HAHA! SOMEONE ISN'T HAVING FUN!! - #ThrowbackThursday | NBA 2K13 Gameplay

by: iMAV3RIQ

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get it up crap Oh what counting count it let's count it wave it all [Music] yo what's going on gamers your boy maverick juice I'm Everett that's juice in the building back with a throwback Thursday today we semi throw him back we ain't going all the way back just a little bit on the NBA 2k13 I don't know if I've replayed this game this was juice game no I'm just letting y'all know so it's gonna be the upset it was loading he was like all this brings back so much memory whoa were word up now he's rolling with he's going with the Thunder because he's a KD man I want to go with the sun's cuz I'm a Suns fan but I don't know we're throwing back far enough for us to be legit competition look at all your guys got hold up look at this y'all put all them badges his guys got when you flip through now look let me slip through my one one one zero zero look do yours again you picked it wait oh cheese 3 2 5 8 3 you're a cheater bro I'm not just you to have no heart as a competitor what do you you could have been somebody good - I mean I like that's whatever I'm going I didn't not worry you all that low key cuz then when I lose is like Oh juice at the better team had all the badges but if I win it's time to lose a layup I look like the dough come on Shanna can fly give me that that's his one bag I'm going I'm going I'm going I'll remember how to throw out you three you gonna make it work

Oh Oh gonna do oh you got a baby let's go see but we got that she's a stick yeah he has the quickness of speed to dart in and break yeah let's get it you cheat you I figure out the shoot way that she won't be telling you how to shoot I kidding and then I had it figure it out can't even with the water Oh why are my guys move so slow oh don't go in the Oh we'll see it they're getting good ball movement how do I like laterals boom trihard haha okay crawl you two leaders told us he's gonna buy drugs Oh daddy in dining codes to make the right pass oh no it's not looking too good let's look he's gonna buy drugs heck no come on get it up crap Oh

counting count it let's carry waive it all count yet it often times we play ooh

bro are you serious are you serious yo Angela Healthcare encore pire they should be mechanical oh hell fair Hangul we could be looking at it a decade long run here we go pass right Oh conference championships and maybe NBA titles

serious affair Jesus let's go we can shoot it that's not a steal for me though you weren't even looking at the body wants to party no no little bit difficulty I asked why that's why I asked why we both put it on protest lock me both on the same difficulty exactly I don't mean what helps you out how does I hope nothing were there where the scene is saying let's get rid of all your seams like he's ready watch the contrast our Channing Frye boot oh you gotta let him back this is a drug oh heck no let's go wait what give me that great you'll shoot the ball doc all right down well how's the better half to look or a better form to it four five

thank you a house for you I might have a little bitch to do guys farm a hole you need myself at the super-g Roscoe to Humble Angie and one and one he just do it every year yes he's Kevin Durant defense - yeah what yeah what yeah no not does no one makes the 300 Kevin grant - no Kevin Durant dude oh oh my rap let's go oh yeah you're working the workhorse three two

but it's no good make sure I check out the rematch never got me I'm Larissa I'm a win it was just you know dug myself into a holes you know wasn't a Hall of Fame now we ready though oh now we ready now so you know I mean ready now Bob I'm right there past it - who are 100 let's dog call me juice you're not don't y'all others aren't even in the game neither are mine that's the thing you need candy - Billy love you Ryan living bad guys you right I do that's why he comes in again bro he's checked in let's rook over to back yes yes oh no I mean a bet how's that not what Oh what really are you gonna just melt the clock give me that okay what Oh Oh to the cup Durant you smelly my Brown Darwin seditious oh don't want into 72 no contains your knees oh let's go mistakes mistakes give me AK fast so let booty wag around Oh Oh somebody stop him finish ah come on dog look we got the hang of it now baby yeah dah you give me after Oh Oh get dumped oh hell I rap stop let's hold in by the Suns oh yeah dog - take it out rematch guaranteed while we're going same team makes much difference now

I was kidding me GG he came out balling we were late - Justin - Matt but you know what as Trevor would say sometimes you gotta lose the crease better got a loser better and we gonna be I so make sure you check out maverick on we'll have a rematch for you guys I appreciate everyone this rocking with us through the throwback series I've got a lot of different series going on and the support is prior to all-time high on the chance we appreciate you guys for that let us know in the comment section what are the throwback games you want to see um I just ordered a brand-new batch from other suggestions you guys gave me split key keeps in 2 min all right you love you until next time god first god bless make sure you check out my other channel for daily uploads in thousands of videos that you can't find over here and if you like this clip make sure you click the annotation to subscribe link is also in the description and actually we're going for a challenge bruh oh you see that deep breath that's how I know you nervous about their business that's hot disappoint it is you 505 ah yes I was a boy scout hey gimme yo peace I'm sorry

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