4l60E, P0756 FIX. Shift solenoid 'B' performance. No first gear FIX. FYI

by: Scotties Hobbies

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hi guys this is my story for my fix on this Chevy Tahoe SIF Silla need be no circuit getting the code lost first gear my last video I did the a and B shift solenoids that didn't fix the problem clear the codes draining the battery disconnected battery did everything reset the computer because a lot of people said that might be the problem tried it a couple times nothing no luck I didn't even grab the truck a mile but I didn't have first gear at all so my next deal was toad was that there's a p0 756 that's the code that I was getting so like I said I did those shift solenoids that didn't that wasn't the trick so what I did this weekend is a fast easy more than likely half half way to clean out the valves that the shift solenoid controls I would upload this video but I got irritated and I don't know what the hell happened I stopped recording never finished it but here we go I'm going to show you what I did kind of sorry for not giving you a complete right video but this was my fix for this code I do have first year now 24s on my Tahoe the other day I said f it see what happens I gunned it spun them again later it should so first gear is there we'll see what happens this is a training a bought off eBay of private sale I don't know we'll see but I'm going to make it so you can see the screen a little better oh yeah and my valve body I'm in my valve body with my pressure plate was a is toast too but that's another story all right like I said sorry for this half-assed video this is what I shot yesterday to clean these out but I didn't finish the video for some reason though what happened I got a text I don't know who knows but it stopped recording so what I ended up doing is taking the valves out of the valve body so the first one I took just enough has a little spring the valve the spacer took all that stuff out clean it all off spring to compress there through the drain right here that comes down to there longer rectangular ports it wasn't take it off for them like hey you know what maybe not and so the problem with mine was right here in this solenoid that controls the two and three shifts I took the cylinder out my valves inside there we're not moving at all there's two valves there's a little one more towards the front down here and a longer one inside that port so I took those out finally got it to wiggle out using like a little trigger tool a little flathead screwdriver and I got it to wiggle out and don't if you do it don't put any pressure just wiggle this stuff finesse it super super super super careful I say be careful careful careful all this is lightweight aluminum or feels like it I don't know what it is it's a lightweight metal period that could break easy so don't put any pressure on it it takes pressure give out go ahead and take this valve a body all the way off and start cleaning them out to get to this all I did was top the pan I finally got those valves out using the air compressor down that 75 psi right around there and pulsing it into these channels where the food was drain back out it finally finessed of those valves out of there clean them all off spray compressed air through the through the furthest back port and put my hands in front of the shift solenoid right here so I could feel it and when I was spraying on my hand they got like almond is like that it felt like it looked like you to the almonds it was weird oh yeah and you see that that was my pressure plate the pressure plate is out also worn this transmission is just a piece of work I hope it's not going to take a on me anytime soon but I thought you from bottom of ebay from 700 for our builder

oh and I hope this helps you fix your problem after I put all this back together clean those valves out and glue the air through the ports really good got everything I could squirted some tranny fluid inside there and then sprayed it back out later I flushed it all out turn it right back on to the truck on tech until it's gone right away pulling out of the driveway BAM first gear good good good I put about 20 miles on it yesterday didn't drive too much every stop and go felt super nice so that was my fixed to this p0

P zero seven five six so ships omens are both good but there are the updated ones relief the hole is larger who knows they work better but they're different I like it different we'll see how it goes my experience I hope this helps I'm sorry for the half-assed video usually don't do them like this but I just want you guys to know what fix my problem with shift solenoid be not functioning so like subscribe share if I have any more problems with this tranny I will keep updating about it

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