just changed to a white bait purely because it's early evening time now on I'm gonna work well here I am yeah early evening time now still only on the one cup gonna reach uh quarter rods that evening now and um because the first cup come on a white bait so I'm changing to white the Ronnie rig purely just yeah cuz because the first cup come on a white colored bait different flavor apart from that was but this one's a bit more bit more stinky so I'm hopefully that should produce an all fish

morning gang if being a bit of a quiet night last night not even a single bleep last night so I think I might have to rethink my tactics of what I'm gonna do today even if it's just some of the smallest change in the type of hookbait absolutely biblical reign that's my absolutely hammered it down for what was quite just I didn't get a run that's my good absolutely I've just wound in him being round to her user conveniences shall we say and while I was over that photo labels just chanted a guy over in peg one he out one fish in the night for Annie's fish is here quite a lot he was saying and so and he was saying that's been really quiet fro to have one fish it's a lot sunnier day today feels a bit warmer so I might even chuck out new one bombs the mixers in a minute I'll put the rods up just to see if I can tempt any fish up to the surface see if it's worth putting out some zigs or floaters or something like that I haven't totally made up my mind yet but I might might Chuck a few mixers but ass balm just to judge if anything's on or near the surface now it's a bit of a brighter day also you can't see it in shot but Tim oh right there's a there's a bit of an overhanging tree where the branches just sort of all touch the water um I even sort of trauma inside margin on the righthand broad there's a little gap in the tree on the right hand side where it looks like people I've gone through have said that spot so I think it's obvious that it's a spot that people fished so I might use enjoy that later on just as a different spot

but yeah it's definitely being a bit quiet I mean I've done well or in the past on fishing bits of fake sweet corn over the type of odd mix that I'm fishing at the moment so um yet might even try some fake corn just so me your bait looks a bit more natural in amongst me spod mix what it's all options at the moment

all right time to do something anyway

break it up that little margin spot just to my right in front of that tree so when I do put the rods back out obviously I'm definitely gonna put a rod on that spot now I think gang I've just baited up two new rigs ready to put out on the earth to solid bag rods aren't fishing so I'm going to show you them now you know switch tactics from fishing like boilie the waft of to actually fish in baits that match me spawn mix which is how I've done well on this lake in the past before and it's to be fair I think it's how I should have started really it's a bit of a schoolboy error really to them on linear not fished match your spawn mix so I'm now going to be doing that so little leader but two and a foot long inline LED short 3-inch uplink size six look as you can see to match the spawn mix now I've already showed you at the top of the video this one's going to be a single bit a fake boy and corn I've just tested it and the hook sits flush on the deck with a bait just waft in above the hook although the hook will be sitting flat not so that's gonna be that one I've probably put that over the right hand rod that you've just seen me baiting up an Emmy left arm rod again to match the spawn mix rig exactly the same only this time of a tie you know on tying it up tip the game with a bit of fake boink corn exactly same rig but again it's going to match the spod mix that I've already put out I saw that at the top of the video there's a few Tiger nuts a nice pod mix so that if going to match what I'm actually fishing over so I said bit of a schoolboy error I think not to UM match the hatch as they say specially at Linnea and then um but I guess I'm using other ones from hinders and they're soaked in the New Beetle inin plum and then and then just the good old fashioned normal beetle in for the two bits of fake corn right let's get them bagged up and get them in the water acts of AD me warlock the water for probably about two hours now

I fit gang or three rods are back out now for the day the middle rod of left on a Ronnie rig the only difference of changed on that rod is of a pink sea theme CC more dairy cream pop up on that one this little changed the color around the bit cuz the white that I changed to yesterday didn't do anything so yeah just gonna change the color see about produce of anything only about a minute ago just before I got the camera out to film this beef a fish bashed out right in front of that tree whereas showed y'all's baiting up in there not Casta to so it's a good sign Oh time to relax for a few hours now next bit copy action would probably be a bit of spot mix going out around about midday one o'clock ish unless the fish comes before of course

I'm going you just been doing sponder a load more dog mixes maybe about dozen MIDI spawns worth for suppose for us bombed them out just lightly drizzle doom in a bit of tune wall for a bit more attraction but more importantly to flatten off the wall earth where I've been performing to for you know so when the wall slide you can see a bit better what's going on out there it was just to see really if any fissure coming up near the upper layers or on to the surface to take um you know to see if it's worth switching to bigs yet or over depth eggs avoid dumb well on here before but basically no not as shown not none were taken at all so as warm and sunny as it is the fish are either not here or or they're just not coming up so the floaters

but for the time being I'll stick with the bottom bait fishing

well yeah

or still quite suggestive oh I'm afraid

Oh get back to chilling and relaxing and hopefully some fish might show themselves soon afternoon gank I've just had my first positive indication of fish on one or more spots all day just a few Greeks on the right am rod the rod that I showed you of Chuck Tumen inside margin on my round side just a few little up-and-down bleeps on the bobbin nothing kind of it loaf but it's the first indication of fish on one of my spots about all day it's been quiet but I've had an indication it's been that courts afternoon of our time to sit down and tie up ten ubv a bag rigs steaming shrink tubing a lot so any hooks I've got ten new rigs to her to replace and wave now some positive has come as this afternoon's fishing yeah apart for now nothing much to update you with apart really

yeah evening gang seven o'clock and evening now and still as earlier absolutely nothing has happened in my bit of war absolutely no find of fish earlier on I try chucking out some more um dog mixes again really oil them up so that when I cussed him out it would flatten the let and all the ripples on the lake so I can see if any fish would be in my area on or near the surface no there isn't

I've made a decision I'm not gonna recast the rods this evening to go into the might of a federal you on the right hand rods got a bit of fake corn on well that's a forever bait really so it doesn't mean recasting the left and rods got the tigernut tip of a better fake corn well that's virtually a forever bait so that's not gonna lose it um you know flavors and what-have-you and the middle rod with the CC more pop up on it I know from experience up the CC more pop ups this that they'll easily keep a Ronnie rig buoyant for over twenty four hours rather than spook in a swim with extra casting which would basically just be for recasting sake I'm not gonna bother so keep any disturbance and I'll swim down to a minimum in case on the off chance just in case any fish are moving down into my you know recasting could spook um up away again so yeah I'm not gonna recast it this evening well if you can see any watts of smoke coming up in front of them dusting or just lit the barbecue for the evening

the only activity that's been in front of me all day really is there's a grebe he's catching plenty of fish though good morning gang another quiet night it's uh become fairly obvious now uh the fish just aren't down this end of the lake now going from PEG warm he's just come round another bit of a bit of a chat and as opposed to two nights ago last night he was just saying there was no boshy now in front of this room whatsoever I for one fish wash out if that a tee time on the far bank and that was it part from that there has been absolutely no activity or signs of fish down this end of the lake whatsoever

still earlier Sonia seven o'clock now I've got to two o'clock this afternoon fishing time I don't think I'll be staying that long I was thinking I was contemplating stay in a third night I'm gonna knock it on the edge I'm probably even gonna pack up early to be fair cuz it's just no fish at this end of the lake the end of the lake is busy there's only one empty swim on the lake at the moment which is pegged to which is still this end of the lake though alright have some breakfast my even winding the rods and knock out a few things for the last few hours I don't know I haven't even made up my mind yet what I'm gonna do but I'm definitely not staying a third night like on past plan two

Yeah right for breakfast first because if the fish are faded I still am and going I'm down to my last few hours of fishing now and I'm gonna change tactics slightly for the last few I was I'm putting two rods on zigs the middle rod on the Ronnie rig is staying on the Ronnie rig the only difference is I've chucked it literally to the far bank now I'm only probably about two foot off the far back Margy now which is probably about a hundred yard cast and then the left dam rod I've already just chucked out I've put a tooth to foot off maybe two and a half foot they'd gone that left on rod I was about to cast it dead out in front I'm literally a fish bashed out over to our left though obviously that went over over to the left and then this Vig is at the other end of the scale got a little big bug on this one it's just a little bit of black in plain black and yellow foam on the left and one this is like a look on his big bug and this one's also gonna go over to the right-hand side yeah this is the other end of scale this is a long eight foot sig so this one will probably just be maybe about a foot below the surface if I chuck it over to the right for your fishing left yet as hopefully a change of tactics can bag one more fish before we go home [Music]


you gave me bug on the lid [Music]

yeah I'm up here that that's roughly where a fish showed coming to the end of this session now we can just about see me rod still out but that is the only thing that's out now gonna knock it on the end now it's just flogging a dead or sere I think for whatever reason the fish this session just hasn't been down this end of the lake not in numbers anyway just your fish here and there but yeah it certainly hasn't been uh as coined to me this lake as it has in previous blogs and sessions so uh yet sometimes you just gotta know when to call it a day in and knock it on the edge which I'm doing now his I said it's not being a blank so it's not being all bad but I was hoping to catch a bit more than why have done I'll think I'm basing that on the only past experiences on this legwork I've always done well to be fair without sounding too big edit but ya gonna knock on yet now I'm actually gonna pop down the syndicate now for 48 hours so hopefully I can have a bit more success there so um obviously I can't feel my own the syndicate so that wouldn't be a blog so um the next time you're gonna see me I'll be a topper Manor and on the big Hayes Lake till then tight lines


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