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it's Sunday night we're in Vegas with my homie Jonas Andrew my dad he's here from Indiana so we're we're gonna show them a good time we're gonna play some low stakes poker my dad was like you have to get 21 right so we we just explained some of the rules to them we're gonna go to flamingo and play some poker and two happens [Music] [Applause] [Music]

hey what's up guys I'm in Flagstaff Arizona with my dad and my brother he's somewhere back there but I'm not gonna be able to make it to Talking Stick resort tonight in Phoenix so we're heading on to Sedona after Flagstaff Tucson tomorrow about to get on the road to Sedona but before I do I wanted to wrap up my poker session from last night my dad sat behind me we played crazy and Jonas is up the table to my brother I was all in a bunch I was all-in against Jonas for a $700 pot with ace-queen versus his Ace King which was a mistake on my part he ended up winning that one was on preflop with Queens versus cases for $200 pot and I hit a queen I was all-in preflop with Ace King versus pocket nines for $800 pot and I won that one so just like crazy swinging session I ended up losing $59 not sure if we're going to play poker today if I don't get any poker and today I'll end up playing in Tucson

Oh sup guys I'm a Sedona Arizona and I really like this place there is yoga psychic readings Reiki all kinds of real woowoo stuff on every corner I'm not overly woowoo but I still like this stuff and all goes really big into it by myself even using meditation at the poker table like counting breasts and just being present so I think that it it's definitely something that I like and something that I incorporate into my game what do you guys think let me know in the comments what do you guys do to stay present at the poker table [Music]

[Music] off the Phoenix and pops little bro my little brothers actually on a high-level strategy poker Cole use the sizing then somewhere kind of in between

hey what's up guys we made a stop in Phoenix in Arizona and the reason why I wanted to stop here is because a good friend of mine that I went to high school with here in Arizona he delivered one of the most amazing speeches at my wedding and he said that I was a huge source of inspiration to him and if it wasn't for me being friends with him then you would have never taken the leap into entrepreneurship now he owns this location his mother green in Scottsdale on Pima Road he doesn't know that I'm in town I'm gonna surprise him I'm just so proud of Matt for pursuing a dream of his to be an entrepreneur and it moves me to tears to think that like I had an impact to help him do this like I said this is one of the big things about my channel is that people been reaching out saying that I've inspired them that's what makes this whole thing worthwhile for me and there's what I was able to do that for one of my best friends in high school all right guys we're just leaving grab a green and here's the scoop come to the one on Pima and Matt the owner if he's here tell him that you want the Matt PB&J smoothie it's not even on the menu but I arranged for Johnny vibes followers to be able to order this and he's creating a button on the iPad for you guys to order Matt's PB&J smoothie it's a secret menu [Music] [Applause] [Music] sup guys were at del Sol and I'm a jazz casino of the Sun my forget max bet here 635 635 dollars which is very interesting so it makes the ad the spread limit definitely makes things a little bit tougher but it didn't really come up to Austin Oh what I raised it was like appropriate it was King sizing yeah I basically made sets all day yeah it was fun time so I'm gonna be back so thank you absolutely

hey what's up guys today is April 30th it's the last day of April and man what a month I did a lot of traveling this month I'm actually in San Francisco right now I'm at a buddy's apartment I just destroyed in the month of April I'm sure you guys remember in previous vlogs when I was absolutely getting crushed which puts us down six thousand dollars oh I'm down around 9k right now in my last couple sessions to say that it didn't go well as an understatement I have to keep reminding myself to be happy and be grateful for what's going on right now because just running sick and it feels so good before we go any further I have an announcement you guys have been asking for this since the beginning of the channel taking my YouTube audience and I partnered with someone on Instagram you guys may know her her name is white oak ochre on Instagram we're having a game the limits are gonna be like two three and five five so not big limits we're gonna have a lot of fun and the game starts at 6 p.m. on may 2nd at Lake Elsinore casino so this is your chance to get in my blog come on down to Lake Elsinore casino not very far from La not very far from San Diego it's like halfway in the middle perfect spot for both Southern California communities so can't wait to see you guys on Wednesday all right let's get into the hands from del Sol Casino in Tucson we walked into a casino my brother and I with my dad and my aunt and we walk into the poker room there's two games of one two going but the moment we walked in Jeff who you guys saw earlier he's like let's get a two-five going we got a decent list I think we'll be able to get it going because you guys are here so we built it and when we built it they came butter for a thousand which was the max by first hand I play I am dealt a stand off suit and in the big blind and Jeff from another position raises it up there are four callers and I complete fuck comes down King Queen six with two clubs so I have a gut shot straight draw and when the original RAZR puts on a CE bet and three people call I'm closing the action here with the gutter to the nuts so I just decided one out here for a great price and wouldn't you know it I make the nuns it's the Jack of Diamonds and because I'm out of position and the original RAZR is likely to check here after getting all that action on the plug I decided to just lead out into the field for a healthy size bet so that I can size for a river jam I've been $160 and the original RAZR Jeff he thinks about it for a while hands unfolding the guy next to act quickly ships it all in and folds back to me it's a total of two hundred fifty nine dollars so it's actually 99 more dollars to call obviously make the call and he has two pair and a flush draw so he's got quite a few outs here we do have the nut flush blocker to take away one of his outs but it's not enough the eight of clubs comes on the river and we end up shipping over a small little pot to him so this puts us down around three hundred dollars right off the bat I top off three hundred so that I have a thousand and a couple hands later I looked down at the eight nine of clubs in the cutoff there's a button straddle on for $10 and this casino the small blind acts first and he makes a $25.00 it folds to me in the cutoff and I raise it up to $125 I want to isolate this player because as you guys can tell in the last blog I like to play pods in position against players that are gonna call so wide preflop fold back to him and he makes the call the flop is jack by deuce and there are two hearts and a club and he checks it over to me I continue here for the same size that I bet preflop I actually expect to take it down a fair amount of the time I haven't really started ranging him yeah I only gonna be calling really wide so I think he definitely has some a size some king highs some Queen highs that he's just gonna be building on this flop so I make the bet and he does this thing where he looks like he's gonna fold and he ends up making a call the turn is the seven of diamonds so we actually have a double gutter now so when he checks it over to us again I'm gonna semi-bluff now that I picked up some outs because I want to give myself a chance to stack him if we do make our hand size now this is tricky because I can only about six hundred and thirty five dollars on the river so I don't want to bet too big on the turn because if I bet too big on the turn he's going to feel obligated to call a lot of rivers knowing that let's say you called three hundred on the turn now he's only looking at 635 in the river but I don't want to bet too small even and continue with marginal strike pans so I elect on to 4e I think it's right in the sweet spot he thinks about it for a while and he knows I'm making the fold so we take this one down with nine high which is obviously a great result considering we didn't have a hand yet we have a full game now I'm playing nine handed and in this hand there is an under the gun limber the under the gun plus one player also limps and the loose player that's giving a lot of action he now makes it 15 dollars there's one fold and then my brother who has actually been playing very active and three betting a lot and isolating this player ends up three betting to $60 and it folds to me and I look down and pocket kings on the button and there's definitely two schools of thought here I definitely she could raise here because my brother has been so loose and he's been three betting a lot but at the same time I want to play a pot with the guy who's been playing really loose and giving a lot of action I don't mind going three ways in this hand the pocket kings on the button because the effective stacks are about $1,000 so there's not going to be too many instances where I'm going to be folding my hand obviously there like some a cyclops and some other coordinated boards I'll be getting away from my hand but in general I think I like a gamble here with pocket kings the other added caveat to this is the guy's been playing so loose and my brothers I'm playing so loose that I could actually see the guy making a move if I set the trap here and just called so what I call actually the under the gun player ends up calling the 60 as well and then the original RAZR of 15 now puts in a rear aise he takes the bait and puts in a big raise here to $250 my brother thinks about it for a while and he ends up making fold I think he made the fooled because of me calling on the button and he just his spidey senses went off that I probably had a big end and I asked him later what he had my brother said he actually folded pocket nines here good fold by him and now that it's on us and we're looking at a $250 bet in front of us I think that it's fine to put in a raise here and isolate this guy and get him all in I think that he's gonna be calling after putting in 250 because he has around 650 dollars to 750 dollars left somewhere in that range so I go ahead and make the $635 raise because the maximum rate says that I can do the under the gun player now fooled now we're heads up with the guy who had put in the 250 and he starts talking out loud he's like talking about us being brothers and how I could definitely be making a move here and I could also have fled in a big hand on the button he's just talking out loud and I think that he might have actually figured it out that I have a big hand here but he ends up sticking it in so we go with it obviously the flop comes east Queen 5 the turn comes of 5 pairing the board and the river comes at 3 I just show my hand because even though I called him I don't want to do anything to irritate him or upset him so even though he's supposed to show first I show my hand and he quickly MUX it actually wasn't able to capture this next hand but it was such a crucial part of the session that I wanted to share it it starts with the button straddling 210 the big line makes it 25 the loose action player not makes it 40 which is the minimum raise there's two collars to me in the cutoff and I look down at Ace 9 of diamonds I like to make the collar for $40 and the button defends and the guy who made a $25 calls so we're going six ways to a flop here the flop is 1097 with two diamonds so obviously we flop a pair in the nut flush draw when it checks to me I I'm just gonna put out a bet here for value and also semi-bluff hang picked it actually a pair of nines with the ace kicker could be the best hand a fair amount of the time so I put out one hundred dollars and the guy in the button Jeff who you guys saw earlier he makes his $355 it folds back to me and obviously with the amount of money that was in the pot preflop the fact that I already have $100 in on the flop and the fact that Jeff has around a thousand defective maybe a little bit less this is just not a spot that I'm gonna be folding I'm gonna be gambling here so I make their rear ace after figuring out that I had a flush draw on the fluff these cars are so weird by the way I thought that I had a pair in a backdoor flush draw but upon further review I'm glad that I looked at the board a little bit closer I realized that I actually had enough flush drop which makes my decision so much easier so I ship it in and Jeff calls it off obviously the turn is the five of clubs and the river is the eight of Spades so obviously not a good run out for us probably not going to be winning this hand I show the ace nine of diamonds and Jeff taps the table and says nice hand you win Jeff ended up telling me when he had he had basically the one hand that I could beat that would be getting all in he had the Queen eight of diamonds so very fortunate to win that one like I said this is just the way I've been running lately so even when I don't make my hand I'm up against the one hand that I want to be against to actually still allowed me to win the pot all right last hand I'll cover we are still playing the button straddle and big my employer limbs and another player limps the guy right in the highjack makes it $55 I look down at pocket fives I call the 55 and one of the lepers calls so we end up going three ways to a flop Queen nine five is the fluff so more run good when the original RAZR puts out a C bet of 125 dollars I'm in position there's only one real draw out there the jack tad there's no flush draw there is a limper in the hands so I just got to be calling here pretty much all the time so I make the call and the lippert hold so we gonna heads up to the turn the turn isn't deuce of Hearts which puts two hearts out there now and he continues again he bets the same size on the turn as he did on the flop which generally is a marginal strength pan or a blocker type bed I make it seven our dollars to go and pull back to him and he goes into the tank for a really long time actually I'm hoping that he's gonna level himself into thinking that I would use this sizing more often with a draw that I would value but unfortunately he just he lets it go I actually have no idea what he has after we wrapped up this session that was the last night playing poker on this trip to Arizona the whole reason that we went to Arizona was because as you guys can remember my stepmom passed recently she worked for a company that was based in Tucson Arizona we're honoring her on Wednesday and Thursday they had a banquet that they wanted to honor her at and then on Thursday they had a tree planting ceremony which I'm so happy that I was able to be a part of that so happy that I was able to bring my dad to Vegas and make the road trip to Tucson together it was a great bonding experience for him and my brother and I so like I said it was it was a great trip immediately went home on Thursday to San Diego I was home in San Diego for like six hours got on a plane came to San Francisco Planet lucky chances on Friday night and more ready to continue you guys know I flopped quads again so things have just been going great but I'll see you guys the game on May 2nd to better be a good reason but if I don't see you then I will see in a poker room near you thank you for following you for subscribing I just hit 10,000 subscribers and I really appreciate it you guys have been absolutely amazing and I feel like this blog situation is helping with the run good so appreciate you guys and we'll see you soon


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