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it's alright where is the old gosh oh gosh you're gonna crash it how dare you that's rude I'm drowning ah look at the great outdoors oh my gosh look at that see this is such a beautiful place welcome back to the channel guys we are here in roblox with the game called shark bites and we are currently choosing the next shark it is basically a game where you get to ride in a boat and I would actually go right in this limited-time slay it's not Christmas anymore but it's still here so we're gonna go in this boat we use this as a boat so why not why not see we can take a look good look over here but we can also join other people or invite them to our boats as well but for now I'm gonna be flying solo and see if I can get that shark may be by myself for me with a couple other people who knows we have to fend for ourselves guys but everybody's already in the waters okay here we go oh look at this isn't this cool it's like look at the lights well this game has definitely improved quite a bit and a couple things so I'm really happy for it alright we are driving this like oh the shark has been released oh oh dear we have a gun to help out with it if it wants to eat us alive but we're also gonna try to sail away from it so let's get to a very good spots shouldn't be too close I think it fits oh wait what's that what is this thing down here that's a shark oh I'm so scared guys I don't know where the shark could be we just gotta just drive it or slay i'll slay boats and see what happens look this seems to me like some type of treasure down there oh there's a chest Oh should we risk it I don't know if I want to risk it I I think I'm just gonna stay up here I'm gonna stare to the top it's almost like to infinity and beyond alright where is it oh gosh oh gosh you're gonna crash it how dare you that's rude I'm drowning oh my gosh let me up let me up he flipped my boat how did I now I'm stranded over here now I'm gonna die wait should we just go oh can I flip my boat back over I need another boat to flip it over mmm can someone like can I get on your boat I'm kind of stranded help me please I know you're trying to help me probably oh my god you crazy duck driver oh no he's not helping me oh gosh another boats hello excuse me SOS let me let me thank you so much I got stranded on that sleigh someone pushed me over and it flipped oh my gosh I think the shark got somebody oh look it's that big bowl where it tastes like the pirate ship I wonder what happened to the I is that the guy over there with the I don't know I'm scared but this guy is so nice thank you so much Lotte world Lotte world I like your name rude people just flip me over I can't believe is that the boat that flipped me over I don't know it looks like it yeah I think it is whoa I think this was the boat let me oh please don't don't flip over - it's not gonna be good if you flip over okay the shark health is actually it's it's down a little bit but we need to do some more damage if we want to win this you know isn't this beautiful - oh there's the shark I see him he's right there oh no he's gonna he's gonna go for that boy he's coming he's out oh no that'll deal with that good thing we're away from that maybe we'll just outlive the time I really am kind of curious about that chest I'm pretty sure you can get it if you'd like to dive all the way down can I try it is my boat still alive is it still flipped upside down yeah it is right there look at it can you try to flip it back up where it's oh oh oh you could have flipped it a backup points oh my god we didn't do anything to the shark unfortunately so maybe in the next matchup we can do some damage always flip this boat - OH - you crazy all righty so cool we got 50 shark teeth what can we do with that in the shop how much is it to buy stuff oh gosh these boats are so expensive huh are you kidding me what is more the unicorn paddle boat oh my gosh I have to save up for this this is so cool was there anything else that's really cool pirate-ship okay what is that oh I think it's the yacht that pushed me / mmm maybe I should get that i like the unicorn paddleboat that's kind of cool so I might get that but we can also get some different weapons as well like a harpoon and a shotgun Raygun all sorts of stuff wait what viral infection Oh Oh is this where oh I think I know I know let's see let's say we all know the guy who was helping me no he's the shark now alright we're gonna go with the slay because I love my slay and I actually want to see if I can buy it's like like some Armory stuff hmm what's better the rifle is a decent damage harpoon doesn't more damage but the fire rate is really really low when accuracy is really high though so I'm I think I'm gonna get the harpoon actually let's get the harpoon when equipped that you know we have better defense against the shark so this is a special match so whoever dies I think turns into a shark I played this game quite a bit to know just a little bit about it so here we go let's see where the shark spawns the shock has been released oh look at his hat as I love the sound effect look look at my presence okay oh I found the shark already we are going to go hunting guys we are gonna hunt the shark let's go straight towards it you shouldn't do this in real life or just in the game in general but we're gonna do it I'm shooting him I shoot in it I shoot in him you can't get me shark I'm gonna shoot you you can't get me guys we don't really have that much luck with this slay boats first we flip over at the discharge this destroyer is it completely oh oh hey hey wait wait okay can I can i go jump in your boat - oh I lost a leg I lost the leg alright thank you this guy's nice everybody's so nice it's like I see you stranded I'll save you okay don't worry I got this I'm gonna get this shark give them a piece of my mind okay let's go closer oh shoot it okay shoot the shark shoot the shot we got to see oh I did some damage I'm doing damage and oh I'm doing damage guys look it's going down yeah hey I did damage to them I just keep on shooting it alright oh is that an Aurora Borealis look at that oh so pretty to Northern Lights alright I'm gonna keep shooting Oh shoot it shoot it shoot it yes we're gonna kill the shark where's he at oh gosh she's under us oh no no no just a little bit more yes we got the shark wolf we didn't get it but we did most of the damage and apparently it was viral like a viral infection mode I'm not sure what that would it actually said but I'm pretty sure if someone died then they would have turned into a shark as well we killed them we got a shark we are professional shark hunter so the harpoon is actually pretty decent weapon it does take a while to reload let's see if we can get a look at the rocket wow that's cool oh mine what's the best gun in the game this is the best gun in the game I'm assuming the Raygun how much is it to buy teeth oh gosh just a lot of money you guys know the drill sleigh ride we got to go third time's the charm we're not going to lose our boats I don't know I'll just invite everybody you know yeah two hours later alrighty no one's in the boat with us it would have been actually kind of cool to have like a little partner okay shark health it's grade what does that mean usually it's like green and stuff okay you know what I'm gonna do I'm actually gonna go see if I can collect the chest under the water okay so the Sharks are leased I'm gonna come back for my slay boat don't you guys worry what maybe this time we can maybe become the shark I would like to see if it can have a shark game this time alrighty while we're in the lobby I'm gonna explore a little bit look are those candy canes look at these it's like an elevator Wow look at that let's see we go all the way to the top and see what's up here maybe get a really nice view but let's go we're going all the way so oh oh no I felt pita bread pita bread pita bread pita now dududu II do that's the person who became the shark okay let's invite everybody see if anyone's gonna ride a boat with us we're gonna be this late unlimited breath oh oh how much is that forty nine roll bucks for unlimited breath that's so good both stereo wow that's a lot of stuff hi Frosty the Snowman all right we're gonna go see if we can get the chest under the water I don't know oh there it is I think that's it right there okay let's go to it where to go we're gonna go see the shark has been released I don't know how much breath we got but we're gonna go see if we can collect it um let's go right on top of it so we have a better chance and jump off and go on the water to get it okay we got this guys we got this oh there it is I see it oh no I don't know if we can get it in time I hope we do have enough time we're running out of air quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly did we get it did we get it okay see if we can go back a fair oh no we're running out of air Oh quickly quickly get up we can we can do it we can do it guys we can totally survive okay awesome wait this is not my boat oh no it's certain shoot it shoot it shoot the shark I can't no no please don't eat me I'm going to run no no no I can't believe that guy he got off his boat and took mine are you serious that's the guy who took my vote how dare you I'm gonna file a complaint I'm just kidding that's really funny though I wasn't expecting someone to steal my boat as soon as they went underwater to grab the chest I came back up boom my boat's gone I'm like this isn't my boat ah that is so funny though I want to see how they're handling it okay there it is all right there's a there's a lot of people with the slave oh yeah so but anyway guys that is gonna be it for this episode of roblox truck fight if you guys enjoyed the video why not give it a big old thumbs up and if you want to continue watching any other roblox videos on the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button if you how nerdy it is completely free and you'll be notified of when it helps thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your day to watch this and I will talk to you guys in the next upcomming video so stay tuned have some have a wonderful day Peter Brett signing out goodbye everybody [Music] [Applause]

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