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what's a bad fam after the awesome response from the 11 miles ritual deep dive that we did talking about the urban legend game it seemed like a lot of you guys really liked that and wanted to see more like that so today we are doing just that and we are doing a deep dive into another ritual game but guys this one blows the other one out of the water because it is terrifying and like the other one was obviously very spooky too but this is like an evil game the fact that anyone would ever want to play this ritual game is scary enough because this is a game we drink life and death oh my gosh like even just saying that aloud is shocking like I had no idea going into this what this for sure would be like I thought oh okay so it's going to be kind of like the 11 miles rich books that's how its kind of described in that it's a game where you do this in hopes of getting a wish granted or to make a deal with something but there's a huge chance that something can go wrong and you give a lot more than you realize there are lots of opportunities for things to go bad on your end but the more I read about this ritual the scarier became and like how one of you guys mentioned in the comments of the 11-mile ritual you said like it sounds like a ritual someone would do if they wanted someone to you know meet meet their end that is apparently according to this website the sole purpose of this ritual oh gosh this is so creepy do I even say the name of it the name of this ritual was called the stranger ritual this is one creepy video y'all so let's get to it I think the way we did the last video was a really good setup which was just introducing it and then going over the instructions on what like someone has to do to do this ritual but huge disclaimer never ever ever play any of these games or do any of the spooky stuff we talked about on this channel please for your own safety and the safety of others you know paranormal or not because you can get hurt doing these things just don't do it that clears my conscience and keeps you safe and then of course we're also going to be going over what could possibly go wrong and why you should never play this and how a mess up this game is and as always I'm basing this information off of a site that shares the instructions I will always leave the links down in the description of this video so a little back story on this urban legend game it originated in 2014 off of creepypasta wiki so that's a pretty new ritual if you think about it because a lot of rituals have actually been around for a really long time like Bloody Mary for instance we just did a deep dive into that urban legend and it's been around for over a hundred years but the whole point of this ritual at like I've kind of said already it is for you to summon this dark entity called the stranger which is very unsettling who is just up to no good is you know a bringer of evil and you summon them and you give them a gift in exchange for that gift if they like it or if you follow the steps right they are said to do your bidding and usually that is in the form apparently - this website of doing dirty - somebody that I guess you don't like it doesn't say it's exclusively has to be that it says it is just like a wish based kerbin legend so it could be like the eleven miles where you could wish for a million dollars I suppose but this website does go into more detail about specifically doing harm on to somebody else oh god this feels really weird talking about this now I'm coming from a place of I just find talking about the paranormal fascinating so I'm not coming from a place of telling you that this ritual is real I mean did originated on a creepypasta wiki so take that for what you will so now that we got that out of the way and we have a basis for this terrifying urban legend let's go over what the ritual actually is so that you cannot play it because you don't want to do harm on anybody else we are a happy community here we love each other okay this is the Brad Sam we are the raddest community on the internet and that's because we're nice to everybody okay I just imagine someone that like dislikes all my videos is gonna be doing this ritual me next please don't so like the 11-mile ritual this is a ritual you have to do by yourself if you do with other people it's just not gonna work that's not the way the game is set up to play has to be a one-person type thing which always makes these so much scarier regardless if they work or not which I hope this one just doesn't work it's actually just a creepypasta being by yourself with like calling on some like spooky stuff is just infinitely more terrifying than doing it like at a sleepover with a group of people you know I'm saying so a few things of this ritual states is that it must be in a room with one door ideally it will be made out of natural wood though I don't know why that's a stipulation but apparently it is the door also must have a lock and that comes into play later for your safety which is also a very terrifying tidbit to lay out the ritual involves a white candle and a black candle and a gift now apparently the gift is like one of the most important aspects of this ritual it says it should be something with no connection to you whatsoever this website does say apparently the stranger has a sweet tooth and that is like the only thing in this ritual I can relate to hey what's up I like me some brownies and cake you know science so I guess candy is a big thing that this ritual involves which is like an innocent thing if you think about it like you think like a gift would be like a heart or like something grotesque you know and I mean are like dirt but knots like a lollipop I don't know why that kind of made me giggle it probably shouldn't and then you're going to need to write something so it's sing like chalks civically maybe because it's erasable now according to this version which is the version to do someone dirty it involves a photograph of that person that the person playing had taken themselves and had possession of this is some dark stuff like this might be like the darkest urban ritual game to ever exist ok and we are just getting started but now what to expect unlike how to actually you know go through the steps like all the other rituals this game is set at nighttime which is very common usually between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. a lot of high school would like to play it at 3:00 a.m. when the person is playing the ritual they have to be obviously be alone and they want to cover any mirrors or any source of lights it has to be dark you to be isolated you don't want anything I guess distracting so any electronics have to be turned off all that jazz once the persons in the room that they want to do the ritual in they will use the chalk and write the word stranger on the closed door in front of them oh my god guys why would you do this why can you just imagine like being in your room at 3:00 a.m. all by yourself with all the lights off covered up in your mirror your parents are asleep down the hall you can hear your brother playing xbox and then you're just sitting there writing stranger your door in chalk that is some creepy stuff y'all the two candles from the instructions are placed on either side of the door and once the candles are lit the gift is then laid out in front of the door that strangers written on then once everything's all set up and they're ready to us some of this evil stranger they're supposed to knock on the door three times so then the person has to wait and this is where stuff gets really creepy this is like this is like this is when stuffs getting real if only silence is met after the knocks do not proceed something isn't right the stranger doesn't want to play with you they're in a bad mood apparently something just isn't right so immediately wipe the stranger off the door blow out the candles stay awake with your lights on until the Sun actually rises oh my god it's so scary I would not be able to sleep anyway if that happened you know I'm saying oh that's all right for a huge stipulation make sure the door is locked at this point before like you go send your bed watching it so the stranger doesn't come in and take you instead if you play this game for the sole intention of causing harm in someone else you're a bad person okay and like the stranger deserves to eat you now if the person actually does hear three knocks that's the stranger saying hey I'm here and that is when the ritual is in full effect at that point apparently and this is when the person will open the door but just a crack that's when they'll turn their back to the stranger apparently they can't acknowledge the stranger me because then the stranger will want them they'll think they're the gift which again may be rightfully so they should be this site says and very bold letters do not turn around do not look at the stranger do not talk to the stranger don't make a sound don't move basically don't breathe so just like a whole of your breath I guess this is when the stranger comes in and inspects the gift that is offered to him if he's not the only candy that was laid out Gigi's the stranger doesn't want to play and if they are met with silence that I guess means he's rejecting your offering he doesn't you know particularly like Jolly Ranchers apparently he's more of a chocolates guy and if that happens the person has to apologize profusely and fastly home and to not look at him and to remain standing with their back turn all the way until sunrises if for a reason they decide to have a conscience and like oh wow this is real apparently there is an option to back out thankfully they have to apologize to the stranger politely and ask the stranger to leave I'd be a terrifying thing like a monster that came into my room ready to eat me can you please leave I'm sure that's gonna go over well it's said that the strangers should abide and they will close the door at which point the person is told to turn around quickly blow out the candles wipe down the door lock it and wait until sunrise oh but reversely if the person's like nom that person and if the stranger then approves their gift huh that's when it happens it will request from the person a name and it has to be the name obviously of the person in the photograph once a stranger leaves the presence is gone they're supposed to then do the same steps you know I guess it's really important to lock the door and stay up till sunrise in cases the stranger changes his mind and once wants to to people and I guess the way to end this horrid ritual is to then burn the photograph and I guess if the photograph isn't burnt then the ritual door stays open and the stranger can come back oh that is so creepy this is so creepy more so that someone won't play it then that the fact that they're saying this entity exists but apparently this is not something to really repeat more than once which I cannot say this enough the fact that you would play this once is terrifying and creepy but the fact that you would want to play it twice is just even more empathic more but if the chances of playing it again especially if something went wrong or you told it to leave that you're going to be on its you know naughty list and next time you ask to play it might not end too well for you at the end of the day it is an urban legend it's a creepypasta it's a spooky story and I take it as such I hope you guys got some enjoyment out of this terrifying creature pasta and if you did make sure to remind channel notifications so you're notified when the next video goes live and until next time keep the rottenness

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