Hearthstone: Trump Cards - 193 - Part 1: Sneaklord (Rogue Arena)

by: Trump

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okay had a string of fairly mediocre slash battery no runs so today focus a bit harder I'm trying to make that not happen though I don't think the games are lost you lack of focus especially the one yesterday yeah death Lord I guess sigh hope master or ambusher no even the Bur leanness it's not too bad don't go with the cult back stem it's pretty nice Sam tinkertown Tech or puddle stomper I think I feel a little hopeful the hopeful pick is the tinkertown Tech currently uh there's nothing to indicate tinkertown Tech is any good but it could be good this Smith is good to master some disguise probably better than those two what's happening

Phoebe awkward 'is so far it was spider tank have a lot of threes but this is a mech and it's a good three shou know step enough now plate or master probably blend yeah yeah it's my first one it's quite good do you need twos and that's a micro machine this is an area 200 V for an arena I think that's the first time I'll have the chance to pick it it's not gasless it's either food for a hugger and foe reaper over Hager so I look forward to some amends of value potentially potentially huge valley already an or salty dog I want to take the oil but there's a barber and I need to and although this is a three no it's sometimes a tea if I clean whoa another chato but now no I need more early game I want to take chousen or I want to pick oil so badly now the early game is definitely more necessary here and it's Chow Chows mccredle believe this child this child is incredible alright look at this child this child is amazing all right fan or berserker late game could use a little bit more have no way to easily activate this Berserker fan Ives I have a lot of threes this isn't really a three I'm actually don't have that many threes it's just my curve is pretty even right now which is why it looks like three is so much higher go questing I think that's kind of tempting I'm going to go with the Kaizen mistake I feel spicy and I also don't trust the questing adventurer and much in this deck there's not too many low drops and I look at it's like how am I ever gonna realistically play questing adventurer and zombie chow in the same turn it'll happen sometimes that I really want to take control the random enemy secret kind of fun I already have one betrayal I think I choose youthful yep just for a to drop I already have a sprint could use to sprint no I hadn't really remembered but it's nice that I picked up these mix for the tinker town so maybe I want to take a mecha warper it has three synergy cards and it has a tinker town tech support energy cards Oh faux Reaper anything I want to return my hand barber cleric technician very rarely Kaizen mystic breaker on four I can play brew cult mistake disguise Guardian a very weak for drop selection on to I can play a brew machine I'll try to avoid playing this tchau tchau go to the MEK worker and another similar

and what we have here is a solid curve to zombie chow no deadly poison but we got the backstab to this rate Otto barber the thing that gives me pause about this deck is that it's got some mediocre cards in it here are a list of cars that I find mediocre mech warper dire wolf alpha the trail kind of death Lord sapper keys and mystic master of disguise silver moon guardian they're not bad cards but the cards that are generally slightly weaker for their mana cost than other cards one big weakness of this deck is the floor drop selection is where all the mediocre cards are and spell breaker isn't a mediocre card and cult master isn't a mediocre card an ancient brew master isn't mediocre but they're all difficult to play on turn four correctly that said the overall I think this is a solid deck and normally I would guess higher but I have been not performing too well in arenas lately so I'm just gonna guess eight

yes ciao one of the reasons why this tech is gonna do well is because it adds to zombie challening how can i play against such excellent play

got all this energy

I just constructed I think I ramped up this spider tank yes or I can save the coin and no because it's possible the barb will do better later slow turn it's my good friend yeah it definitely looks constructed so far so I got back home from you which is nice

good see the lack of follow-up lay inefficient spending a minute petunia

don't see anything that wants to be returned here could play this I've already got that Colin's reasoning out rogue is not terrible I want to play a four and A three nice turn unintentionally I get to heal this back up this whole good deal bonus the great fries I think it might be finally time to hit him with this thing you might have been avoiding playing a 3-2 this entire time it's entirely possible

I will fight with honor watch your back it's not nearly enough zombie show

No Kaizen mistake my head all right I got the second-stringers this game but maybe team's second fingers can't do it that's what I'm trend three is pretty good other than when it dies that florid is so good at the time oh my gosh now that sucks can't even beat ranging organ okay now it's good I definitely didn't think about that

not oh geez okay maybe I flam the song but anyone believe me if I said I planned it all anyone I could even try to be really greedy and leave the fel Reaver up in fact I'm going to probably end up assassinating so it's probably correct betrayal coolant dagger hilarity ensues assassinated eventually

I'm not gonna try to do something too fancy like wow oh my god okay believe me and I'm not being sarcastic don't worry fur is a good card I just happen to have gotten the coolant and I happen to also John the sauce elemental

don't let that dissuade you from using the fel Reaver even though it is quite bad here it is usually better yeah it's uh five nine it'll be assassinating zombie chow looks like this service them

never will say the blessing in Kings play it's pretty much always a mistake

watch your back this is if this three and four were better reason for us yeah that's three is good enough I guess yes my win is a shirt the trusty channel on my side

that's pretty good duping me about not ambitious i play the strong carrier or the weaker king you technically uh does not hurt him to wait at all because he can always do the same trade and then game the house

my pee is trying to aim for something bigger

seems okay no blow average minion from him there

I want to play the sprint now yeah there's not much better to do at the moment so this will become a game of no pass because I'm betrayal makes sense to attack attack but and it seems strictly worse for me not to attack but I because he can always attack me but if it's it was the case where his best case scenario attacking me then it's the same and I gave him a possibility make a mistake dude the betrayal the mistake making is possible hmm this will be fun two four six I can even play the three monster into the brew back the auto barber if I want but I think I don't want to it's better to have more stuff out

doesn't suck so in this turn they'll play frost elemental death board poly played a death Lord first said the boombots try to do as little damage as possible I probably want to kill this since it's a beast they believe I want to kill off all the stuff I do want to kill this I do want to freeze of this I have another target before these start exploding they want to clear the board because the boom-bust can do some ridiculous okay crystal good good kindness known as lunch I've been really nice if he didn't MC there

mm-hmm it's gotten bad really quickly he's a mystic starving Jonah here right have any cards left nobody healing in this deck it's kind of a problem that appears the explosive trap I can't clear the board but I die in the two turns all these cards are dying to the explosive is that yeah I guess I needed to be able to mistake that like I I must kaizen miss ticket in order to buy myself one returned pretty much do you have to kill this actually I do not yes I do I mean it could be sniped should have played this first I was born back in power they came out your goodness you know this was like the least harmful moment to do so I mean I'm pretty sure I cannot win in two turns but I certainly can't win them one turn

justice shall prevent remember

unfortunately i can't actually win the next turn i think don't believe i can i have a 14 damage so i need to somehow draw two of it i'm not sure if there's anything left in this tech that does that have i eviscerated anyone yet well I definitely need to draw the card looks like there's something I'm missing 4 8 11 14 drew does nothing disguised as nothing that doesn't nothing nope all right good luck ok really sure there's nothing that this can possibly do

last turn use full breaker instead of assassinate mm um we have four six comes a to six yeah that would have been that would have been the win mistake also playing the five four instead of the three three absolutely I thought about that shortly after playing and I was like oh I mean I should have that was

you shall not pass so there was some play Lakers made that last game to win assuming a top that cuz the animistic which I did but on the bright side maybe was a cleverly hummed lost so I could face off against her windshield bear baby he's like he was about to eat my buff on that guy maybe mark of the wild

Curtin's good against Iran I can't burst it down I can bounce it back if it gets wounded DiCarlo expected starting to whittle it

slight error there major error depending on how you wanted to say it I guess oh here we go with the random minions what horrors shall we face No

oh he did it on the right one it's not too difficult to see that's the right choice but still would have been nice if I could have hit this and then killed it wouldn't I think I'm close to winning his low but I want to get some value out of Phil Reaper 1 damage

well I will be your death

yes the fans I could be really good it will be really good yeah but Deathlord will probably be a better play I'm willing to keep this early because it is best used early to snowball an advantage which hopefully I will be able to obtain here that's a good follow up

you will never get your minion I should have put that in the middle or I shouldn't put this to the left let's keep this guy stealth forever

the Deaf Lord will come for the finishing blow but other than that no this kind of sit there her town foe reaper combo this is probably worth backstabbing the one to you come to think of it because he doesn't have what's required to clear this guy other than but the backstab backstab is valuable we must cleanse the Sunwell or a spell damage but none exists now oh that's good oh that's really good that is insane me good

here we go okay next turn is foe Reaper so should I play the whirling blades on anything put it on the Duff Lord yeah not yet at this point I'm more surprised that the deck doesn't have those

that is really painful I can kill Illidan if I walk but I give him a random minion no I can't do that I think I finna knives Silvermoon youthful and then hope he doesn't lethal me is a really good girl that draws insane draw rescued me from the depths of despair

stop the foam Reaper darn okay he can't do six damage most likely he death Lord has been afk for so long all right deaf bored finish

combat is the hoping for turn three secret it's not impossible I wonder if I flake he's his an mystic I'm turned for if he doesn't play a secret no hopefully I draw something better

keep getting this coolant that's good that's good here I'll be able to fill it very efficiently later in the next turn their wolf alpha plus one damage from the weapon or there was also fans that's even better the fire blaster I could do that yeah no no no that doesn't trade what am I thinking start this little guy on his journey

stop the little guy that's enough that many cards no secrets all right attack and then use these two I guess


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