PS4 Safe Mode Guide (Fix Restore Error, Update Error, Factory Settings, Initialize PS4)

by: Fasttech

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hi another video from fasttech we're gonna be showing you guys how to put any PlayStation 4 in safe mode and there are several reasons why you would want to do that one of the reasons being if your console is not properly booting into the home screen and it just shows you a black screen with text on it or it's stuck in an update loop or it's stuck on a restore screen you can put your PlayStation 4 in in safe mode and restore it using the options that I'm going to be showing you guys that are available on the safe mode menu and you can do this on any PlayStation 4 including the original PlayStation fours the PlayStation 4 slims and also the PlayStation 4 pros and you can also do this on ps3 systems as well so ok so we have a ps4 500 gigabyte here but this method also works with ps4 slims and ps4 pros the only difference is the buttons on the ps4 slim and ps4 Pro are located at a different location and there are also physical buttons versus the touch sensors that we have on the older PlayStation 4 models which I personally like better but we can now so we're gonna start by making sure that the power cable and the HDMI cable is plugged in and you also want to have a you a controller plugged in via USB because the controller is not going to work wirelessly in safe mode so we're gonna start by making sure the console is off so there's no it's completely we can we can see that it's completely off and we're gonna press the power button and we're going to keep holding it until the console turns on and turns back off so we're gonna keep holding the power button it's going to beep a couple of times and then it's going to shut off

and a third beep and it should turn off now and we're gonna release the power button now we're gonna this time we're gonna press the power button and we're gonna release it on the second beep so that was the first beep and on the second beat I'm gonna release the power button like that and now it should have it should be in safe mode right there just connect DualShock using USB cables as safe mode in the corner top screen right there and we're gonna press the PS button and there's our safe man a safe mode menu with all the options that are here that I'm gonna go through with you guys the first option is restart ps4 which is pretty useless I mean we can always do that with the power button second option is to change your resolution that's handy if you set your console to a resolution that your TV doesn't support like let's just say it's put the ps4 is running on 1080p and your TV is not 1080p and your TV only does 720p so you can reset your resolution so it would optimal you can reset it to the optimal defaults or reset it to the factory settings and we're not going to go ahead and do that right now because I just want to want to show you guys we're not actually resetting the resolution on this we're going to go back the third option is update system software you can update your software using a USB stick or you can do it from a disk or using the Internet the third option only works if it's plugged in through Ethernet you can update it through Wi-Fi using safe mode the first option is probably the easiest to do if you're in safe mode you can just go to Sony's website and download the update file and put it on a USB stick and go from there well I'm gonna include the link in the description for that for you guys the fourth option is to restore it to default settings this restores your console back to factory settings like all the network settings resolution settings all the basic settings would be turned back to default values so it's handy if you've messed up a setting and you want to put everything back to normal rebuild database this only works if you have data corruptions this basically we see scans the hard drives sorry we scans the hard drive and rebuilds the database it only works in certain circumstances and it takes three to four hours so make sure you have a lot of time when you're doing this the sixth option is initialized ps4 this basically resets all the settings back to factory settings this will restore your console to exactly how it was when it left the factory it will delete your profile your games saved games anything you have on the hard drive would be wiped clean so only do this as a last resort we recommend doing this if your console stuck in restore or mode or if it's stuck in an update loop or if it's just not booting to the home screen you can use this option just to get your console running again but keep in mind that you will lose all your data if you do this same thing with the last option here in it slice ps4 with reinstall with and it also reinstall the system software and this option also will delete all your data and you're gonna have to put the USB file on the file on a USB stick and install the system software but again keep in mind that you will lose all your data but again these are good options the last two options are really good if your consoles not running at all you might want to try these two options here and yeah so if you have any questions or comments or any any other queries you can comment on the video we try to get back to as many comments as we can we can't get to all of them but we try and yeah comment like share subscribe found this video useful please like and subscribe and comment our videos and also don't forget to share and any comments you that you make I try to respond to them as as frequently as I can I can't get to all of them but I try to get to as many as possible so I do comment if you have any questions and yeah visit our website as

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