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hello welcome to this place hello person welcome to this place [Music] noisy radio huh welcome back to noisia radio worked yeah we're about to drop an EP by signal on invisible recordings on November 9th actually yes and this is the first track that we're gonna play off it it's a track that I've been dropping in a lot of DJ sets so if you've come to see one of those you've might have heard this already it's signal and synergy duster


[Music] hello welcome to my year radio you are now listening an idea radio




[Music] yes I love that track next one is dispatch recordings once again featured on noise your radio black barrel undercurrent featuring rizal vibes [Music]

[Music] time for some biological beats this is K Y or chi or ki tracks call to keep it fresh and that's a reminder that you can even by doing it a track with a foghorn sound in it you can still do it in a fresh way yeah [Music]








[Music] [Applause] [Music]







[Music] I remember being in the studio with orifice vulgar tronic a for half of Foreign Beggars nvm always being very peculiar about his timing if it would shift around any of the vocals and this track definitely has a very unusual timing I really like it it's where you've been featuring rocks and [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] and a synergy appears once again on a collaboration this time with misanthrope on annoy recordings yes we've played you the other side of this single release on noise last week and this is obviously the track that misanthrope one of the label owners is also featured on this is slap the ghost yes





[Music] ah Nick bees are Kiamichi is out now and this is the one of the tracks this is I think the last track we're playing from all of the tracks that we play this is the last one this one's called out of universe and it's on invisible record [Music]

[Music] you're currently listening to the sounds of gigolo this is hollow-point mags [Applause]

[Applause] [Music]





[Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] a nice EP aren't critical this is deal with it [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] yes yes yes this is Ozzie or all's beat him up Calypso recordings


I'll tell you that - those fools honestly think we're gonna take this thing [Music] hello this is long as your radio [Music]

music from SoundCloud in the form of a youth edit of Jana pas jenipa by cursor Jenna Jenna bot [Music]

[Music] [Laughter]


do you want listening to noisy radio

[Music] flicks out this is ground attract yes [Applause]


drum sound and baseline Smith mash it up sounding like Andy's dropping three Tunes at the same time




No in case you were overly entertained by the last song this is dead center by Skylark minimal vibes [Music] hello this is noisy radio [Music]




back down to halftime sign core or scenic or lazy bloody eyes on section eight really cool base [Music]

Oh [Music]





[Music] yes yes yes time for some more current value your daily dose of current value this is off truth on souped-up yes


this is noisier radio [Music] [Applause] this track is from a label called music squad which probably the worst name of a label I've heard so far okay but it's an awesome song it's called do not disturb my eyes Oh eyes Oh also borrowed his name from an amazing brand of PC monitor makers with really good color and contrast and Adobe RGB gamut big up

[Music] [Applause]



so we got sent this track by pail on hyperactivity and I felt it still needed a bit of editing a little bit of 808 underneath etc hope you don't mind hey oh I love the vibe so here's here it comes ghost birth in my Ruby edit [Music]

[Music] hello Wow Boise your radio to our foul listening I see you Ricky [Music]

[Music] no time for neural yes neuro frags featuring hijack MC capsized on c4 sea [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

goes down with the ship with the snakes you can see these red side solid album Aussie raise our price for our launch the service slide down with this what she cut flies to boss with the snake you can see these rats eyes shut down bring down pops eyes [Music]

this is Rhett bill on deep brain Jack's goal it's called boom-boom




trips of time [Music]


[Music] something different fearful Harkonnen I loved dune and I loved the burial vibes in this track awesome [Music]















[Music] metalheads in the house this is nucleus and paradox as ha or aza I think it's that they came up with the title after afterwards [Music]

[Music] just check one check two done noted I know you were ensure that the sounds in noisy radio book


but I mean that laughs yeah that brings us to the end of this episode thank you very much for listening thank you very much for sending us music for commenting liking subscribing and all of these things and and we have one more tune yay it's true dah I think this is honest I think this is on this album unlimited data it's called a home model yes dope [Music]



[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]







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00:48 Signal & Synergy - Duster [INVISIBLE] 03:46 Black Barrel - Undercurrent (Ft. Rizzle) [DISPATCH] 06:20 KY - Keep It Fresh [BIOLOGICAL BEATS] 09:43 Herzeloyde - Where U Been (Ft. RoxXxan & Orifice Vulgatron) 12:32 Misanthrop & Synergy - Slap The Ghost [NËU] 14:52 NickBee - Out Of Universe [INVISIBLE] 16:37 JULo - Hollow Point Mags [LAFYTE] 19:16 Enei - Deal With It [CRITICAL] 21:10 OZ - Beat Em Up [CALPYSO] 23:22 Kursa - Janapa (Euph Edit) [SOUNDCLOUD] 26:16 Ground - Attract [FLEXOUT] 28:10 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Mash It Up [TECHNIQUE] 29:40 Skylark - Dead Center [IMPACT] 31:35 SineCore - Lazy Bloody Eyes [SECTION 8] 33:50 Current Value - Of Truth [SOUPED UP] 36:04 EiZO - Do Not Disturb [MUSICSQUAD] 38:18 Peyo - Ghost Bird (Rudi Edit) [HYPERACTIVITY] 40:22 Fragz Ft. Hijak MC - Capsize [C4C] 42:36 Redpill - Boom Boom [EATBRAIN] 46:21 Fearful - Harkonnen [DIFFRENT] 50:56 Nucleus & Paradox - Azha [METALHEADZ] 56:09 Tsuruda - Ahumado [COURTEOUS FAMILY]
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