Mühle R-41 "TWIST" Safety Razor Review and Shave

by: geofatboy

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greetings i'm geofatboy for shavenation.com it's review time the reason I'll be using is a mullah our 41 twist here's a look at the package that comes in I'll take it out you can have a look at it here is the razor itself and this is a two piece razor the previous model of the r41 that was a three piece razor all you need to do is unscrew this knob at the bottom it's got matching it's very easy to grip so you'll unscrew that and then it just comes apart nice and easy this razor comes with a mullah test blade here's a look at that as well mullah razor culture it says on there so I'll just put this right over the pin and the posts like so and then just insert that post right into the handle and tighten it back down and now I'm ready to rock and roll with the shave here's a look at it with the blade inserted check the reveal make sure it's even on both sides you can see this is a it's an open tooth comb style and the previous r41 was a very aggressive shaving razor so I expect this to do the same this also says Mueller around this top band muh le these are made in Germany and this razor weighs in at three point nine ounces and it's four inches long and I've got a nice heavy growth on my beard something that let's see how this razor will react to it and I'm guessing if it's anything like the previous model it's going to take it all off in one pass and I'll be pretty baby smooth at the end of that first pass so let's get started the brush I'm going to use is a Simpson's see what it says there manufacturers of the finest shaving brushes in my opinion these brushes are awesome this is a chubby one super that's what I'm going to use so I'll take this apart open it up and it comes wrapped in this nice paper and we'll open this up and here is the brush itself so this is the chubby one you can see what that looks like I love the Simpson brushes the mattes are all perfect like this you can see how smooth and tight and everything is even there's no stray hairs just really nice and they feel super soft on the skin feel really nice I've used this one in several videos this is the chubby to super so you can see the difference in size right there between the 1 and the 2 the 2 is quite a bit larger and the one's a little bit smaller so the two is going to eat up more lather when you use it to shave and the one I don't expect it to eat up that much lather but I'm going to warm up my face and then we'll get started with the shave I just like to take our new brush and just put it under the hot water and soak it for a couple minutes just kind of temper it and warm up the bristles make sure it's fully saturated let's see if it mixes some lather this is just a shave nation bowl with some this is a tub of Colonel Khan shaving soap in there I just leave this at the ready if I'm ever in a hurry to shave I can get started with this and mix the lather really quickly so when you mix lather you want to make sure you don't put too much water at first otherwise you're going to you're going to saturate it or drown your lather so you can see that just about 15 seconds I've already got some sweet lather being mixed up and it comes up around the brim and I just put it back down in and keep building it like so look how nice and all these items the bowl the razor the brush any of these things and much more you can pick these up at shavenation.com just pic click on that link underneath the video and choose what you like choose whatever you might want look at that very nice I already got peaks on the lather doesn't take long this is a nice I think I'm going to really like this brush look at that beautiful lather and Peaks on the brush alright I've worn my face up a little bit one more time and we'll get started you always want to make sure that your beard is warm saturated nice and wet especially when you're using an aggressive razor so that your whiskers your beard will be sliced off cleanly by that aggressive blade and razor alright I'll start applying it's a good size brush you can get the feeling it's not too large

feels nice and soft on the face and you can direct it where you want it to go now we'll go into the nose

very nice very nice

just give it a little just a touch of warm water just to keep it nice and warm a little figure 8 action on the neck on the cheeks

plenty of leather plenty of leather for two or three passes a thumb swipe with the back of the thumbnail to clean off the lips and clear the runways so we can see the sideburns and just clean the neck up a little bit all right I'll just dry my fingers off like I said this is anything like the previous model that's going to take this off like nothing just temper it warm it up under the hot water and just find the angle proper angle start out with a flat like so and just tilt it upwards slightly and start going down oh yeah look at that beautiful very nice

this Weezer make sure on some later raisers you may have the tendency to apply a little pressure don't do it with this one this one just the weight of the razor that's all you want I'll do the right side now and I think you can hear the whiskers being removed as well yeah this you can do your uh you can get by with a one pass shave with this razor for sure

and I wasn't sure about the mule of late but it seems to be doing a fine job nice and smooth sharp

it's the blade that comes with the razor so it's a test blade the cleft just bullfrog it clean out that little notch in there okay now down the neckline

again just very gentle don't apply pressure use that leg touch

okay now down the upper lip area

and this said

and cleanup

beautiful let's rinse off

okay one pass check it out look at that so smooth so smooth this razor is designed for you if you have heavy beard growth or maybe you don't shave every single day you shave every two or three days four days this razor will as you can see one pass it will remove it it mows whiskers down like a lawn mower I mean there is no you just saw how quickly and easily it took off my three or four days growth that I had so very sweet I'm very happy with the design of it but again just be careful you know so you don't Nick yourself or cut yourself with it and let me just say this I would not recommend this if you are a beginner but if you're more of a seasoned veteran you've been shaving with a safety razor for a while you prefer or you want to try something that's more aggressive this will suit the bill or fit the bill perfectly so this Mueller 41 twist I definitely give it two thumbs up and what I can say about it is you show it the proper respect it'll show you the proper shave it's a great little razor and I don't mean little I mean it's a good sized razor it's a manly razor great for all you heavy beard boys out there for your heavy heavy growth doesn't matter what nationality you are this will perform well for you I got a tester here of some coral skin food I'll put some of that on it's a nice aftershave balm as you can see just a couple drops in the fingertips like so and spread that about and this is very creamy just apply that oh coral it smells like rose so if you like a sweet smelling scent after your shave or if you use a rose type shaving cream this will be fantastic for you and this adds an invisible layer of protection to your face during the day a great set beautiful after you apply this your face will glisten it'll have a nice glow to it and it will stay with you all day and protect your skin I'm not sure if it has an SPF factor it doesn't say on here it would be nice if it did but I'm not sure about that I'll have to find out about that but it's an excellent smelling protectant type aftershave balm well I hope you enjoyed the video this the Muller r41 the newer model the old one as I said was a 3-piece razor this is now a twist all you do is spin the knob opens up drop your blade in get your shave on thank you very much for watching please click that subscribe button down at the bottom and subscribe to my youtube channel and visit shavenation.com for all your shaving supplies everything you saw that I used in this video and much more even the Hat we just got these in I love this hat you can pick these up at shavenation.com have a great shave have

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