TMNT 2014 Stop Motion Halloween Special!

by: bythewayisay

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hey Bros check out what I found it's the annual Halloween contest I found the flyer on my unique Patrol we should enter guys what should we dress up as we don't have to dress up at all we're pretty much in a costume already ah the Halloween contest you know what that reminds me of oh oh I'm gonna tell the story this time it all started back when we were little Turtles Master Splinter told us to never go up to the surface but one day man I'm sick of staying down here in the sewer I want to go up there but since they said we can't go up to the surface without his permission yeah he says there's monsters up there he's lying to you there's no such thing as monsters come on you sissies all right fine Raph we'll go up later tonight but we're blaming it on you if we get caught [Music] Oh rest well my sons


you guys ready I don't know leo maybe there really are monsters guess we'll have to find out

[Music] it's true it's true I tell you we'll just have to sneak by them Hey look the Halloween costume contest is about to start let's go wait those were costumes all along sounds fun to me Mikey wait uh let's go get him

all right everyone it's time to cast your votes on who you think should be the winner of this year's Halloween costume contest hey everyone look these are guys the customs are amazing but we're not wearing costume just go with it well it looks like there's no competition when compared to your guys's costumes so here's the grand prize the biggest mound of candy [Music]

could you guys be any slower quit your complaining Mikey we're the ones carrying this giant bowl anyway this choco latte bar is delicious nothing like the worms back home and this lollipop is well wait guys do you hear that hey watch where you're going look at all this wasted candy I wonder why he was in such a rush seems kind of fishy to me maybe we should follow him well we better hurry he's getting away [Music] Arius welcome to Antonio's a pizza parlor what can I get for you young sir give me all your money I said give me all the money we got help that guy oh yeah I'm ready to kick some shell for the first time okay guys let's proceed with caution okay give you all I have but just don't shoot that's a good man what who's there show yourself


I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids we beat up our first bad guy I guess Master Splinter was wrong we can't protect ourselves high 3 hey you kids that was amazing what you did back there how can I ever repay you for saving in my business well we don't really need anything hey what's this is this what what you've 'never had Antonio's a famous a pizza oh good one right away go on [Music]


well what do you think as much as we'd like to stay we probably should get going our parents will be wondering where we are thank you so much for helping me out thank you for the pizza anytime and adorable yet we deliver wait you deliver to our homes do you think maybe bring it to us so long and by the way those are costumes of the best I've ever seen [Music] good times and to this day Master Splinter still hasn't found out hmm think oh I know what we can dress up as this Halloween

you have done well with your costumes my sons Master Splinter aha how long have you been standing there long enough you went up to the surface without my consent [Music]





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Our heroes take a break for Halloween and reminisce about one of their first adventures. Want to see what happened? Watch the newest installment of the TMNT 2014 Stop Motion series to find out! Whew, this was a tough deadline to meet, but I hope you like it. Now that I finished this up, the Q&A should be coming soon! Also feel free to check out my second channel if you haven't: bythewayisay2! And finally, this animation was filmed with Stop Motion Studio on an IPhone 5s, and edited using Final Cut Pro X. Hope you enjoy!
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