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all right I'm recording oh hell yeah play something so here comes the Wow yeah this is where you get to hear Brandon and Chris were and you all here you will see that anywhere else

I don't swear ever Wow Emily Chris let me otherwise okay pussy daily what that is is not a swear you were kidding me so if you had a child you would say it's okay for them to go to school and cull pussy like a cuss word yes it is no it's not when you leave it alone like that yeah you saying pussy cats and no you say pussies then it's not no a cuss word is like a cuss word that's a customer so so cool Chris if I walk up to my mom right now hey see it's like it's disrespectful and it's hurtful but it's not a customer why do you say it's not a customer cuz it's not a cuss word cuz there's a time cuz words no you watch Spongebob you ask too much my job for thinking ethic oh no ha ha no never said pussy on spongebob but that's what I'm sayin like nevermind alright what are the cuss words then tell me them because words are f no see them f there's a lot of f-words the cuss words are damn know barely ass get out of it shit and the f-word those were not five first hahaha secondly Dan is not a curse word exactly itself five and I don't will you say bitch and ass in a lot of your videos so your garden well then why won't you swear in my video good because you want me to I don't want you to you already did it really it just says always I don't do mama ru good friend yeah good okay I know you're just gonna click the thing it's not like I got a do a intro I'm just recording for my show you don't got it do you see yeah I'm gonna make fun of your intro in my video just so you know we got any weirdo myself only no we got no we got to do a uh no we're still warming up okay you know what I'm going like that you only the funny match what does the hell you ain't up in 75 overall by the way can we look at so let's look at these overalls real quick 91 for rock do you know what Brock is in the 'quran game I don't remember he's like 90 seen is definitely not a 75 that's crazy might be like a navy fell back I mean what year was this this would be 2003 so even then this is a match best suited for Sunday night

oh damn you don't have be like oh yeah I'll do I've entrances off okay doesn't matter for this I'll turn them on for the next one huh I guess you probably can't have engines for hell as they'll know you can we didn't have entrances in the last match either I think they're just off please just bring that back so I can just block out how it's so easy it really is Hey look guys look I'm believing the Hell in a Cell guys look at this Howie that's right if I get down the rig this square a-square yeah look I'm already out of the ring gentlemen how fun is this game all the door yeah hey we go hey wait who's Brock that's gotta be our your rock no I'm keen we had a light go up triangle triangle no it's literally not letting me just run forward there you go they're all I had to get on this head no you can do it

[Applause] no he's dead oh why did you give yourself any finishers I did that's why you messed up who's Brock oh hey you can give me somebody for the shirt

Hellfire and brimstone just so you know yeah it's not letting me climb on the other side you just gotta run when diving off of the double-vision you just gotta like running you didn't give yourself any yes I did oh no because we went back I am believe me I'm gonna talk all right you got you you go down you want to talk you go down there and so it

kind of cooled you don't have to do this you have to do this I'm so good lucky you got one more in come on see the job out there my stamina was not going up at all really yeah hit hit the Tom pun so hate the toplin that's not the time button what are you doing would you go Oh Oh cuz you're John Cena good oh you're submitting already what a scumbag Wow running that back real quick I'll let you get your finish he took two choke slams and jumped off the cage and he was dead all the mentions assort up I think they just don't have engines for Helens help they do oh wait maybe no see they didn't end it into like why didn't that hardcore match we did have entrances in the what match the hardcore match the first match we did in their emphasis because you probably just might have had those off [Music] all right I guess no no that's it it's still crazy that I I'm playing here comes the pain with people on life run it back I wish my controller would stop walking me backward it has to be like that's so weird it has to be something with like controller or maybe restart ds4 or it's fine I won't be a train I would like to be a dream today did you give yourself all the finishes no Randy Orton yeah well you do like inter-gender matches to man I mean you can do everything

yo this is sad Randy Orton is a 70 overall mark yeah but granted you know well if you see them like a train was a 72 so I think he was better than here that's gonna be on velocity yeah I guess you're right now what's my stance just touching my hands like a pervert I'm boxing over here my hairy yeah it's just I don't know what made them think that making it so you had to break a key like the cell wall down would be fun yeah it's so tedious OMG moment like move it correctly yeah I'm willing to bet that there's never been a cpu match in that game ever where the CPU has gone out of the cell because they just don't they it's such a probably have to get a finisher and you have to line them up against the cage like it's so tedious insane by the way this is Ricky Orton so like he is you don't got any yeah you do any night you know got the RKO yet I'll have you step down and put them on the table says I'm a train ah [Applause] jump jump on him jump on them no well a shit bitch oh thank you I don't I get out and say got you know can he not used to not walking off I really what were you thinking me not what dammit what fine sewing for you I'm glad to get up no l wanted you to know that how about that I'd like to let you know that I know nothing hey it's for taking everybody ah Maddie we did Kristen I did this in like a modded game and we had a bunch of tables on top of the zone oh I remember that oh you saved his life oh this is doubled oh no oh they're hugging no it's all you tap best but match throw me away like I'm nothing get up there you go now there you go take this man huh Oh train like that a train ain't even left the tracks mark left the tracks know why you cheated alrights have another fun mascot stop going the opposite way oh we hopped them up oh not me we gotta get Chris he's gone at this game derailleur railer hardly now chokeslam no I blocked it no you did not it

[Applause] no wait a help I used to be one of the steps holy crap what are you doing

not on me let's go P let's get out of your there comes the pain here comes the food will you go get up so slow Oh No NR 2 at Sam's house reverse the finisher right oh yes you better roll off yeah it's L to announcer at the same time I'm pretty sure unless it's just grandpa but I'm pretty sure it's both that's Rome on the table no I'm circle and then direction of the table like at the same time no it was a dream

Brendan do you feel like you're warmed up yeah we start whenever I'm tired all right let's know your way he's sucking her sister real quick all right we good like some kind of good family member or something I am a good family member see I'm gonna wait no where's my food oh yeah that's right

does it say what time it was like what was the latest was supposed to be there eleven eleven Brandon it's 11:30 did they cancel on you I hope not if they did let me know app the same as like a burrito oh no you were never using it does it show you where the driver I posted I'll show you where the driver is dude you should call for real I'm a log into my email and see if they sent me anything and if they didn't know what did I tell you on your phone that your foots like cancelled maybe I don't know my food has ever been canceled so I'm this I'm not sure I think gdq's oh they sent me an email an hour saying that it was canceled yes but can I get my money back though did they ever take the money out yeah are you sure like I might you sure it wasn't like held and then they took it but if I can let me check damn Brandon I'm over you're sitting here starving is anything hopefully you snuck out of the shit all right it's only 11:30 no they closed er no anything anywhere else I mean any other places oh no everything's closed what there's no way McDonald's is closed no it's closed they go there no what are you the 23rd right 24th now oh no 23rd oh no they're gonna give you a credit hold on hold on you know I wouldn't be mad at that actually no they can't do that [Music] you want to run a quick one Chris Layla's on I said you want to run a quick one sure quick table and do it oh you're fucking alright we can't do it cuz Brannan's controller - what I said your controller - so I can't do it one-on-one with Chris I'll just stand somewhere y'all good no oh yeah how about the soundtrack though we could just borrow or we can just wait for Brandon oh you gotta just double-click xsprinter Oh No when I can bow down no that's not she does not use that song still Oh look away Oh big polar yo at least go to the tune I can't even hear it wait how did you love with that much I lowered the poor yeah that's how I stand all styled you better have like that's how she executed right now yeah really this is there oh well I'm gonna tell the girl all right well I sent an email back this should I call the pain and say yes I did so I just have email back wait you call it the restaurant you call it the app people who called the app because that's that's who took the money right yeah yeah yeah are there any now I mean I have like leftovers but I won't come on I was in the mood for a jalapeño burger tan I happened this they they better give me my money back on store credit song yeah really yeah somebody to you know get piled rap what mattresses tables match oh don't touch me don't do it I'm the only dude dude now you know I feel the kendo stick listen that was my retaliation for your shit ass roll get on there I run it back well you look like a real pervert so if I'm standing on table like that you can go up to impress square and just pull it out from under me oh snap what no I forgot good the controller uh-huh yeah hello oh you better run then get out of here oh I hate you put this table to put the stress to her table that actually I don't I don't actually know he's kicking my ass though he's looking at me like I did something wrong chicken dip Earl are you taking that damn oh no we're Leith wrote it I have nope is it right there that hit squared like Brennan yeah it's where they're not there no it has to be has to be be Vaughn Kenneth I'm still not getting this whole circle like oh how do i rib okay so like okay tap circle and then you start a tab circle then guide me so like if you wanted to do diagonal you would just like tap circle and then towards the table like right after it grazie oh wow stop I know no other moves just you can grapple circle I don't know how circle oh they want tables we gotta get this to rain you climb up now you do that the same way you climb many nothing oh no oh [Applause] gambling what come on up coward a coward I'm dead one Trish Countians my games being able to put the tables wherever you want do whatever you want them yeah you bring that please I'm gonna show it to you guys who do you want to see I have the dilemma where this is a female and I can't hurt a female no that's response it's fake don't worry about it isn't the isn't the king just want to be down in X its diagonal like so down and right like that [Applause]



[Laughter] that was genius I was wonderful that looks so deadly oh no no no she's gonna pick you up some squares I pick it up and then like X and the direction is it put somebody on it yo real dog is that let me pick it up are you getting square yeah maybe it's cuz you're moving at the same time no no it won't let me stop moving cuz my controllers that's so weird


alright ready to do special referee yeah who wants to be a rap was gonna be me because I don't know what the fuck I'm doing that's very all you got the only button you need as a ref is square so hopefully you have squared do you got to do an intro to ladies jumping back to ciao welcome to a very special edition of here comes the pain I got Johnny boy from new Legacy Inc Craig doesn't problem that's your boy from friend it does everything special referee max oh yeah it was me versus Johnny today yes I think we couldn't run the gauntlet we can all take turns being rough reason ok do people I need you hit that thumbs up button is hard about to get ok if we get 2000 likes whoa they'll come back and I'll be the special guest referee it's gonna be it's gotta be 2003 because I'm pretty sure that's when this game came out right I'm ready I'm ready to do this let's go dude so three players now Brandon you're down there and uh oh no you couldn't you two gotta switch places

[Music] referee Brendan doesn't you be anyone you want Eric Oh give yourself full finishes there you go needed for the referee if he's gonna you know horny I'll rough me I exactly don't catch these hands are we gonna fall are we going full finishes are we gonna go basic sorry alright

okay do that roar rump Royal Rumbles eat let's check Annie and works for me give up off because Chris treats

there you go special referee Brock Lesnar Goldberg Eric Bischoff but good officiating let's get it oh yeah it comes the winner big he's so thick

listen man it was it wasn't about being visually as visually pleasing you know he's got big nipples and stuff it's no big deal the well you know you focus on the gameplay the the Arkady gameplay is definitely OOP that's coming back here comes your pain no matter what like all these are like this shut your mouth yeah gameplay wise it just cannot be beat we don't want we don't want our that time you late we don't want simulations big bang simulator I just want to hear Brock scream that wasn't yet he didn't do that yet oh the street baby online on the Honda Rumble that Tommy self doing that over he messed up he missed yet nice talking a lot of smack a lot of trans do you Johnny boy oh wow I don't think you can I don't know friend gets an entrance I think he's just benefits not yeah I think it's good oh you do oh no I do lady oh we're gonna slow walk the referee taking his good old time great you better call this down the middle yeah Brandon down the middle man down the middle right I'm going to screw one of you whoa you can't say that on YouTube oh call right down the middle man come on you know so I'm gonna be a fair fight okay when I'm covering him real fast when he's covering no fighting no you saw you were safe I'm one of these real quick you can one of yours real quick all right okay what just so just so you understand just so you understand this want to happen if you try to mess with one of us over what it is this is long as animation cover one oh all right all right let him go back up all right Thank You business not messing around Eric with the help thank you look at you Oh why'd he drop it whoa yeah kill Oh countable hit square No square square you only go turn DQ's over no no just donate square yeah you better keep this in all right for reals this time Brandon was messing around too much in that match watch yeah Brian you gotta you gotta get together I was being bullied in here we go all right I want a nice clean fight no kicking in the private areas suplex already start this off suplex this ain't a game today so black you want another one I'll give you another suplex

yeah off the rope no I'm off the rope as well Eric Vince off is a karate kid oh I gotta go no no where you go nowhere doll I'm did not go light no I'm not good job Eric good job Eric boom lies toe wall oh nice drop on your neck he'd even know you're arrested gotcha oh yeah boy oh God gotta break the wire ah five Wow all right Brennan do me the honors oh dear what is it oh that's an illegal illegal move sir what come on no being disrespectful yeah stop taunting me you're being disrespectful whoa whoa you're trying to attack this referee that's my friend right there Jochen Eddie come out here just go from here oh come on out tough guy I'll remember that oh don't let her get in his ring boy come on up stuff oh yeah you would run [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] when I throw this in hits hits Claire no I swear no no no I'm talking about Kris all right where are you grow a circle okay not can I catch this in my work is the chair ruff you just let us do we're just trying to have some good clean football I see I'm all about the fun right I'm just trying to catch it catch it go go go all right oh it's me Kevin all right

don't you disrespect the Rev you got caught for the job what are you doing [Applause]

there's no what we talked about over look you paying me enough oh god no no yeah yeah we go

I'm gonna get in here milk now that's not fair all right one in water one in one the rubber bands rubber Mary I'm gonna be a regular look at me that upset about a lawsuit yo all right one more here we go all right this time I'm gonna be a normal referee yeah normal pounce and everything better do the fact that they don't Wow they need to bring special guests yeah all right guys all right guys hold on hold on I'm gonna need you guys to shake hands all right dig in there one N one Oh God it's time for some suplex certainly nice gesture let's go what cover come on Ref what do you play I don't know I don't know what does that were to be on fit pull you out of the sky on the back what that's me reversing oh yeah no roll break break for what I broke that what there we go shooting star press no oh I don't know when did time that reversal Oh No why wait why does he not do anything from there some reversing it no that's not why what do you mean no that's not why whatever the people tell the hook okay I'll give you another one just cuz I feel like it let's go oh don't be a bully be a star no got you boy gotta win this one Eric look away Eric what set up on the stage that's crazy that's crazy up there look at that rope break yeah anyway that's right it goes to the ropes what was that sir see look my analog stick is broken it's gonna keep moving me oh yes oh I love that I love that at five animation shoot exogenous oh wow yeah Goldberg I'll bet the sale by the way oh yeah how do you drag you don't that's not a sec thanks Greg there's no dragging in this game that's not true it's not you I'm sung it's something we're gonna eelis thank ya yes Holly I see it Oh get up I'm gonna do it again it look real cool nice yes go to the top Judy boy risky WrestleMania Oh

I got 10 seconds I'm fine this is not a no DQ match mr. Lesnar okay I'm calling it how I see it sir there's not a note you hit him with that hey if you hit him with that Wow listen I'm just don't worry about me worry about yourself oh my god no that looks like a low blow to me no it was cool Althea boy you're good yeah bro break it's all right there's no submissions any quick I don't pick stuff up oh I don't think you can has a rest yeah but I'm trying to get this out of here hey you better call a DQ drivings over there whoa

oh I called it I seen they pay me to lose he paid me right off for that match Brandon's got some extra money coming in brainy got the money Romans bank all right since Chris won he gets to be the rest next I get to be the ref next but only if y'all hit that thumbs up button good boy here comes the pain coming your way man I love this game look if you want to see more stay tuned don't miss it Fran does everything new legs seeing subscribe their channels and stuff there okay wow wow wow who won though who won last match I said I want one of them exit the last one oh when I think the real winner was me what do you mean I didn't get hurt I take it back wow wow I'm hurt we do another you want to just record the other one now and then run out there we go that's in the right spot right actually this is also a thing two of us could be refs for like Brandon's match why it's two referees so like one can count them 10 or the other kick out the pin down the bed I don't know that'd be funny for an Ironman that that would be that's fun let's table that I definitely want to do that okay this should be right isn't this right Brad yeah it is it is oh do you got record-high then I guess our announcement ladies and gentlemen welcome back to child welcome back to more here comes the pain featuring Brandon oh hi I don't think I'm Brandon I would have said to Johnny you know we did last time we tell em we just won right away we said special referee this is way too much fun but this time you boy is the referees danger in order beautiful okay can't wait go ahead that's practically go things do easily subscribe to be legacy cuz we're you do maybe cuz they play quite a lot now why are you guys such fans of up say older wrestling gauge that's compared to like here comes the pain and give me like a like shut your mouth here comes the pain even like Smackdown 1 & 2 games like that have a different comply like a completely different feel it feels more like I guess our katie is the word that everyone kind of uses for but that's really like it's not the simulation style that you get in in current day games there's more like it's more fun like I don't feel like I'm having to try too play with the weird system that they give it like you can just do what you want in these games really don't cold season in Austin Stephen Stephen where we going bad blood oh we got bad blood oh no I'm keep thinking I'm gonna give you you know all your options as a referee beautifully refereeing duties here's the thing Duty square is the only button you need you said square was the DQ button squares learned those counting and everything square does everything yeah yeah that's what I was trying to be so cautious you got DQ'd because you hit me with weapon and then square is the button to disqualify somebody he didn't have to DQ you he just did though yeah but so what it would if you can't just DQ them just for the hell of it yeah oh you can't DQ is Melvin no no I'd have to hit him with a weapon for you to DQ like if you both like say if like last time we did it y'all both were out of the Gianna content yeah if you would have been out there too then it would've been wrong yeah so you control what you do yeah except but it has to be like situational like in style called in psycho ah I have a title I don't know if it's on the line we could say it is

stone-cold was my first favorite wrestler so what wasn't my birthday present but he was my favorite who's your first finger the holster oh you're right you're like Brandon's first day wrestler is like it's always been Randy Orton here we go oh here comes the refs Oh dancing his way out I got some swag yeah um I can be Moody all right oh no the tide the tide of the match depends on the tide of my oh that's AB listen I that's up to you I feel like that's a direct shot at me jump jump I'll pick you me man he knows how to do it now that would not me thank you listen I'll take any opportunity I can to beat up Chris tanker I'll tell you that much but he's got so much control right now all right Oh sir no that was an accident in the corner don't worry about it here we go all right you know okay I got him you're right I do I do I see that roll I'm good Oh

parties sign I mean hey you were just in the way I just wanna show off oh do you want to give up no why Oh even were you going come back that's gonna be a count of 100 count that's full I got I got 10 seconds I made you a tattoo why are we running come on guys bring it in I got 10 seconds cow cow

five all right come on guys what you're dancin how many didn't bring it in now guys six everyone just calm down everyone in the arena I understand my job I know I certainly hope everyone makes it back in the ring Beckett what are you doing what are you doing what is your problem that was ten that was 20 oh I let it go let it go Ellen Oh Brandon when you look at like gut kick what are you saying to him and he's wide and he's like movie like that hit l1 immediately and hit that bad hit your vision why are you saying all the business till I'm I'm lying you because you didn't teach them I'll probably play the game I taught on me chance he just hey listen no I'm listening guys you gotta beat me with that get out of monthly Wow this boy got ax I'm just bringing it for him you can have that here no take take it just don't know get out of my face Circle the ref no circle no I was trying to either grab me for my hang Wow look at this collusion spell that

[Applause] what your problem no no no no for the big moon flipping I meant a ton I just meant to taunt that mean kick are you what's your problem man take me back oh well you screwed Bret now Kurt I'll give you one hit no I'm good I have moon flipping watch out oh no I think give ups are all still so oh wow whoa whoa oh oh don't worry about me watch it watch out watch out get out of the way what's your problem

[Laughter] [Applause] get out of here all right you told me to get out get back you didn't on my bed John [Applause] no no no oh-oh-oh-oh [Applause]


you better you better just get it together here we go no no no angles lamb angles lover gonna do it excuse me you can't deny me raise my hand Chris yeah I hard-fought battle thank you won by none other than Ceylan yes thank you mr. blood nice big tree thank you a a return i have retained the championship well i controversial victory yes what how there is a lot of language there's no i i was fair now I read German I think it's time for for me to be referee if y'all want it let me know down in the comment section below hit that thumbs up button as hard as possible guys wanna see more here comes the pain I appreciate you stopping better appreciate you stopping stop by I preach I stop it so you appreciation

you wanna do one more for five more horrified I don't want to do five more I want to figure out what I'm wearing it's 9 o'clock you better not rob me of my special referee oh I think it should be an Iron Man match between you two suit it yeah I mean I'm not

okay yeah you a nasty bitch oh Jesus Oh who's a nasty bitch now ah I got you swearing on my channel I'll be right back he was like no oh God set the timer his might not be gone for three hours so when was last time you played this game when you were six rob was like two hours i when when do you think that would be like 2006 oh yeah and so you just been playing like current day games I mean I've been playing I think but the game I the the wrestling game i sat down and actually played it was Smackdown vs. raw like the first oh yeah five or six seven oh five wasn't I don't remember to be honest oh I played it late though cuz Mike my brother had it and then he gave it to me okay like though I didn't play it to like 2007 or so yeah okay so I played that for a while and then the game actually sat down and played played was 2008 you know honestly it wasn't a great game I I didn't like how it played honestly I compared to oh six and oh seven I didn't yeah because that was when they started to move towards like more realistic stuff the only thing I wish they in this game is you could break up moves have you ever played a reckoning no I have it actually that's probably the best wrestling engine there is I've heard that like so good things above again I'd recommend playing wrestlemania xix and day of reckoning 1 on the gamecube like on your own or either for your channel it's so good what kind of old games are in this iron parsec like ah so Park so parsec is like so what I'm on right now is like a server it's like a virtual computer so this isn't my computer or anything and Laura sick like so it's a it's a computer where you can download like you know you know you can download game cubes and Playstations if you know what I'm talking about and you can download any game you want really any game any game ever that was before like that came out on a ps2 oh okay that's well yeah yeah anything or GameCube or Nintendo you know anything free PlayStation 2 really is open all right yeah so I mean you saw like what we have on our for a second we have a bunch of stuff so yeah like does he ever need help setting everything up so um I can try to help or if you need some guidance on where to find you know new games wink wink oh did he go to be gonna make Michelle no have you been recording us yeah I'm like 50 minutes of the other one and then I just started see I never stopped mine see I usually don't but I like the way that one ended so I was yeah that's fair like how far am I in this recording but yeah usually like if I'm just trying to get like yeah I'll just continue so your core to talking see my people like long videos really yeah all my shit like they like full content they don't like like I mean I'll put up highlight videos and people like that like for this I think I have a split community with it like like some people like the highlight videos that we put up and then some like watching the full streams and stuff like that it's like this I would put up in full like um oh yeah yeah I do I do realize yeah your audience does like it's weird it depends on like the videos on the wrestling they prefer to be like blue ball okay what if it's like if it's kind of like a funny you're type of video I guess they like not good yeah oops cool we're from some like macaroni grill oh okay now you want to do your thing or whatever hey your thing or whatever who is moving there excuse you excuse me that ain't for you daddy huh as a you ain't on me I figured you were gonna make another video I'm gonna well that's what I'm waiting on pull ladies down welcome back to the channel welcome back to another here comes the pain special referee episode why this is the greatest mode and all wrestling games that maybe not but it but it's later now recording ladies and gentlemen welcome back we're here comes the vain why are you guys laughing no big deal I don't know why I'm here with and giant boy of color legacy we're doing more here cuz paying special referee mochas is the greatest mode ever made in all wrestling game I mean it's pretty good you know but I don't know it's great so this one's a different kind of ah tell them it's you know this isn't just a special referee match iron man's special referee match not only it's in an Iron Man special referee match but John Balad is the referee in this one so you two you two you two gotta go by my rule okay I don't want any soon Anakin's all right and I'm gonna be Vincent Kennedy but I am oh don't worry about me Barrymore listen you guys gotta worry about each other you two are fighting you look at I worry about me um a referee that's all I'm gonna do referee mmm-hmm but it's night it's iron man rules multiple pinfalls Oh Oh - okay wait I don't know about all right they're gonna be ray with 74 overall I said that's what I'm let's see let's go let's go to the Survivor Series all right Oh actually maybe I lied maybe I lied yes so this is a 10 minute Iron Man match so the most falls in 10 minutes I will turn you know I'm gonna turn submissions on for this to use on everything on all right there's those other rules gentlemen please follow my words before I Bop you thank you ain't gonna happen hopefully you're recording this time Chris this man this man made it 10 minutes for the ad revenue 3 hours long

world champion no it's purple you lost them in a highbrow match you putting a title on the line it's not clipping his best he's the game he can do whatever he wants she does not have eyebrows no you don't need eyebrows when you're the world champ was that an artistic oversight there maybe he did maybe he genuinely didn't have eyebrows in that era I don't remember it's very boom step jumping out this guy Holmes does that jumping out of the wall oh you'd attempt to know you legally can't put that online Triple H is definitely not 205 for whatever it was back then 220 so like that was the weight limit for that cruiserweight title then was 220 so there's 205 business that's the bantamweight over there here comes the most important man in the match but now skip don't you dare oh I'm putting the dummy to be chairman on the line oh hell yeah you get full entrance Vince too tight ass this magistrata you buy I go bro it look like Denzel Crocker from Fairly OddParents Wow don't you and you're insulting me already you know well I am the ref you know listen I was in your care here we go gentlemen ding dong ding all right ding ye sorry no whoa no you don't I didn't do nothin you don't there oh you done don't worry about it all right oh whoa sorry Oh yo shark we don't need any sunset flips over here I'm sorry I'm talking what sorry I was taunting Wow Reb I bet

200 no Senate floor maybe not you just do your damn thing are you okay hello okay I'm good Oh cover one - that's one that's one that's one oh he's go to know you're all right do peace pap-pap happy on fire here we go one two let's - up come on your blade try to get them try to get them there you go I think you are seeing a Grimm its pedigree Oh one no I'm not doing it yet no do it through the roar Oh give it to him give its own grant do it son your new business well I own it Oh sorrow break of course never the one that I needed just now what does hey hey hey are you spider-man over here my goodness that's crazy yeah out here bull could you down could you get down from there you spent so much time up there you spent Wow you gotta listen to my rules I told you get down all right here we go count one two three there's a 1 a 2 oh oh I'm gonna catch them in hold on it's one two - Yee Oh Sees what I where are you going I saw him back in the ring don't worry if I want to oh I kicked out all right you know good oh hey master smack me like that I know it's all about well do I get reverting a single thing now this is respectful I'm gonna take a walk take a walk good bye you guys have some fun I can't see you take a little walk ski would you mind coming back I'll take a little walk why don't you keep doing this one oh yes I'm caught up I'm coming all right I've got one dumpster not today hit that pedigree alright there you guys now I've heard everything oh come on I thought I reversed it no stop that stop that stop that stop that stopped it going under oh I try to give you a - oh I try to give you a - that was some flowers ability do you mean I was a DOS Cowan Fair yo triple agent you talking crap right now you might not be running them there you go you're up - are you up one you're fine can you turn this way there you go I'll rub real sorrow prick oh there you go

did it rip Oh cover that man is a fair count one two here's a three there we go decisive pin there ya go one and A two and A three and a four and a five and a six and a seven a one oh gosh I hope you're not cheating over here oh no no I don't control anymore oh there we go no I got a bag I don't my controller with stop or case I love I didn't pin I don't know why my controllers doing the bread oh yo what are you doing don't know are you talking about I'm down hit me in the face with your feets he said get up after he hits you face I'm getting up damn do me like that well which one you hit me you think I'm gonna donate don't care even know no swear that's what happened to me like it goes so slow sometimes it's fine oh I can win the - I wanna try to deny that I'm calling it right down the middle there up another game one two three oh that was the same count I was giving you until you ran your mouth now you're getting a pedigree look at this girl and these reversals not work gonna cover that man nice minute Joey oh whoa 1 & 2 & a 3 bear count damn again you can smashed right now Chris

someone grabs that steel chair oh shit I'm hurt oh my god no it's not reversing anything I need you're gonna pick me up then alright thank you wait a second you're the one that knocked me down okay oh sorry no oh whoa Wow Dave my old fella my own Oh Oh what what do you want what you want from me that's you more than that oh my god oh my god oh how we yelled at me for not teaching brands and controls okay what's gone from the assault one robbery no yes it was what I'm sorry why are you doing this - that was unintentional and knock it off see I left you alone it was unintentional but ahem with oh you don't got any finishers to him you got greedy hey we don't know that one oh you better knock it oh oh I thought I reversed it one two oh you guys why you do this why do you do this to me are you saying I'm being unfair maybe no I would never say that you're the nicest recrea thank you what do you say about lively over here say about me you got one minute what oh he's picking the ankle he's slowing it down after it no more 61 nights for you buddy what the shoulders are on the mat bro

break this up break this up break this up that was right I rescued you know 20 seconds 15 you look at look at times roll it 10 seconds I was screwed game No yo can we talk about that long move of shit support what thanks 46 minutes that was the longest move animation I've ever seen that was down to the last second I mean if you guys want to do a quick you know a overtime one V one I don't know school it unders listen it's for two for one last fall with one last phone to decided a first-ball wins all right go easy let's do it yeah right down the middle overtime overtime OT alright let's go boys let's go boys no there you go right oh no is it already time is it already over honey you better tell you the bear look at Vince huh huh you got a soccer fair you better say I'm a County Fair 1 2 3

no what do you want me to do what do you want me to do Boyd Adam listen that was that you can't tell me that wasn't a fair count those that would argue to be sure not my heart I would have already got my heart rate I would have argued that Brandon kicked out though I don't know what happened but that was where that was that might have been that might have been Brandon I take my elves where my L stick they need to bring back special right yeah absolutely it's not even a request anymore it makes you guys hit that thumbs up on as hard as positive region 8 the sports subscribe these wonderful gentlemen oh yeah your wings they'll be down the descriptions you can find me at jag as films the guy that Chris is me other do yeah Chris be mean to other guy oh thank you guys miss na vi's the eggs I'm pleased

that was awesome that shit was funny i got your footage now leave me the fuck [Laughter] are we are we done playing this er why well I started having fun it I forgot that I like this game that's literally me every time I make a

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