UK RAP | Dappy - Straight Facts (American Reacts)

by: Willy Litty

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yo oh you gotta wake up wait that is the best time to wake that ass like that ass so good I was gonna say Willie let it come natural to another reaction y'all this is a UK rap reaction to dat beef recommended by one of my subscribers definitely appreciate y'all it's usually only little mixed reactions like let me go ahead and mix it up for you real quick sigh I love I love rap from foreign countries even though I can understand people from UK you know I mean also like French rap reactions and Germany I'm about to do some Dutch ones coming up soon so y'all just stay tuned y'all make sure y'all subscribe to another cave store and hit that thumbs up and keep leaving the recommendation in the comments cuz I get these reactions from you all so I definitely appreciate that all that's also following on Instagram and this video is sponsored by Boop y'all make sure y'all check out magical butter calm you know this is the first over the countertop both technical or charge of y'all so you can make all your butters all your oils everything that you need for the essential most potent edibles that you can make on and eating on a cookbook y'all even got a cookbook you can use some rice krispies treats you need to make some wings with Willis you want to make what else you want to make up so magical coconut oil so you can cook with everything edible yeah they got sausage slam it's awesome weekend yeah check out the link in my description for $25 off y'all owe Dappy straight facts my husband's bars one might namaskar i know many of you wanted to see me fool one big ego by I was mentally small for I was a LAN telling everybody what to do every day would you only come and become with is like this is my melodic I busted my Dalek this is melodic and metallic this metal hey I was I was low-key looking like nothing but to come out of straight you know this is this is about to be different using me including my scrilla to the liquors laughing now cuz it definitely ain't me do you pull my fucking my agent I keep the money I could owe me another key instead I saw the ice I lived in cuz I was working for free my friends were looking at me better when I couldn't know myself but leave me and no one when the label put me on the show already improperly a nigga see I was the world do what they seem to care about was my wealth for my home see the teeny oh oh oh you went from the melodies to straight mmm not only that it's so personable I could feel it you know I mean he saying shit even I'm feeling I'm looking matter you're talking to thing I always put me through hell to be looking out for others they don't think about my skull I'm reaching paranoid who else is trying to fuck my god who else is making up lies for another story to tell stories dummy for life but you came on team was do who point out that media right there y'all who else is making up lies for another story to tell what's your name get baby people to use your name to make of all this bullshit that's why you can't tell what's real and media nowadays doers nowadays as well the consumers they're uh you're guilty and to approve innocent with the viewers and to arrest unless is you everyone now everyone wants to be innocent to proven guilty but in the eyes of viewers when someone sees a story that has your name attached to something as negative you're guilty right there as soon as they read it until you're proven innocent and that's sad because they don't like that one no tables turn that's how it is a lot when you see comments and she said it like that it says alleged it automatically though they're guilty my god you know wouldn't want a judge to be like Oh alleged guilty but that's how that's how we take it we'll be reaching a lot money she's crazy in there Yomi like almost every day right under my nose I would have never know something for that I'm paranoid and I went for his phone Mike I see a text to his wife they nearly ruin my life thing can I do this information get imprinted overnight no lie no lie I know it's in black and white and even though it's end times it's still a big bag - I blame myself for being ignorant and opening up but when you stuck in this industry you don't know to trust I'm screaming where's the love cuz on the flip side on my kids lap in the streets or door open you are oh my marine guy not like that one day I catch him outside oh my god y'all Debbie is cold hey I heard I thought I like my little baby's been around for a little while - y'all whoo go ahead talk that shit appreciate you nanny yeah for recommended this is awesome listen now baby it's not me grinning just cause I tried but remember the times I used to steal Barry from your pouch and hook it any loose change in the flying around aha I do anything to spend a couple seconds with him alive instead I'm just left with a memory of him dead on a couch forever putting pieces together trying to figure shit out imagine I was more than puzzled having to give you mouth-to-mouth shit straight from the heart mom finally his dad dead on the couch having her give him mouth-to-mouth Ice Man like not only is this his his flow fluent his word is paint a picture of vividly and uh it's a substance right here no I mean this is rap with substance is where I consider real rap right here real hip-hop you know I mean so we definitely see some more adaptive reactions definitely recommended some real rap to me in the comments you did make sure y'all share this reaction - you know I hit that time's up this is crazy Lord that was dried blood who's on your face I will never forget the taste trying to save the man of that house they say home is where the heart is when my one was on the market mom's got a wrong key but she prefer see where we start reminiscing my feel-good couldn't afford to buy meat rain is not just leaning on my boots when she's leading she be punished in the black she worried about no Baelish now baby's paying tax when I press the Duke and rush know that in fact what would I smashed my own cup up with my new designer back up you mind if I started trying to justify every article I've already been cheat off a spicy little boy the transitions in his flaws like there's small transitions to how he's changed his flow up I definitely could see that shit you know mean like very baby like he's just wishing to turn this on oh my god I couldn't be getting one from the melodies to have him fast but then he went from he changed the tempo up just now and I'm like you know I mean like this is some of the best some of the best flowing I've heard in a minute you know I mean especially from Bieber s overseas I've been listening to whoo yo guys y'all good y'all got so much better right here the normal sense the evidence of the hula is ripping apart cuz then nobody as hard as you can easily antagonize when I hear baguette lines everyone's gone past only past is my hammer I spoke about being terrorized let's say I'm going to back your favorite media way before social media when we used to touch the radio just to make my Wikipedia I saw the bear Rena show me tried to bring me up and saw climb down a pigeon or key got there artists right now I said I used to be a soap I started off as a supporter his acting is cool as hell too you know I mean I could definitely see coming out of more it's some worth of my own what's up you know I mean that's just definitely uh infatuated into like people in America we hear someone from the UK speak you know I mean especially how he's speaking so fluent of wraps you know me that's just awesome ain't got a door and left it open for the rest no we've got a free time so how am I feeling 700k on the first 500 on the next when you sign the sheet the old friend what else do you expect Lightstorm see you to God now boys I read my heart is fight you to the first time I heard rich ain't God chip on my shoulder about who's the best why I beg someone told trizzie I'm packing sorry fresh I'll go as far as I am ruinous hamazaki so for me kind Joe a really part of life I came a long way from getting chased down and not my gun so much of my life

that shit was so real he just exposed the industry a little bit she was talking about his life industry people coming up behind him not showing respect to the fans you know I mean trying to bring him down and the other in light of other people's coming up and talking about he had three platinum line three women pass them three times and still in debt that's what happens me son a shitty deal no I mean hopefully without that cuz now it's bidding that real this man got some got some skills I'm not trying to rhyme but this man right here is oh my gosh I mean stuck in a cafe I'm too hardheaded I want damn corn done before I will be signatures for fun to drive form using wet the only time a fucking shit we're not talking on my back for the kgs ya wrapper on your neck here what that matters is the kgs you push it on your chest my mama told me keep my head down stay quiet how the fuck they're gonna work with Surigao my no negai sinking now my my lowest life can only get better then my run-up in my stomach I leave holes in my playoff now I'm hearing her gonna press on my ass haha well I'm a double that just get a pussy from Thursday dynamic noodles and you know first base camp teen couldn't come any sooner sitting in my cell wishing that could be way cooler no charger for the tizzy so I can't even Kuya get down and lay down lying combat the player on even know was excluded this industry still my playground oh he selling that playground eyes he's the boss he's a boss in that playground - not only that y'all this check check this when most people like this flow like that you know I mean they can go for a minute maybe two he has been for almost five minutes just fluent flowing fluid bars fluent passion in his voice changing up the tempo changing up the the melodies and shit like that you know I mean changing up the topics he could tell it was all real great substance right here his flow is amazing you know I mean I could sell some parts when he went to when you say some words you go right back to my oh shit I'm surprised I've never heard it before but I'm definitely not to check him out to make sure y'all job some more adapt be in it man it's hell like been working at this for a while you know I mean and now it probably out of this deal you know I mean that was fucking them over before and now they say it's time for me to really take over his playground precess you [Music]

that big appreciate ya'll watching the reaction y'all that was amazing you know she'll turn in the juice and I check real quick to see record pussy hello you know me say the name I said I said nany early and then the jewels you know I mean my might mean the same thing over there but that was awesome make sure y'all fuck me screaming bitch gotta let them definitely appreciate y'all recommendations hit that thumbs up on a video keep leaving the comments if you wanna donate to the channel or if you want me to react any of your music if you're an artist you need some help with some promotion there's a link in my description also you know I mean just subscribe you'll keep up with the videos and share the videos if you like your cuz it definitely helps and the video is growing and I definitely enjoy doing these and connected with you guys every day so one more thing yo well Conda

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