Shadowhunters crack #4 - I'm Michelangelo

by: ~Izzy Lightwood~

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didn't want to feel like there's thing wrong with me because I grew up in the Institute because I always know I couldn't have what I wanted I don't get a drink sometime I would love that [Music]

[Applause] [Music]

well I could use a better model don't worry you don't have to change your clothes off unless you want to it's how you always see the best in people and me and I am scared that if we take things too quickly you're gonna see something in me that you don't like [Music] I just thought my Rowan s simply breathtaking let me know if you find anything Wow who died made her Queen you keep shooting your mouth off you're gonna end up like that words oh shit easy off easy where's the teeth oh it's filter oh great that's the best and if I have to banish problematic warlocks to the lower reaches of the spiral labyrinth for their crimes then so be it I know you're behind this and it's only a matter of time until I prove it over my dead body look we should talk about what just happened I can't why not let this try

[Music] did you hear something no

yeah it is

[Music] evening [Music]

I wanted to punch him in the face like punch him

very good no nothing will come between us how do you feel like a new man


hail and farewell

[Music] this is all just because you're the only guy I've ever been with you're putting words in my mouth I'm not a child and I can't stop acting like one when I'm done using you you will return to find your friends dead in your world on fire you don't kiss me I won't report your crimes to the clave on one condition leave the city tonight

artistry is beyond compare though the only other person I've known who could draw as well was Michelangelo was excellent in bed I might add you make this Alexander mixing potions is the cornerstone of the Warlock arts well I know I just I mean if you can wash your hair magically why do you go through the trouble because I enjoy taking showers because I enjoy taking showers I spend almost every night here what if I


she is not me

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The new episodes are amazing! But I was hoping that the "immortality thing" would not happen in season 3 :( :( Also that Jace lost his love for Clary :( I can't believe that this happened :( It is very interesting to see how they will doing the "immortality thing" on the show and how Jace will get his love for Clary back ( I hope he will! I love Clace so much!), but I want them to be happy :(
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