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20-18 was in many ways a bit of a blur [Music] with family friends work and moving house twice we decided to move out of the city closer to how and where we want to spend our time [Music]

it's early January and with temperatures set to punch through 40 we saddle up kick into the new year in a way that we've been planning for months [Music]


the King River slips through a corner of the Alpine National Park in Victoria even at this time of year it's quiet secluded and fresh enough to take the edge off the heat [Music]






[Music] from long spur it's a basic track and burnt top track a series of sharp right terms begins the steady ascent to what we hope will be those classic high country views we love [Music]

[Music] the weather though in complete contrast to the extreme here the day before quickly turns we watch the rain roll through the valley for a few seconds but with this part of the track basically an exposed ribbon along the ridge line we drop to first low for the last loose and slightly sketchy bit





by now everything is pretty wet burnt top isn't too challenging a track but in places it's rocky and can be pretty slow going

[Music] pulling into camp just in time for the Suntory up here we're tired hungry and a little damp with everything hi out to dry in the fading sunlight we settle down for a night back on the king river

[Applause] [Music]



so plan for today is finish up we started yesterday it all the way up to like cobbler and have a snack lost the intent of the weekend push the find rivers


as the crow flies we had around six KS to go to reach Lake cobbler with about a 700 meter rise in elevation things got angular pretty quick




a moment of navigational excellence on an spark would send us on a slight detour via mounts ventilation for a while



hunger is darkness set in by this point I reckon but the views on the way down here are just too good to pass up


[Music] and she was the final Waypoint on the map 400 KS from home a hundred and fifty that through River Basin and Alpine range we've not another soul in sight more than ever before we have a deep appreciation for being able to get out explore and discover these places for ourselves it's these quiet moments in which we unwind 20:18 was a whirlwind and who knows what the year ahead will bring but it's off to a pretty good start and with that in mind we turn the key certain to one thing as much as we can we will run [Music]


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