The Jackfrags Spot - Battlefield 1 Beta Epic and Funny Moments

by: XfactorGaming

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oh dude this dude got ruined

yeah why why play anything my fuckin sniper

well right nevermind we're not stay another day hey guys Jack Frank's here if you want to play as a sniper I'll be offering up some hot tips let that sink in for a minute over at F there are some rock cliffs let's see fine get up on top of the rock you can have a really good view towards the train station in the middle of the map and you can pick players off as they try to cross the desert facts are facts

all the twofer oh boy mountain goat we just about Oh Oh where's he's a fucking Mouse kill me I just sighs now go to the shit out of them they're dead they're dead bullshit

he said

[Music] spice kids surprised kids suppressed kids surprise surprise surprise oh my god surprise surprise I'm not just killer unit please drop help thank you thank you

oh my god

oh my god oh my god oh my god this is Rufus bang look at that damage oh my god see ya do this thing's dirty oh my those guys she's got rude behind the wall I'll get ruined just get touched

oh my gosh I'm getting a hang of the kids they're on see I don't know where nevermind back shot

so what I just made a hole in there in this building

dude look at these people get it froze

that's easy I said city service take hard sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint

oh I got a double I got a double with the horse and we're out arrow well you're dead horse son dae-ho

Coco Coco the man

oh this gun whose gun oh boy oh boy this gun Oh

in a month and he's dead he killed himself

detective George for bank

see you see you mate erect mate [Music] Thank You horse horse wound is 45 [Music]

oh the dose go

shit shit what get collect through the wood the structure dopey oh you're dead

fucking right yeah that's right or just stack on top

there's a Tank Engine

got playing The Price is Right boy some just wait how I kill first

it doesn't you know oh my god the same time the same guy that was a dirty shot

he got broke whoop the desk reaches are amazing goodbye goodbye try our new alright mate

that was fucking a food that was epic I know you've seen me I know you see me yeah heal me get fuck now kids get fuck now

Oh oui oui oui oui yeah yeah now what's up [Music] you fucking ruined get we're ruined that's how he's night [Music]


awesome tedium

this is the new system in battlefield just pops up on the side rifle or the the SMGs and LMGs never let go ever Oh [Music]

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Here is a collection of funny and epic moments from the first day of beta for Battlefield 1 available to insiders. Had to have a little fun with Jackfrags dropping a hot tip about the arch because it is an awesome spot to clear out with a horse... or a tank. Screenshot by Berdu

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