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the eyeless Ian's heading into a shield forest tonight we're investigating in the main area of shield forest so for all what does it say so yeah we're filming a little bits of behind-the-scenes for this night trying to find the first area that we're gonna investigate this place is supposed to be very haunted so we'll see what happens - I am here with David hi good evening and is the invention


hey so we're gonna be head in my burning stuff all right so we're heading into short forest try and find the hotspots and I'll document some more when we get there and for our stay here tonight which hopefully will be scary and we'll leave keV alone cause he loves it so unroot mean David have come across something very strange and it seems that whilst reassured forest we've come across where's he gone looks like the friar talk oh yeah I don't know where he's come from what I think here is law we find him on the route to the main road years ago any big tree somewhere so whilst we wait for it to get dark we're heading towards the major oak which is is it the oldest tree in the UK it's the oldest tree anyway so basically the story behind it is back in the day around the times of Robin Hood they say that when Robin Hood used to try and escape what is it who is it the sheriff knows it the chauffeur not us there's the legend of Robin all set he camped in the major because it was that big the major road it was approximately between 800 and 1,000 years old Kevin was there any planted it's very interesting really good I know it Robin or diesel edging but to Nottingham people this thing as you can see the bark can you see the bark folks most of the trees in the forest at least 900 trees in the forest are 650 years old that's a fact there's loads of 3zi yes I should know I'm a gardener so em we're trying to find the major oak which I believe is about five minutes away from where we are now and you'll see that you can actually go inside there and obviously Robin Hood was supposed to hide in it from the sheriff of nottingham's men when they'll come after him so a lot of history a lot stuff went off in these woods actually back in the medieval times villages and stuff surrounding showed fires were scared of Sheriff are threatening the Christmas they were terrified of the ghosts because they used to believe was that

they believed showed for us to be haunted right back then back in medieval times and the villages surrounding it would be terrified to even enter Sherwood Forest at night because of the ghosts so history of hauntings go back hundreds of years as well which is why we've come here as well and a surprise men come here already before it's all because it's not obviously we live in Nottingham so yeah we've been told by quite a lot of people how active this place is at night so that's why we've come see what we experienced so you forget anything happen and it should be a good night hopefully there is guys the major oak aisle standing back here you can't really tell how big it is what it is massive you can see the fence there there's cab and there's the tree look at the size of it what we're gonna try and do is you're not actually supposed to go over this fence but what we want to try and do tonigh is go up to the tree try and get inside and try and do some EVPs from ghost box see if it's giving off any EMF readings and see if we can communicate anything that's connected to the tree you are twenty three twenty feet Thomas that's its base what's that the bottom is off the tree right back 23 tons and it's over 1150 years old 1000 50 years old that's an age of the management we can be estimated by shoe size of its trunk so that's real trees 1150 years old approximately which is crazy crazy being in the center of Sherwood Forest now is crazy now I'm actually seeing which is which is I actually seen right people writing on the internet like asking if showed forest is actually real because a lot of people believe it to be like myths in the sort of Robin Hood story they don't actually believe that shield fires actually exists and showed fires does exist guys we are in the center of it right now it is very very true and one of the most haunted forests in the world hopefully tonight we're about to prove that a statement so creepy so so creepy who like is people all around us no it's really no at this time and I and there's nobody else here it's really creepy you come in the day it's a different feel but now at night just it's getting dark it just feels weird really strange around here and we're really good if we get some EVPs or spirit box responses right relevant if we go near the tree they read so we'll see what happens if you are looking for words what else happens throughout the night give this a like subscribe guys and get ready for more videos and get ready for this video coming very soon the main investigation video I'll keep updating you guys throughout the night on this one will probably throw in some extra footage as well in this video but for the main investigation it'll most probably come out a couple of days after this behind the scenes video so um yeah get ready for it that's all I'm gonna say get ready so waiting for it to get dark I mean cover here and sort of you're walking over in the branches David David it's too quiet in here over there in the woods to the side of the major road there's something walking about cracking like big branches or something so we keep hearing things spiraling wavelets get dark I've been hearing things walking around oars cracking branches it's getting really really creepy in here I'd be on edge after a noise

yeah how about you again

yeah just in here everything all around yeah

you were quite a fielding their pictures just just about to go through um that we forgot anything so we filmed the intro for the main investigation so now I'm gonna bust of you it's gonna be a runner so yeah film the intro waiting for it to get even darker before we switch to night vision and again if anything crazy happens I'll keep updating you on this video definitely feels like summers walking around Rosen store for a night yeah alright so we are update yeah we're hearing things like everywhere we've heard what sounds like a young girl I really like screaming in the woods and it's got to been caught on the camera because that was flippin loud and then it sound like someone brewing across the path what's coming off these things everywhere all around us noises I'm getting creeped idea I'm in Crete I areia because women screaming ghosts in the wards and cabs making cuts Artie all right off definitely yeah washing is you heard the screaming yeah made a scream

like to the right hand side and what's strange is it's where we've been hearing all the footsteps and it's behind me now over there it's that dark you can't see any rain is pitch-black can't see much on the infrared Iowa what strange we heard the scream and then literally moments after you just hear someone storming through the woods like in the area and there's nobody there like there's just nobody I think so it's so creepy because we're literally in the center of shofar I showed Forrest is massive and like we are vulnerable is the word and when you hearing things snapping branches and running through the trees and I mean some things are heavy like heavy like footsteps and things being thrown it just creeps you out big time where's David I can't even seen it I need Wardens up Benj

I've a contact on me so I thought some prodded me in the show you wanted me but I didn't contact no no it's not proof but it really opened to me and I believe it and so scary no we don't know what we up against the good bad whatever did you hear the screaming I didn't tear this beam your - did I call her somehow David did not hear this scream right it was loud and heft Kevin was that scream loud that scream was allowed like watch the full video in s couple days and listen to that scream because he's got to be caught on camera I don't tell you now I'll enhance it and it is a loud scream and it goes on for at least four seconds it lasts for four seconds is he like a young girl and it sounds like she's proper like screaming like I don't know help why don't everybody it's a scream I hate a creepy ice cream not a normal scream creepy ice cream yeah I was a quick update caviar over here making cups of tea he's also not brought the skills to knives brought the tutti-frutti was a bit fruity to get the tutti

that's my food yeah just checking in from the center of a dark scary forest yeah it's the forest I've got a couple of EVPs haven't heard much in a moment but the EVPs I did on the video the other day that part when I came here in the day cup of tea the EVPs that I heard on there I actually heard during editing it I didn't hear them in the moment so when I play the footage back we might have caught some voices that are I missed obviously the cameras microphones more sensitive so I'll pick them up better so we'll see we'll see when I go over it and hopefully something's caught on it because just as I was doing the EVP session something banged on something in the woods every I don't know what it was but it's actually caught on the EVP recorder as well so it must have been caught on the camera that quiet so I don't know what that was I mean it's coming from the area where most of the noises and strange things are happening yeah okay they even in care-a-lot


so also guys tomorrow on this YouTube channel we will be doing a live ghost and join filming we're gonna be at a haunted Museum we will do a live ghost whilst we're filming there so I'll be here on YouTube on this channel so get ready for that I'd say an estimated time of between 8 and 9 p.m. British Standard Time so make sure you watch out for the notification subscribe to this channel if you haven't already and turn on notifications so that you are notified when we do go live and hopefully it'll be a good one hopefully we get a lot of stuff up in there I've heard it's very very active so slight update on that as well if you missed a little livestream I did yesterday

hence the Lord take photos I'm checking out and I'll check in with you again in a bit and then you know if anything else crazies happened the next clip could be buddy now you know hey what was some Pringles yeah well not real Pringles but just as good as Pringles in fact I think the chief ones about Tom be cheerful cheap ones got more flavor in it cheaper stuff is better alright check it out seen a bit guys


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