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you know like it no the hair there are the base quick thoughts is that by I don't know why you're panicking for nothing away panicking for because you was no one was screaming I honestly don't know why you're panicking I look the only one I love being a man alien alien alien like my man aliens in the shop millions little anyway like freebie glasses they are wearing free D glasses remember the old school ones yes send your eyeballs for it yeah yeah I didn't really used to make any feel free to just mix you sir make you blind yeah just hit your eyes quite a lot so you actually saw free D at the end of it there's that there's a DARPA sheep looking at us I really want to just go to it slightly red face it's just looking it's just it's just that oh the dirty sheep let's go and we give her red yeah I've got I've got TNT all right I'm gonna pretend a bed that get this man greens behind you another one of these yeah green screens already built over there all right yeah that's go no no no girls hi hi have you got anything for us nope that's fine we don't need a build higher up we do need to build higher there you got you got you got stuff to build yeah miss yeah yeah my god stone sod this is gonna be a big fight okay okay get out of here get out of you what you're dead Oh Oh under call you Jukes him should just dip the backstep no I feel pretty left I did if the been exposed no he doesn't he just put it back up you jerk it forever did anybody die yeah they died I think like one of them died and that was there oh no all right back back to them we go back to them well you got it I got it [Applause] wait was I do that right now oh that was legendary I saw somebody run I wasn't sure if it was you or not yeah yeah so they're all distracted went into the shop bought tea and tea and then came back out nice yeah it's just yeah why not

did you get like diamonds ago I got one Dan in it there's a few over here you know they're all give it up at the load yo he's behind us behind you squid it's behind you but Kelly pvp okay it's Kelly no you can't PvP next one next one he's in the shock I got two hearts but he's not doing anything they've got some stuff for me thank you sir yo should we go straight from here to another base yeah yeah let's just go I've got some I got TNT planning all right Reds are looking the from oh you had it built from the diamonds right if they start building it across if they if they do yeah I'm going for blue because blue is going for red all right I can see a blue nope oh so I'm going I'm going I'm doing as fast I can see the diamonds yeah I've got I've got two stacks

I need the missed that link so say could see for you always late you're gonna put a block down underneath me got it what's he doing uh I'm like it huh what what happened I should be I just keep running ciarán over nice on my face him do it do it dear - I am the guy with the TNT I'm still alive Joe it hasn't even broken it you it has it no TNT fu please honor oh how did that not work no TNT is just I don't understand how that didn't work like we had two T's right next to their bed yeah we're gonna have to get pickaxes I like how they've they've they stopped you from putting stuff across the you know the ancients way yeah so try to put it down and it didn't allow me so you can't put them in yes fell off really blues come on blues you can't actually block them in anymore so yeah let's go the Reds aren't doing anything I think red a Reds in the center what is this guy are you going to Remy's yeah Nicole's going to image pvp pvp pvp if they don't see me nobody prepared the bet oh I see it's doing well it's just a wrestler it keeps running back to their diamonds at the minute you know a blanket mut the hip there are the base quick way who blue thoughts is that by I've done away panicking for nothing away panicking for because you know one was screaming I honestly don't know why you're panicking was it suicide oh I died yeah there at the base US Green quote no greens that's not ours is it the DOE India route this yeah just start just ignore everything that I'm saying right now by everybody are you panicking no I'm pretty calm I can't panic and always panic in a little bit he's coming to greens is here the cop is behind you dude do not turn around yeah it's gone I don't wait you had the bed yeah I had the pet but then it didn't have the bed because the killer yeah it's like this is weird just like just see the bed yeah you just can't edit because someone's whack in here yeah I know exactly what you mean like I'm back there now if you can yo it's coming over tomorrow oh the nerd poem too obvious alright now this would be problem like can you deal with him hey today you know I bet I've got a fireball I'm at red base yeah just destroy the bet if you come it this guy's here there's some time really yeah there's two of me I do this to me yeah yeah I know so what's the other guy say and do it to me gosh gosh the two of you like if they destroy bed we're we're doomed alright come on quick quick quick and there's one right Nicole I will kill this guy

dude did you kill it did you kill one oh no no no dude I couldn't get that bed because they respawned you killed him I had to dig I didn't have I didn't have anything we dad we are bow bedroom god no it's fine it's fine I'm going back there with TNT yeah I'm just really run the outside of the base sure I brought the wrong thing I'm gonna try them at the way back no all right it's gonna have to be wooden sword dude I am on top of their base okay I'm I'm coming across because they've built a nice little bridge for mr. dub and they'll going yeah he's given to me yo he's brewing backup yo he's panicking just stay there just stay there what's he doing yes it's a good go go go go Crouch crouch [Applause] can you pvp son can you PvP no woodside no can you can you actually PvP ask him again yo can you PvP ask him again yeah I can do PvP yeah I'm late already oh hi I didn't know you weren't up there right now hello would you like to fight me thank you oh is it still a bit of dude this is Olivia what is less than G it is left computer finishes like yeah

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