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hey guys so today I'm going to be showing you how I took this very Brown very dark closed-off countertop in my apartment from dark to a really really pretty white how I did this was with contact paper and you can get contact paper anywhere your Hobby Lobby should have it I got one roll from Walmart and then I ended up ordering the online store Walmart for the remaining rolls now I have an island that I did not show in this video that I did before I did these countertops just to see how much rolls that I would need and I ended up using four rolls and they were only about five dollars each so it worked out in my favor so here are two of the rolls that I used and they are six foot long so I had a lot of room to work with and you want to make sure that you're cleaning your countertops with Windex before you need an exacto knife or a straight razor and also a good credit card so the key is really to making sure that this surface is clean of debris so the back of the contact paper is pretty cool it has grids that can keep you kind of accountable and in line for whenever you're cutting and lining it up because it really is a process I really liked using my hip a lot to secure the paper down when I was sticking it to the cabinet just to give me that extra support I started off by using scissors and by cutting the contact paper but towards the end I started using the exacto knife or a more precise cut you want to make sure that whenever you're going on the edges that you're really smoothing it out and you're really taking your time the key here is to really take your time slow and steady really does win the race these were not forgiving really the the type of paper that I picked creased a lot so I did have to pull it up and start over a couple of times and I had to be very careful with what I was doing or I was gonna tear the paper which is the only downfall that I would have to say about this paper because the paper itself is a very beautiful light gray marble and it does have a shine effect on the island I went with a matte and it was also pretty easy like once you get into the hang of it it's just kind of smooth sailing there were a couple of pieces that I ended up having to measure just because the cabinets were cut a little bit weird which was no problem I ended up figuring it out but you do want to make sure that you have tape measurer with you so going in on the folds is what I want to call this part was super easy I mean you just line it up and gravity did the rest of the work I did have some extra hanging off and so I would just get my exacto knife and go in and cut those pieces and if you're seeing closely you can see that I accidentally on a few pieces cut a little too close so I just cut even smaller pieces and glued them on or rather stuck them on in the exact shape the piece that I messed up so all in all this process probably took me over two days just because I had to go and buy paper and then I had to order paper and I just had to wait and if you look up close you can see the lines I really tried not to have them overlapping but there were a couple of areas that I just could not help it but if you're standing just a few feet back it's it's a beautiful result and I'm just so glad that I decided to do this now it was it was hard I'm not gonna say it's definitely a labor of love there were a couple of pieces that were just more difficult there were a couple of trim pieces that I had to go in and really measure and make sure that I was doing right so the key here is to really really just take your time this is gonna be your kitchen for the remainder of your lease or you know while you're living in the home so definitely smooth out all edges use that credit card to use your exacto knife make sure all the edges are clean and this is the finished result I'm so in love with it it opens up my kitchen it makes it so much brighter and it's just a look that I'm gonna keep until we move again so thank you so much for watching my contact paper DIY I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat and I will continue to do it again if we ever choose an apartment that does have those ugly brown countertops which is so crazy because the rest of this apartment has really pretty gray and black and white granite countertops so it was just a little odd that these in the kitchen just were that hideous color brown but yeah it was definitely a process and I will see you guys next time [Music]

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You guys. I am so excited at how this turned out. Watch me transform my ugly brown countertops, into marble heaven. All with the help of contact paper. Only paid $7-$10 a roll. XOXO ***6 month follow up*** This product will withstand any cooking, water spills or basic living. I have no tears, rips, stains or even melting when I sit a hot pan on the counter. It is EXTREMELY hard to remove when it comes time to take them off counters, other than that, I am so glad I did this!**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I purchased one roll from Walmart, the Duck brand. I do need to correct that I purchased the remaining from Amazon__

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