Jessie J "BEST OF THE BEST" The Voice UK Blind Audition

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Jessie J hottest property with six top ten singles a double platinum selling debut album and four MOBO Awards dreaming of

Semiramis world that's Jean sorry about that I was dealing if it works cuz I'm glad I think it's a little like a little gnome I should just stop talking about names about ten years ago uh you look 25 once I have a saw really fine thank you thank you for fun thank you for singing for us those wonderful song awesome I'm and why you're so amazing yeah a little tactics you see then you might need to pick some on II and then I turn around and there you go far with Jessie hello we would have you ladies first what is your name Tony Tony and what is your inspiration honey I song for a living I'd suffered without a pichia since I was a little girl but I lost all of my hair and it really really just knocked the stuffing out of me really you know and I felt that I couldn't pursue what was in my heart because I didn't believe in myself the last couple of years I've had two beautiful beautiful children and sort of you realize that life's short you know and music is my absolute passion beyond passion

four years ago somebody said to me check this out Tony listen you you're not gonna believe what you hear and I heard Jessie J for the first time and I am Telling You Jessie I would love to choose you

listen up woman crying can I start off by saying yes to the purple hair I

didn't turn around not because I don't think you have an amazing voice I think you do I think of a bro I don't know if it was nerves I feel good yeah it could just kind of just chill out but I think you and Tom are gonna have a wild time

and the winner is

this is why I didn't turn around was a conqueror I can't come here I met Justin Bieber once whoo he was late and the beat was hey I'm on artists out right now does that account was anything interesting say no know how he's right now I didn't know my so grave before she got big but we did do a gig together a couple weeks ago in Brazil

that's all I'm saying I was I say that I could teach you how to to put out a record worldwide and it'd be successful

all right

thank you you're insane no voice is if we don't hear low so we're talking low so we don't get outside I'm not gonna do the bubble bubble bubble know that stuff I'm sorry no sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

I'm sorry you need to bring your ass over here right now I'm not doing what you're talking to you I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry let me play that one lovely will I was robbed I was robbed in 12 years time I'll call you when I own the label you're on don't fight it you're fighting a locator Tom Jones the voice of maturity so Jones giving me the eyebrows when I pull this face I like it I'm all about voices and I'm all about so if you want to do a lot of that then hull up Thompson lifeguard that's cool it's uh yes I knew that I was always trying to pretend to drown like and so because I was always keep boy is that gonna Jesse if you drown in Michael

I just press essays so I'm not gonna kiss you don't get too excited my Wow as much a try okay come on take a total I got shakes mom mom black here's our green with the quick results in one we have William who likes walks on the beach that's making beats late at night in second we've got Tom a--they right so do the ladies with his sexual voice thing about six farms number three we've got Danny the night arted Irish man who wants to tell the girls are you gorgeous you're gorgeous fur and then number two we have Jesse who likes the limelight

over to you yep yeah we're gonna test Jenny

my name I'm Becky I'm 17 come from Becky you are the reason I came on the show okay so here's the deal right I have nine people and I want you to be the last person on my team that song is one of my favorite songs and for youtube sung it on part if not slow Ali better than the original is I would be excited to help and write songs with you for you to be able to put that tone into your own melody and journey it's just yeah Fanta Baloo so we're going to come back you can see what I can say is that I could stand in your shoes right now and know how it feels I would always say that I always wanted to have a female that I could look up yeah stands what it's like to be a female in this industry because it isn't easy and I would definitely want to teach you how to enjoy becoming the person and the artist that you deserve to be

Jessie J's team has been assembled chitchat chitchat Jessie J team Rocca Julio I have my 10 and they are from young to old different passions different stories different walks of life and every single one of them touched me in a way that I had to press my buzzer and turn around and I'm excited to be on their journey

so show you uh seven twelve times late you know so I'm saying if we can share shoe collections no no I'm serious not um these cats I don't know what they looking at I should have pressed my button yeah this is about coaching there were things that I was going oh I should have done that should have done that and that's the whole point of the show do you not worry thank you very much for hearing me sing today

sad I'm you're that girl I'm always gonna wish that I'd turn around girl


but let's just keep going I think it's unfair for you guys to see here and say how amazing and experience done is I've been signed for seven years yeah this industry isn't about good vocals isn't just about technique and my control it's about learning who you need around you you need someone that can be serious someone that knows when to have a good time someone that knows how to own a stage someone that knows how to do a worldwide release in four you doing it right now you

one thing don't trust people

hey you're right yet just nervous okay you should have been of us I really enjoyed it yeah and I'm really happy that even you and Danny go to the same addresses for Jones is the case maybe you do that I don't know a spur I guess it everyone I have helic know what

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Jessie J "BEST OF THE BEST" The Voice UK Blind Audition
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