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this video is brought to you by cat bitch calm what do you do flight crew FTC flight say stand up oh man oh man try not to disturb now I had no intentions of actually making one this early on in the week but since I have been getting a lot of motherfucker requests on something as a very controversial in the news as of today you guys are asleep under a rock the word clowns just shots a shot people I never totally but it's what I look you do have a little fear of clowns I just get crunchy when I get around now I don't just straight boo Boop my pants on under that bullshit and just scream like a little bitch but I just get that crunchy feeling and make it even more worse here's some of them are curing knives or some stress oh no no no no like is I think America's really gonna come from and so like that's some top of the knife types of shit you know what I'm saying flight crew but I've been having a lot of people actually send me small little clips of some clown sightings and I wanted to read out to them but I didn't want to be like a little thirty to forty second video so what ended up actually happening is I got something that was emailed to me okay and I kind of did like a little two-second review and it turns out that some of these clips in this combination were some of the ones some of you guys were tweeting at me so it makes a lot of sense to put a ball in someone we're gonna be checking out the scary clown signs like all the clown sightings that have been seen thus far in 2016 obviously there's gonna be a probably big mass update with all the freaking crazy has people in the world and they just want to do a whole bunch of daring as it's you know I'm saying and all everybody make sure y'all be Tasha's out there make sure you watch your surroundings especially coming up near Halloween do not let your no flight crew members lose their lives or something very freakin tragic happen do these damn clowns clowns literally that's a like pot on top if y'all interested out wherever the fool will be down below in the description by a citroen TV this guy guys first parking lot an angle on the creepiest thing

y'all wanting to fuck this shit oh please poor Virginia

dude you of Dhabi's nasibi fuck tom if you jump the fence I'm fucking around ten o clock when the cemetery was closed a couple discovered a clown waving at them in the dead of night

eventually the clown turned around and vanished into the darkness of the cemetery not really the kind of thing that you want to experience at a cemetery I don't want business at all

[Music] dude get away from that area stop man all right somebody told us there's a clown walking around unknown meditation but there's no way we're gonna see it we just wanted to where the fuck would it be hiding though I mean it's like 3:30 I know I don't know no what are you doing dude the ladee working thing you wanna do is get out the car my nigga especially when you're in an unknown location I'm pretty sure that God knew where he was Adam trying to just do it off of what the text says on the upper-left but still man like it looks like it's out in the middle of nowhere already sketching enough doesn't matter what time of the day it is man no no no already fucking up you see a clown no fucking way

what are you fucking fuck Jabbar oh my god bro he was like you know fuck the game bro you must be saved I thirty damn cheese brought your TV but making out in these damn streets these days run holy shit that maybe stuff is like 185 miles of motherfucking out on that bicycle dude what the hell I think we just saw one of those cured why reason dude the shit that's killing me the most in this entire copy fucking Latian my man like why are you out at night in the grass with a little pretty much these dogs probably I'm guessing they're not gonna be no type of strap whatsoever because the way they're acting on cameras shit bro but at least if you're gonna go filming clown hunting carry something Garrett pepper spray tasty something rolling what the fuck you gonna do to protect yourself bro come on man

[Music] dude oh then he begins to suddenly we watch on one of these this guy right here I knew you wanted to try not to your skiers gonna pass it was something else I caught on camera bro [Music] bruh that clown was no joke bro all the motherfuckers are left there I could do nothing today just buck so we're playing Pokemon and there's this fucking dude over here [Music]

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this nigga brought out a chainsaw bro

oh my god it's so weird another sighting shows a clown walking into a private home to only stay at the surveillance camera just like the other clown there's a tour passing by imagine finding these dudes on your camera footage you probably wouldn't sleep for days oh hell no oh wow okay first off and foremost flat truth that had to be the most intense 'fl type of ish ever broke um y'all have to be safe out there because literally you'll be fuck it especially ensuring y'all out there just record a sighting like this man and you have no type of protection or maybe you even have nobody which like I said most other stupid police have some body which you okay now always thinking about it like this even if they try to attack unless they have some chainsaw sort of strap or any of that type of itch but there's something small always think about our worst case scenario if you cannot last we're running in shit because I know how that stamina is especially coming from a

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