Libra- There is so much love between the two of you.

by: Light And Glow

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hey libras welcome to my channel my 10 glow here today what I want to read for you guys just to kind of see where you are I'm just love journey guys if this really resonates with you I will give you the chance to hop over to them you know to do the extended in those extended we go deeper into the message and I give you guys practical guidance to help you navigate through the link for that will be down below in the description box and also for the newer viewers if you're newer to the channel in the description box I have other videos linked in down below that will help you understand different experiences on your journey so be sure to browse through those also ok so be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you're new subscribe so you're updated when I upload something alright let's go ahead and get started top partner if this is you guys then you know the Bible will be for your partner or vice versa so just apply it is it resonates line of sword introduce a lot of a lot of air energy alright so top person has a tube source the two of cups the four of pinnacles and the ten of swords top energy I sense that this person on the top guys it's definitely holding on no this was a very difficult ending but you guys this person the top was holding on to this situation because I felt they found their person you know like this is the person I want to be with I choose them and they choose me and so someone's holding on this sit this situation may not provided or had the potential to provide a very solid foundation and so this relationship gives this person a lot of security okay you guys may not be talking right now I sense it was a very difficult any for the top person but I sense you guys are moving out of that energy right now you're moving into the energy of understanding you love this person okay now your person on the bottom the Wheel of Fortune so like I said this we are moving forward good fortune is coming in guys this person on the bottom is watching you know so if they're tapping in and looking at your social media checking up on you what the Justice card cause I sense that this is a person that wants to come in as the record straight this person wants to make this situation right they want to apologize right and the king of swords this is a person that's going to come in and be very clear and direct about what happened about making this situation right with you okay I says that this person on the bottom maybe in hermit mode some of you top energies may be there also that's when you're by yourself so you're really going with the end to look within shine a light on how you reflecting on you and your own personal behavior you know a lot of times in situations a lot of people point to figure into other people and even if you know other person was the transgressor it's still about shot in the light within all right let's go deeper on this bottom part yeah this person they feel wounded to bastards that this person wants to I said this has gone off for long enough and this person wants to speak of truth they feel that they put a lot into this relationship this person the bottom wants the person on the top to come back when they want a return of investment on this relationship so minor person really wants to end this cycle or this relationship should I say the cycle is ended but both people want each other but people still want to be involved it looks as if just a simple apology needs to happen in those cases and of course you know this is for those of you that know the person you know like there is a mutual understanding you know there's a mutual love in this relationship I definitely see lots of love here but some truths need to be spoken definitely healing needs to occur right understanding that you guys are being defined guys when I see the star card in a love reading I sense that both parties you needed to meet each other there's something here for both parties and the star card is about healing so top energy you guys are coming out of there 10 of swords energy you're moving into healing and you're not holding on to the end you know you're releasing the ending because you know that this is your person you have faith over it and you understand that you can release the hurt and move into healing and understand when you do that what happens is your person moves into healing also so you guys are releasing this energy of the ending so that you can move to the next chapter of understanding personal healing first and then you guys come back together so you guys understand you get it you're being divinely guided on this journey you get a lot of wonderful things coming in I definitely says this person when the bond wants to come in to apologize so if you are listening on Facebook this is just an example top partner if you're on Facebook and lately you know before you've been posting stuff saying I'm so sad and love comes and love goes you know those sad things you know stuff like that what happens is now it's time to shift you know shift gears and it's about being empowered being understood you know move shifting into that season of you know be powerful stepping into your power and what's gonna happen that's got a trigger growth in your partner because they are watching you know they're watching checking your social maybe you're just kind of keeping tabs on you right and so what happens guys once you start to move forward because you're being guided to lose worn this person is going to energetically follow all right and everybody wants to be part of the winning team so top energy you're moving forward you're being divinely guided to move forward you're about to enter into a period of good fortune both parties are and for those of you they want the reunion the will the fortune is here so it's about being sure that both parties are entering into the healing phase and this is what you've got coming in all right lots of beautiful energy coming in lots of healing energy some of you maybe even connected to a Sagittarius with that temperance card all right so that's about doing things in moderation making sure the other areas of your life are good because love is here love is on the table so that's not gonna go anywhere but tapping into those other areas all the finance is good you know you know then start working on those finances because this person on the bottom like I said they want to read they want a return on investment this person wants to apologize all right so Libra very beautiful situation lots of love here I definitely see a lot of forward movement a lot of shift and moving forward so what we're gonna do guys is hop on over to Vimeo go deeper see what's going on with this person and how this thing is gonna unfold the link

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