A Theory about Nintendos Plans with Nintendo Labo.

by: Ceave Gaming

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yesterday Nintendo announced that they have an announcement to make they promised it would be a new interactive experience for kids and kids at heart and so the internet came together and started to speculate when in Tendo has in store for us could it be Animal Crossing and Mario maker news about Pokemon a new IP or some sort of Nintendo VR my bed actually was that they would present some news about their upcoming theme park but well no we all were wrong it's cardboard basically Nintendo level is about cardboard toys that have to be built and then act as self-made cardboard controller gadgets for minions there's going to be a fully functional cardboard piano a fishing rod and a freaking robot cardboard mech suit kind of thing basically in attendance going back to his roots like really far back to its roots when I first saw this I was excited I love to build stuff I spent half of my childhood playing Leo and video games this gadget kinda combines both things in a really interesting way got me excited but I wasn't on a way bed but since then I had a little bit of time to think about the concept and to be honest I believe intern was trying to do more with this concept then it might appear at first glance I think they tried to completely revolutionize how separate gadgets for video games are sold and what gadgets can be for video games in the first place in this video I want to talk about my theory what Nintendo is planning and I want to point out some things shown in the trailer it got a little bit lost in the early reception of the Nintendo level so you ready let's do this so in case you missed yesterday's trailer Nintendo announced two products the variety kit which features five different things to build a small moving robot a house a fishing rod a motorbike and the piano these gadgets have to be built before they can be used and then there are a couple of mini games that can be played using them they all make heavy use of the toy cons tech the piano for example works by using the IR camera of the toy con which is able to see which keys were pressed and then the switch outputs the correlating sound that one is sold for about $70 the other product is the robot kit which features a really weird motion tracking AR suit cardboard glasses for the switch and the robot game where as far as I can tell the robot is controlled by real movements this kit is sold for about $80 so far so good so the idea is that they sell toys which we have to build ourselves and then we are able to play games using these toys as far as we currently know the game seemed to be super small minigames except for the robot suit game the robot suit game is probably what happened to project child robot again that was only shown once at the e3 2014 by Miyamoto and since then disappeared since at least the games featured in the variety set do not look like death also much death to them I think the main concept idea is to build these things together the question is how much fun is it to build these toy counts as Nintendo calls them and as far as I know Nintendo they probably completely nailed this and it is probably a ton of fun to put the different pieces together the piano allegedly takes two hours to build so if it takes let's say five hours to build the five times feature in variety set and each of the games is fun for two hours to play then the set actually already has pretty decent value for its price for the robot kit it really depends on how the velop the game is and there is no way to know right now but if they charge $80 for it then the game needs to be a full-fledged title with the toy console on top of it in order to make it worth its money which kind of brings me to my point so far these two icons look like the main product to me and the games are more or less a bonus to give them a reason to exist in the first place which is totally fine for me but I believe that's not what Nintendo is going for here I think they still plan to keep the focus on the games in the long run but to sell toy cons together with the games like the next Mario Kart may come in two versions at $60 standard version and the $80 toy conversion that features the game and a toy con racing wheel which can be used to play the game and takes about three hours to build together I don't think it's Nintendo's plan to build toys that are supported by games but games that are supported by toys in the long run and this is really really interesting because if you assume that this is their plan then they basically plan to revolutionize the way gadgets work for games if we take the Mario Kart example once again there were these little plastic racing wheels which were so together with Mario Kart Wii those were a little bit silly but it was fun to play Mario Kart this way these gadgets didn't even do much on their own now imagine instead of these plastic racing wheels the game was sold together with a responsive racing wheel contraption featuring haptic feedback and an accelerator it would not only be the way cool gadget by itself but it would probably be a blast to build together for three hours while not being much more expensive to produce than a plastic wheel maybe even cheaper it would be environment friendly and it would even provide a fun learning experience on how basic mechanics work for kids plus by building together the racing wheel players are way more emotionally invested in this gadget than they are into their $9.99 plastic wheel it's turning gadgets into a game itself just imagine Metroid being sold with a blaster that you can build and then wear on your arm while playing the game or a Skyward Sword remake where you actually have a sword in your hand or Pokemon snip where you're actually running through your living room with a camera that can be sharpened by turning its lens or a Mario Party that comes with a big contraption that has tons of different ways to interact with and is used to play mario party games together with friends on a board game like contraption in front of you that is designed to feature tons and tons of different ways to interact with it or a toy set where you're able to program small cardboard contraptions you built yourself that sounds really interesting to me so here's the thing Nintendo actually showed way more products in yesterday's trailer than they announced to sell so far here is the racing wheel that could potentially be used for f-zero or Mario Kart game here is a pew pew contraption that could be used in a shooter or in Metroid here is a contraption which I have no idea what it is for but I could imagine that something like this could work to support a party game here is a screenshot of a really simple programming interface for self built contraptions and here is a really strange bird I have no idea what the bird could do there was also camera shown a huge joystick and something that looks like a bass drum I don't think all these gadgets are meant to be gadgets which feature a small mini game along with them I actually believe that a lot of these gadgets have triple-a games going along with them and if I'm right about this this would mean that Nintendo level is basically in the 10s way of handling accessories for their games on the switch they're turning the gaming gadgets into games itself maybe this concept is even open for third-party developers and we were soon able to play Skyrim with a real bow not even to mention what indie developers may are able to do with this concept and honestly really hyped and can't wait to find out what in time exactly has in store for us but a thing that they have far far bigger plans with this concept and just building a couple of cardboard toys for mini games thanks for watching this little video I hope you enjoyed it if you enjoyed it don't forget to leave a thumbs up and maybe feel especially hyped for a card for today and want to describe buttons well now that you have a

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