Southside Makes a Crazy Beat & Explains Why He's THE GOAT #BaldSizzle

by: FREQ

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[Music] I'm capable I love how you bitch I think that beyond being bitches nigga him love all you bitch-ass niggas bitches and saying what you what you what you do to a bad bitch you smack the ass I'm smacking eggs in your face saying different you've all eyes niggas I can't wait to catch some unique [Music] and all I got a motherfucking input you got an input with your pocket and got no motherfucking output that's what's funny is fuck them you know don't get [Music]










are they running I'm running away when they speak they're mentioned I never said who's the producer of our time I can tell ya I'd say like the swing my rotation yeah


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Southside cooks up a crazy beat on Instagram Live and explains why Metro Boomin & himself are the real GOATs.

#southside #808mafia
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