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what's up everybody this is Chuck it's with simply Vegas your Las Vegas realtor bringing you another property tour so today we're going to be touring a property out here in inspirati which is located in the city of Henderson this is actually a phase one of the master plan community inspirati okay the Builder here is century and the floor plan on here is 3528 which is also the square footage too as well so we're gonna start over here on the left-hand side so like I said the square footage on this one is 3528 square feet it is a two-story home does come with four bedrooms optional six bedrooms three and a half bathrooms optional four and a half baths two with a two-car garage the starting price on this one is four hundred and sixty six thousand four hundred and ninety dollars so this looks like you have an option as far as at a six bedroom or multi gen casita in lieu of a den that's probably what I would actually go with but this room is only a standard I think it's only 12 by 13 so it's not that big however you do have some crown moldings as well which is pretty nice coming into the half bath

okay you have a tie Lauren which you have the would like also as you can see the entryway you have nice and high ceilings oops there we go so now coming down here what we're going to do is go off to the right this right here is the two-car garage will actually take it a two-car or three car garage option this looks like just to be some storage space here okay which is looks to be a dead space but I think you can actually add a bathroom here I'm thinking here is the valley or the mudroom I like to call it coming across is the formal dining area and this room looks pretty huge here this one's probably a 15 by 15 also if you take a look on the studs here it's not the two by six this is actually two by twelves so it gives you that elegant appearance you have six inch baseboards everything's all straight edge on this one okay look how beautiful this island is this island is huge you have a two-inch courts Oh actually a six inch quartz waterfall

and half of this whole house is just the kitchen it's amazing

here's your pantry actually is a decent size it is a 8 by 5 pantry also inside the kitchen standard is actually maple cabinets as well beautiful sink this one you have to whirlpool dishwashers you have standard drawers solid wood up in the front and got some water here get some water maybe just a second here and park you guys for a second

beautiful living room nice fireplace

go back into the kitchen area you got the 48 upper cabinets which is really nice I mean you got two inch quarts nice backsplash lighting underneath you got your oven and conventional microwave you actually have two ovens on this one it looks like 3-inch crown also love this piece underneath here transition for the the cabinets to the backsplash nice burner and this is definitely going to be all in upgrade as far as all cabinet space

get your three panel door so let's go up in the back and see what you got so this would actually be an upgrade I think this is about a thirty thousand dollar upgrade on the the back patio with the pavers that price may have changed it could be cheaper but that's um I did a deal what century I think it was about that price that's a master

I also want to give a shout out to all the people that been supporting me in this channel really do appreciate it


[Music] all right so we're going to come back in here and then we're going to go upstairs take another loop around beautiful kitchen though beautiful kitchen

so looks like we have a closet here we didn't look at underneath the staircase alright let's go upstairs

I'm trying to get a better angle here for you guys now this area you have the option fifth bedroom and blue of the loft you guys see that or not

that's a 20 by 20 now let's come into this bedroom right here

if you're walking closet

brooms 15 by 12 decent size love these 3/4 shower now a lot of people ask hey Chuck why doesn't these homes come with a bath you have an option to do a bow keep that in mind a lot of people just don't do it because they prefer to take a shower now when I was younger I used to take a shower I'm in a bath all the time but now I'm just in and out and I think that's most people but yes in the master bedroom you really do want to have the option to have a shower and a tub if you have that option that's a money well spent so keep that in mind when you're doing your structural 9 foot ceilings in the second floor this room is pretty large 15 by 13 closet is a standard two two and a half on this one actually by 8 feet

also I like the fact that this is a jack-and-jill bathroom however it's not connected at the room and you guys know what I'm talking about where you have the two bedrooms that is connected with the Jack and Jill tub shower combo fiberglass

I like the fact that how it just cuts all the way through

so you have a bedroom here right your laundry rooms right here

and here's that bedroom what's nice about this this also shares with the loft however if you have another bedroom there you should have another bathroom I gotta take a look at that uh for sure again

standard closet 2x8

so now let's go into the master the master door is a little bit wider which is nice

a little dark here so I'm gonna hit it from the other angle like the fact it's got that little balcony this is definitely a upgrade option for your structural this is a 10 probably about 15 feet across [Music] hopefully this cattails is working and breaking that wind up try to hit it from this corner see if I can get you guys a better angle here there we go it's always nice when you have the the lights in the back of the camera let's take a look at this nice nice I love how you put a mirror here to make the bedrooms look bigger I mean the bathroom to look bigger if you put those big mirrors like that however this is a nice tub but it is not a true cast-iron or ceramic tub it's just a fiberglass tub it's kind of like this the best analogy I have for you is you know like if you get a Rolex watch you don't get a replica you got to get a real one right so basically what that is is just a replica and what's gonna happen is they'll probably charge you like so much for that it's unbelievable there's one builders charge and six grand for I'm not gonna tell you what builder though

oh my God look at these uh flooring on there I believe you that these are marble flooring this is like 36 by 36 that is insane there's your toilet I can't believe that loving the shower gorgeous also I love the transition from the shower to the tub you see that backsplash on the wall that is gorgeous great design lovely sink quartz or could be petrified yeah it's kind of hard to tell now with the courts and the you know man-made materials now it's just insane

well let me know what you guys think about this property this property the asking price was what what did I say four hundred sixty six thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars let me know if you would actually pay for something like this it is a pretty big home electricity bill must be a killer on this one

take one more lap over there in the kitchen in this video yeah get it back to work and make all these calls if you haven't subscribed to this channel go ahead and subscribe to this channel I

really do appreciate each and every one of you guys you guys are probably tired of hearing that but I really do mean it so thank you so much I'm Chuck it's Chris walk with simply Vegas and have a blessed day

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