The Next Step Season 05 Episode 07 Heathers

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[Music] previously on the next step being me is a full-fledged member of a trip here to : [Music] we've been keeping your spot warm welcome to my team with Piper on our team that means we'll need two more dances virgins others bring it on Zahra dancer I love having her around [Music] I wish I could dance in the studio even though I know it'll never happen as we speak meeting no I eat your bounds after his rehearsal but he never came I talked to Henry about us you talked to Henry about us Noah should be happy about this but now he's acting so weird I don't even know if this is worth it

[Music] four five six one two three four I'm working on the dancers regionals routine right now and we're just cleaning up some of the formations and angles of their bodies so that everyone matches perfectly go again from the beginning there you go Jackie also on the pirouette you're kind of letting your eyes drop down okay so really keeping them up yeah six seven eight oh one is going great I love the discipline and Daniel is the perfect choreographer for a true it's keeping my mind off the dramas Noah

right now I'm working with the dancers and building a routine and working on team chemistry it's really important kicks in Henry I want you guys to tumble in from the back Henry you take the lead I think makes me come after all right Wes really knows what he's doing we're just doing - tell me fast but I really feel like I'm getting better I like being on Emily's team because it's a challenge for me and I like challenges makes me work harder now Piper I want you to come down in Center I love this studio this is where I'm supposed to be [Music] my plan to get Amy on a troop didn't go as expected but I think we both ended up on the teams that fit as best I am so happy that Piper doesn't blame me for getting kicked off Emily's team she seems really happy on TNS West and I'm really happy on TNS beast Emily did you get Miss Kate's email I need to talk to Emily because only one troop can represent the next step at Regionals Michelle look I really don't have time for this right now so can you just get your dance captain and talk to my dance captain I don't have a dance captain so we need to discuss this right now okay let me just make this very clear to you I have a bunch of classically trained dancers you have people off the internet I have a group of 10 you don't I think it's pretty clear who's going to regionals okay I know I may not have ten dancers right now but every single one of my dancers is way better than any of yours so my team would be your team any day her team may have technique but my team has heart all right well if you're so confident about that let's have a competition Tina's East versus TNS West winner goes to regionals I don't even have a full troop but I believe in my dancers great great great [Music] great I need to find two dancers and fast [Music]


I really miss dance so this is my regular morning routine before the juice bar opens

I used to compete but those days are over now I only dance when no one's around [Music]

what I had no idea that the very superb neutral grounds can dance she's incredible [Music] Heather that was incredible they're amazing and your aerial that was so hot that day so good nose nothing what can I get for you guys uh we'll have a cherry vanilla smoothie I can't believe they saw me dancing I'm so embarrassed I can't let anyone catch me dancing like that ever again [Music] I'm really excited to be here Jackie I'm here to ask Jackie on a proper first date I'll let things get in the way before I thought I had to worry about Henry but I was wrong I've been thinking about some ideas and has some awesome things playing I actually reserved two spots at this wicked new rock-climbing place but then I realize is like I'll even ask you if you like rock climbing but it's all good I mean I'm excited I don't know if I can trust Noah he's bailed on me he's ran out on conversations I don't know if he'll follow through next time well go rock climbing with you I love rock climbing I'll see you in this video when Jackie blows me off I don't really understand why but I'm gonna find out [Music] okay guys so today we're gonna be focusing on a six person section of the ten person dance I'm picking up where Danny left off and just cleaning some of the choreography now that we know that our ten person dance is going into Michelle's to figure out who's going to regionals our dance has to be perfect does anyone know where as our eyes I'm here I'm so sorry I'm late my parents had a flat tire I promise it won't happen again I promise it better not from the top I know she takes the bus in the morning there's no way her parents drove over it go five six seven eight one two three four look five six seven eight which ones don't switch move bro don't mess up the formation let's switch switch I'm just the newbie know if he wants the back row he wants the back row I'm going up front when you roll out of no what do you mean I probably sure everything's go with us you're acting a little weird in the change room earlier and just lecture all good knowing I probably need to talk but not in the middle of rehearsal I need to practice Jackie Noah what are you guys doing do you need to share this with the whole class sock seems to be pretty important cannon I'll wait till after rehearsal then don't waste my time again from the top now switch back to your positions I did not put you there I can't believe no it got me in trouble I was trying to make things better but I've made everything like ten times worse can you tell me how that section starts yeah you go it like here okay guys listen up I have a very important announcement only one team can go to regionals this means that it's Tina's West versus Tina's East I thought being on this troop meant I got to go to regionals but now we have to compete for our spots that's just crazy I'm not sure if Tina's West is gonna be enough of a match to compete against Tina's East so how's the search for unity absolutely we need two more right yes we still need two more dancers and I actually auditioned two dancers this morning but they weren't even good enough for baby ballet so that's that let's get back to rehearsing I'll continue the search Thanks I'm running out of time before this competition comes up and I'm super nervous we still need two dancers what's the point of doing a 10-person dance if we don't even have ten dancers I think I know someone I know just that answer this team needs [Music]

[Music] Heather I am I forgot to tip you thanks okay um the real reason that I'm here is because I wanted to ask you about your dancing where do you train I don't train I used to but I don't anymore and I don't want to wait I don't believe that for a second your feet are in fourth position you're a dancer I used to be a dancer I gotta get back to work why would someone as talented as Heather not want to dance she obviously loves dancing this isn't over I know I can convince her once a dancer always a dancer I also make sure on that leg you lead-in with me hey Jackie can I talk to you for a second sure look you're a good dancer but I do have to say I was disappointed when you flub the choreography you seem really distracted should I be concerned about you great now my Jawas know is getting in the way of my dancing this is not good it's not a big deal no one Jack here does hanging out oh hey you know look I know what it's like to have a crush on Noah but it ruins everything it is terrible to have a crush on Noah you're dancing just goes flat right to the floor look Jackie if you want this all to work out then just don't date him you're welcome michelle has no noah for a longer time she might be right and i might have to get over Noah [Music]

Zara's excuse in rehearsal was really fishy I got to find out what's up so flats hiring yeah it took forever to change and my parents started fighting about whether or not to get a new car and I and it just kept going on Wow Zara you're terrible liar okay like what's the real reason why you relate Josh and I are becoming good friends and I feel like I can trust him it would be a relief to get the secret off my chest the real reason why I was late this morning is because I was at a math competition a math competition I just I do equations on the fly so that means you're pretty smart I know a theorem or two obviously that's pretty cool like I'm impressed that's amazing Josh thinks it's cool but if Emily ever found out I'm really scared she's kicked me off the team she doesn't want us having any extracurricular activities and this is a pretty big one I asked Heather to meet me here because I have something really important that I want to talk to her about hey Piper hey Heather I just wanted to get you in here you know to see what it's like to dance in here I can't don't you just miss dancing you know what I watched the next step when internationals and it was awesome yeah the next that's gonna win internationals again with you on the team there's no way come on one come on just dance for fun just see what it's like again okay but just for fun just for fun when I dance there's not a care in my head I just focus on the routine and forget about the world around me

when I quit dance I was absolutely devastated it was the one thing that made me happy and now I can't do it anymore

I danced because being on stage feels so good and there's nothing else I'd rather do than be there in the moment dancing and enjoying myself

[Music] I competed at Regionals last year and lost I've been trying to forget about it ever since [Music] I come from a big family where I have to share everything I to give up dance because it's just so expensive and my family just couldn't afford it [Music] quitting dance has been the most painful experience of my life I miss us so much that was that was so good you would be a great addition to our team you you would fit in so well I I just I can't I don't understand how can you stop dancing I I don't get it you know what dance is just so expensive my parents can't afford it I just I can I'm really sorry it's not fair that a beautiful dancer like Heather can't dance because of money I wish I could do something to help her so one two three and four can you just go over it sorry the hands and we're in time sorry wait cease oh here here here sir yeah sounds good so I feel bad for Jackie I know she's going through a hard time so I'm gonna help her with the choreography that she missed oh thank you so much for helping me out today yeah no anytime that's exactly what I needed yeah hey Jackie I'll catch up with you later okay sounds good I don't want to see Noah right now but I guess I have to say something I just want to make sure everything's good and if we're still going out later everything's not good you really embarrassed me in class today I shouldn't their search lines of Josh I I didn't need to do that you know what this is getting too complicated I wanted to be as Noah but if I can't trust where he's at I don't know if he's the right guy for me how do I know you won't stand me up again I understand but it won't happen again I don't know maybe it's better if we focus on dads we're just getting distracted I knew things were a little rough especially the whole Henry situation and I thought I had everything figured out but seems like it might be too late [Music]

[Music] it's the end of the day and me and Josh are just packing up and all of a sudden I get a text yes I'm gonna totally crush Central High what's that my high school set the date for my math quarterfinal oh that's pretty cool yeah it's two weeks from the Sunday that's too bad you're gonna have to miss it what do you mean all we have the battle with Tina's West you can't do both you're gonna have to choose between math or dance are you kidding me my math quarterfinal is on the same day that the dance battle is on I need time to think about this all right well thanks if you know of anyone that is looking for our studio to dance at please send them my way as soon as possible I am calling every single studio head that you can imagine but no one has any dancers for me I'm leaving no stone unturned thanks Tiffany yeah bye hey hey I think I found a dancer for a troop okay her name's Heather and she's a briefs at neutral grounds she is amazing she does aerials and and jet daze and arabesque and what's the catch well there's one small hitch she can't afford dance but I I want to help her out Piper I know it would really be great if we could help Heather but there's a lot of costs that go into dancing care like travel like costumes like competition fees what if we have a dance-a-thon you know to help people like Heather cut the costs of dancing here Piper's come up with such a creative solution to help out Heather and to help out the studio I like the way she thinks okay I really like that idea that could really work great okay I'm gonna get my dance captain on it right away if you could go start organizing everything that'd be awesome are you saying what I think you say yes congratulations Piper you're the new dance captain of the next step West

Piper is just an amazing person and dancer overall she is so dedicated to her work she always gives 110% and she would be absolutely perfect for dance captain I'm dance captain I can't believe it thank you so much I won't let you down okay I know you will my first job is dance captain is to put together an incredible dance athon and get Heather on the team because if we don't have enough dancers there won't be a team to captain I've been messing up so much with Jackie it's no wonder why she doesn't trust me I need to tell her how I feel and I need to make things right hey um I got your text what's up Noah's been acting so weird lately I don't know how to take it but maybe I just have to hear him out thanks for meeting with me um I know I've been a little hot and cold lately and it's not how I've been wanting us to go but I want to make this work I'm all-in if you are I really like Noah but it got so complicated hearing what he has to say makes me feel so much better I finally know how he feels I've got these great expectations a vivid imagination wild situations deep inside [Music] vacations about home my relation even when I run I only walk daddy with Jackie he feels amazing like everything's perfect and to know we've moved on past solve her problems it's a good feeling

expectation dances no it makes me feel like there's no one else in the world it's just me and him and that's all that matters [Music] I realize that I was pushing no away because I was afraid to get hurt but I'm not afraid anymore [Music]



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