10 Nintendo Youtubers play Prop Hunt ft. Nathaniel Bandy, SimpleFlips + more! [MINUS WORLD]

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what is going on everybody we are jumping right into it we are here with - what boys playing some prop lines you can just check out everybody in the description because there's a lot of us I put it up on the screen now this is everybody's that's playing we got our hunters versus the props the games about to start in ten seconds on the hunters team we have Kevin in ten drew tetra bit and Lou sorry Nathaniel Nico and simple flippy all right so the wolves are we have to find the props and if we shoot the wrong one we lose health yeah - well boys if you see anything moving isn't dying it's out of place here yeah I think you've shot me - and I don't by the way you can shoot a bomb only with SMG you think I didn't see drew there Jesus wait you're not high what you think you look like an ego turn I don't see anything really I'll just do that again really can boy what is it


we'll never find you okay d-pad oh I see what you are god damn it press F to turn off your light you're probably in the best spot right now Nate oh no run e to the murder wait who's Kim can you find it come on at least one more person yeah who's left on Nate's the Daniel and Nico Nico and deep end this is it this no it's not come on sorry look you really like your head in this look yeah I do - dude it's a random joined yeah I don't know I don't know fuck you're not like your family d-pad since there's a there's a minute left I'll give you a hint Nico's the same thing Nate was okay how do you get rid of like so when you're in a prop how do you get out of it is things in the way

okay thank you yes I like your family this is my family Idaho the big vending machine that you

plunders and Mario ran into my room like five times how do you keep it went over to me you you found the bottle that was broken that was me as a thing huh my glove yes you are yes you are thank you knock stuff over yeah doesn't knock over there more likely a person no no yeah so true all right here we go here we go I'm stuck definitely not the vending machine

hey Dave let me in their gut dammit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit shit shit no what is it rants I'm a table but I'm just gonna I'm gonna I'm running take away take my chair friends let me yeah piss off coming you you don't want it here hey okay

yeah I see like I don't know after this game we'll have to remake and then okay

guys private or anything I don't know how to do it you guys have bombs in them except it can't kill you instantly if you do if you do it in an area full of cops god damn it wait Carol I'm still alive damn it wait a second have you in a good spot yeah I know I am shit they're like simply but they're so close Master had no you sold yourself out man yeah no it was funny man esteems good holy shit pro strats holy I've got him stuck you're really good hiding spot man that show you know then never where are you they're never gonna find you tetra I'll give you $5.00 if you tell me where you are $5.00 where you are that's what it's almost broken how well-hidden his badass how about in the last 30 seconds you have to jump out cuz they're never gonna find you there dude I'll give 50 simple flips hundred dollars if he finds you that's no joke 100 robots 100 roblox roblox oh god oh god oh man this fan that joined the server is having a good knocking yeah don't panic oh god no don't disconnect where am I there is I knew it'd come I just walked right past you right now wait okay guys bombs there you go just stay there don't be long come on Bing Bing tetra touch her man yield the best spot they're never gonna find you man have you played this before tetra oh yeah oh he knows this Jasmin everybody's outside just look at everyone not he's in a room he's not out he's on the whole so you would of course you would say that he's on your team

alright guys we're gonna move to the next map now see you guys there joining

[Music] is still freezing out of place no oh my god what are you doing why can't I look I'm shooting your face kill the puck which part please no ice is unloaded into 50 pots guys it's not legal in some places what was the teleporter pads it was pretty sick how many who is alive I'm still alive wait did we get him no drew I was I was chasing Chari for about

there you go shut you like a million times simple can you be a tree stump oh they're terrible I wanted to be a tree but I couldn't bear at 11:00 or swear those words there's one in the center of the map is that anybody sure things to you this is the blood of the people who know what wait so on the server side I guess some other clients do you not see the drop tilted like when you're looking up and down no Mandy I just put my leak pointer thing at it and I just rode your name's I was like okay oh yeah you gotta get really close for hey bandy worried we're yet been Mandy where are you in the village he's been very quiet [Music] who is Ronald McDonald earlier that was an eco oh yeah my Harry Potter model I swear he's like on top of a house or something I'll give you a clue I'm a bug that's not even that's my woman you can't even pretend you don't know what do you mean shit we have 25 of the other roofs wait he might be over here you find it [Music]

there was like five seconds left clutch boy Chari are you doing oh no I'm a creeper well maybe I can use a teleporter I think oh boy I know exactly where I'm gonna hide all right that idea doesn't actually work yeah it does Wow okay oh god oh god oh god I don't want to be this thing okay I don't know such a bad spot Oh God simple choice

mm-hmm okay cool now I'm not by those trees I'm definitely not behind those trees simple I'm definitely not there I'm not behind that tree simple go away from there you guys have some good spots no really I'm not over there earlier I was the heart like the whole time I'm definitely not on top of the tree drop that drop your item I know that's you to win who's with me oh I'm scared Jukes holy shit this is some close idiot it's not for your help Oh God someone's really close to me well if I were taking much damage I'm I'm slowly taking down a book 72 maybe one person has a lot of health because I'm on one oh I see Hank Hill up there I'm gonna say simple you were dangerously close to me danger well I mean we can pick a different property should've died an hour ago no this is dumb a million times never gonna die stuck on one person that's the same thing that happened to me last run when I was shooting you why did you make yourself something what

[Music] you've been found how do you all right shoot me oh my god your supermodel alright alright Fighting's actually broken d-pad did you put on gone mode no I did not Lou can I say something yeah heart just turned into it I can see everyone where you're it's awesome if you go to the command if you go to the command console is it just showing you like bad spray type yeah it is we might we might have to swap maps after this one yeah yeah I think I win yeah spot at all holy crap will you bear the whole time yeah busy the whole time so I walk around now dude we've got the rest spots have they don't find you I know right very simple that's got a teleporter right there see alright guys if I could kill you anyway alright guys we're gonna move on over to the final map Yemen you should go pay for your hamburger pay for your Radek is fun though like it is such a good spot oh it was this room is like impossible if you hunters along and have a good time the game starting again yeah the game started yeah okay in 8 seconds all right now go okay we didn't really like break this whole Isolde hello Trumpy boys where are you why am i buy myself a deeper gamer you should go hey wait a minute we're back to being legit again I think omit no yeah what no comment no go away it's harder I gotta hand it to you guys have some good spots oh my can see myself in the mirror that's amazing I'm we're gonna drop some riddles for you guys to find me yes okay okay who's around the map all right I thought I thought this was a prob no but usually a highlight right give me the riddle though okay keV I'm uh where's the retard where are you hobo the rule is I'm Admiral of some sort of ploy of the what is this what I'm a master hand where are you straight oh there's the riddle figure it out I'm just what are you looking at woven's little restaurant power lag it up yeah can you are you here oh yeah this is Luke he's stuck in the corner no we didn't hear it at all locked out sorry okay yeah that explains why Luke is taking a piss here in the corner look II know my riddle was I'm an admiral oh you were fucking this guy over here well why well that's not okay he was how do you get up the stairs you can open those doors oh are you back in the game go on without me I'm glitching like crazy there we go hi how you doing coming how you doing buddy hey I'm right next to you right now I'm definitely on that table ah I'm not kicking me when I see the table hey Dan kill Hank Hill I'm so evil where are you taunting us yeah yeah I'm taunting us f3 some where you were Kevin son of a bitch shake everything move it all he's gonna win this come on am I the last one alive no cool

all right I'll give you a clue I'm surrounded by machinery you can I know I spied I spy with my little eye hello stir - are you a cunt I spy a graft oh you're funny I spy with my little eye a giant computer damn it I should be illegal but what prop busy almost got him there [Music] drew what do you do I don't know guys that's a clue I'm an ad I'm an admiral some some surrounded by machinery I'm Kevin no where's the computer would say crunchy McDonald Nico is Nico you literally hit me but you like didn't hit me what I love the red the colored boxes like you hit me but it didn't touch me and then he was away oh yeah yeah and you like came right up to me and then you ignored me there are so many preps it's so confusing this is probably the bottom app this is more the hardest problem that's Jesus ever gonna find me here alright who we got we got drew Nico and charred and defend they see someone moving downstairs Oh perfect spot is they can't move in you just stuck yeah I am stuck as well hmm watch it boys captain crunchy boys but I don't think anyone's ever come into this room so I feel it's a lot of rooms you can't defeat me I don't know man this game is broken I'm just gonna kill myself since you kind of good I found you JK I'm staying here yes

barbecue no it's not very good sorry how many nobody getting old two laps left wait left hey guys simple you see anything not yet deep ed you were like them yesterday I like to think that I've learned a lot from watching this on youtube yeah sure

[Laughter] I'll say I'll say something when there's like half a minute what a bitch Rosie but I have exactly the right thing there's something open has anybody going downstairs yet anybody check out downstairs I have searched like everywhere downstairs

you guys find them to really leave a sandwich nope hey this drink nope are you that drink no what's this snickering dancing with dancing tonight you might not want to plant your seed I've checked every plant oh yeah I swear to god he's like he's rolling his master probably down here he's um cuidado piso mojado


like I thought you I was gonna say I thought you liked Pepsi more oh yeah that is the callback little Joey Oh drew drew drew is you oh you need that to pay for you're embar paying for your you don't want to aren't these the same hamburgers they sell at the Krusty Burger yes no Elliot Rodger is confident of a video in this place I'm a plan and this whole game okay I'm on the second my father's up days upstairs go two or three seconds total bomb oh my god oh hi guys we'll play one more game to wrap it up this is it for like another hour we could play like ten more games for all the beans this is for all the beans yeah none of the rest is the ravines at stake they're beans which kind oh yeah you need to pay for it


yeah oh my god there we go going on in the I wasn't sure if you found me or not just just take a seat oh shit just take I see are you a chair Miko you're too good at this game and can't get like my hiding spot let me toggle over to you it's almost as if you needed to pay for it oh is that right oh dude they're never gonna find you then never find you there hey comet who's coming with me what oh I'll give you a clue he's he's some form of steamed ham Oh is he I'm scared now you call these steamed hams displayed Oh black but they're obviously grilled it's not that bit and you go no unless the hand fell asleep aurora borealis can I see it no

nico nico turned you right right he was in that room you wouldn't past you guys what sorry move forward through the room

sweating garbage why do you please it's such a pivotal moment he went through the door to you right I think Nico look hard door what are you doing that's not a good hiding spot LuAnn hiding hiding spot he's in here somewhere he's in here so this game simple and Nathanael meanwhile simple I can shoot nothing else I am at five health if I shoot it better count HR Andy what can I give Charlie tips you just wish you good have a seat try going to your left go into the area full of the tables and jump on top with the go jump on top with the wine glasses or the why Bob yes what no you should seek to simpleflips and drinks of coffee is it is it this chair I was thinking might be one of those I don't know cherry wait we got a drink my jokes when I played amnesia Oh chair with me that is not a good hiding spot man no great honey the moment they walk into that room they're gonna see you immediately they also have ten seconds take the shot

we all win guys we will wrap it up there thank you boys so much for joining that was propyne did you guys have fun no Nico you were the scariest mofo that was - mode make sure to go check them out we'll leave this description linked in in the description to each of their channels if you ever see more prop and let us know we'll see you guys next time

[Music] [Laughter]

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