Rocket Raiding our NEIGHBORS Online in their Strong ROCK BASE! | Rust Duo Survival #10

by: Friduwulf

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[Music] what's up everyone I hope you're all having a great day this video features content from a duo stream Korea and I did of us taking down the heli and subsequently raiding our neighbours who built the large base under a rock formation as a reminder the footage for this video was recorded on stream on my rust server I do stream on YouTube if some of you didn't know and would like to watch sometime make sure to turn on notifications to receive an alert when I do stream also be sure to join my rust server this way I just what the blueprints for this new update this month I really hope to see many of you there this week I will be playing on and streaming on my rest over this week all of the information about tuning into my rough stream and joining my raw server is in the description below thanks for being here today the following is a vanilla rust [Music]

for the heli if we die fighting it we have back soon we have an M - I came up here with em on meds and we're fighting the heli this is just an airlock going to the top roof area oh fuck Sorry yeah whoops snap here is just honeycomb bullshit that's turret oh we have all the edges kind of air-locked it's on and they have some surprises for the dudes who don't live down there for the deed see actually how they rated us we don't have walls down here so they voted in ladder it up blue this so now I have this this guy here level welcome them with each other again this is all just honeycomb still in here Korea was doing well hemp operation sure the second floor yeah supposed to wear supposed to have is a bigger turret in each one and one box each one I've kind of got a range and I got all mixed up yeah yeah so lots of doors that's our base it is an expensive raid if you want to do all of it even to get down to the core here but yeah let's go look for a base to rape this ID - I I can't stand - dude there's other ones yeah that was the only weapon yet let's go look for a base over here I could raid this one in the rock guys oh he's over here no I could made the one in the rock but it it's gonna be expensive I don't think I have enough rockets floated - yeah what is this I don't even know that name and so everyone knows really doesn't got the basis and if he does I gave him the floor plan do you know we know he's not a stream cipher is the person who just asked if we were playing this late it'll make some bean cans made how many pipes again maybe a big justice I just have enough pockets I see 21 crates there you don't have been cambia i think that's the one thing I have oh really okay I have such a way doing it bro we have broke here do you want to make some big concerns all sit on the ground my teeth palace - yeah - so I'm gonna get some that it's driving up the stream the green dots on the map oh the green dots this is the new community monument we can buy components and stuff it's like a safe haven for those who don't kill but you can't go in there if you've recently shot someone it is pretty cool down like if you just start out on the server just farm scrap 125 scrap you get a chainsaw it's a game changer when we're refinery large furnace yeah it's pretty good how many bean cans here making I'm making a fuck ton oh my god 3434 yeah I'm making a little bit more than you

it's shoots based on the amount of damage you do there oh my god our poor base


you are into that [Music]

gone down good check it shit hey Smith you koozies here's with me on the community rate Leslie okay like you donate kill everyone [Music] the dreaded cactus you're gonna watch it but yeah we got one boxes just attachments oh here's one em - fuck yeah there we go attachments oh just came right cool if you want the Halle high quality you can get about more than an in case worth it's like 55 or some shit but you got to wait a little bit here take the stage we don't need this shit taking EKG forget worries but you're looking stuff up there Lygia salty the boxes doors I'll bring the turret I'll bring the bags I'll make the TC coat locks yep

[Music] we need some metal and upgrade out Jerry but I haven't done the triangle outside of this door fire down the other door No yeah oh there are a cold lock this but all I have is metal for that CC probably only need one bucks down that would be fine

I'm outside yeah I'm gonna open the door okay he's building where I'm gonna go



okay gonna Bridget yeah we'll see how this goes do you need anything gin Jeff Walz I do that missed a few down by the window

they just took the razor off

I think it's deaf he's speaking laughs idea he's getting his body double dummies in

oops I keep watching stupid they're probably not going to go anywhere no their focus on their lead now how much ammo did it hurt set to 2 or 3 SEC's okay gotta go in deeper oh my god this might kill me let's see if this hit your it's not my right side deeper - this is my word so I hit an armored door yeah oh yeah I get Robinson man this is long this you yeah two of them came out here something you have a Roku I have one more rocket less cavinti I'm gonna wait for you I see their tier 3 eggs

yeah we see two rockets okay that's fine bring on the cyclist and we might have ran out but I will say I'm saying oh no I see five satchel sorry you have a weird color on them yeah yeah it's no okay gonna cross the bridge to make sure that's okay they're moving later so soon it just tells me oh you can come in the base of me okay let me just rock it watch what you do it here skubick it's gonna stop to this there might be something here to jump or less that's up top [Music] they're still moving Ruth this is the shitty thing about raiding good for them good for online raids for the base owners there multiple blue rooms you know it's very smart grab top okay one rocket satchels could get in here watch yourself

you can out of rockets yep well I mean we're a small team we can only have something fixed you know yeah look at how this is our emergency oh they probably have something upstairs [Music] fuck you Sasha [Music] you know it's sometimes buildings anyone what's in here we've been up that stuff all right this is icy chests back here's you want to come in here for a sec oh you opened it we opened it oh it's got rocket what you doing bro you almost clutched it dude you better get the rest of this shit he has stars other than meds there's no turret in here watch that door watch others it's back up the bitch just in case you need to run you can peek this I'm swinging there see I'm gonna toss all four on this you almost fuckin blew us up yeah I'm just talking to them we'll just go for a little bit and apparently we're going to the TC and they moved all the loot up and this is all armored so all the lutes on the second level apparently I'm good I just coming

you can take those up what the fuck scared the shit out of me you toss me that excessive [Music]

that's this oh she asked for her door this suspect my @cc okay sit down fuck your animal since men behind you

this is the weirdest fucking raid

and liar that's a granola bar yeah that shit

I don't know if we'll have enough to get back to think week ended only how this is not gonna HP oh yeah we got Harvard or okay yeah I think we can give up this bothered them enough yeah you got one armored door left we got one door away from your TC not too bad let's about as I do alright guys you guys think about we're not gonna shoot sure I should cream IG you fucked up your boxes whoops yeah one more right this is your TC damn well you moved everything up right like this is pretty smart so most people will just blow straight in like I did right they'll probably see this it's like okay they're protecting from top-down raids yeah man smart yeah it's smart is a raucous the gun is back you don't take a minute we can kill them and then run off today it's up to you so sure all right yeah huh yeah yeah no wait till we get all of them here and then shoot them okay I did I said magic are you gonna take man did he just leave he kicked too bad you want to open it huh you're good you're good someone's outside by the way hi guys thanks for being good sports yeah I found I found C for being good or enjoy and I'll take up to make them okay ready oh my god a pig a better way is good good there's nothing in here really Oh in the base I'm going to read this kid well up there like man this kid is getting raided check the school would they say I got insane rockets hello hmm it's gonna explode in this guy alright I would never just these guys we probably don't want to be seen okay the base is come let's go they're going behind the mince dog I'm gonna wolf in a mud yeah that was fun we can actually grab more but we wouldn't have definitely wouldn't have got that I mean we would you know what I did get look at this shit apparently there's a group that was gonna convey to us so then oh really nice turret we can go out and plan these guys are on the drive don't one [Music] shut up so I got shit running up in everyone's got top [Music]

good one jean-marie six offenses no there no I think they dipped because I killed a rat suit good vittles apologies about the animal noises in the video we had some people trolling us as I was streaming on my rust server if you'd like to join please do this wipe as I've wiped blueprints and it's a really good time to start grinding them thanks again for being here today I'll see you all next [Music]

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