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the question I constantly get asked in home brewing is about bold priming it makes bottling a lot easier you don't have to measure the difference amounts of sugars whatever type of sugar you use for carbonation that would be you can even use honey things like that but personally I just use dextrose for carbonation it makes it a lot easier you don't have to measure the difference of amounts for each different sized bottle you use a lot of people like the Cooper's carbonation drops they're not really made for bottling pint bottles they just don't come in that size so bulk Romney just makes it a lot easier the first thing I do just to get ready it's one thing you're going to need is a food grade hose this one's nearly two meters long very close to two meters long all I do you need a another fermenter or bottling bucket whatever you use to bottle anyway first thing I do is put everything I'm going to need at this time I'll also put my bottling wand and beat some people in there everything I'm going to need to be sanitized

let's go

leave that for a couple of minutes well of sanitizes one of the things you can do while you're waiting for everything to sterilize he's way out your dextrose would I use dextrose I use 180 grams most of my brews there's a lot of brewing calculators for bulb priming on the web that you find for your particular style of B or how much carbonation you're like oh I can about 180 grams that's easy just away then

next thing I do let's grab a nice clean saucepan usually boil water in it first just to get any gunk out tip that out I had about it's about 400 mils of water

bring it up to the boil boil it for a couple of minutes there Ward has now been boiling for a couple of minutes I've grabbed my 180 grams of dextrose I have a spoon here have a spoon here and some sanitizer give that a good stir

it's all dissolve now actually leave the heat on on low for just a little while just in case this and nasties in the dextrose they usually isn't

there you go that'll do turn it off and I'll now cover that with some foil and just let it sit there and cool a little

the next thing I do is I sanitize all my bottles I use a bottle tree and a pump-action bottle rinser quite simple you put it together like that fill this up when you sanitize it and it's as simple as down a few times and add a shit bonus for you put them on the bottle tree let them drain a bit and they're ready to go there's my bottle tree set up with the pump-action bottle rinse are ready to go and it's as easy as this just grab your bottle the first few pounds are usually

the three that's your bottle sanitize stick it on the bottle tray grab your next bottle and keep going it's that easy they're great investment try and do a close-up there we go all done no to about ten minutes it's a great way of reaching your bottles sanitizing them big signal caps put some sanitizer in with them cover em over there's no key cover they'll be sanitized ready for capping one advantage of using an Aries sanitizer I just put them straight on the bottles next thing I'll do let's come back to the fermenter actually first I'll run some of the sanitizer through the tap again just to make sure

I'll put it into my sink and I can send it to us in their big sanitized pour the rest in the sink make this guy's upside down on the sink too just to drain so I've just come on fermenter here with nicely fermented beer in me we're good to go first thing you want to do is clear out the tap I just get into a big glass and try and get any of that sediment out just don't please that most of it that's just a settlement that gets it sits in the tap you don't want that you can taste it though doesn't taste very nice after you've done that it's time to take your final gravity reading let's turn the tap on slow

not today that's probably a little bit too much it'll do the job take your mission a little bit too much

is spin it spin it to get the bubbles off it so you get a true reading

that says 0.005 that's fine that's fine I know that's finished fermenting now because I've got a new refractometer I think you'd better go as well that's quite easy it does the same thing measures how much sugars are left in the beer but you know you get these little pipettes look at that so whatever you want to call and you need a couple of drops and that blue panel there that's all you need you shut that window down push it down make sure there's no gaps if that the B covers that whole blue panel and you look towards something bright and they've gives me the same reading that's five and a half by this so that's good I know this works and with that you can work out roughly how much alcohol your beers cut in it then you can taste this as well this will taste a little bit better or should than the other one was fully used hips nice and the next thing I do is take my sanitized hose and you want to coil it in the bottom so when the beer goes in there's less disturbance as possible so you just

everything is sanitized you can see they have scored in the bottom and that's not going to stir up much air or anything when I pull the beer in he says simply goes REM attack just like that put the lid on to cover it up a bit make sure you tap is off the bottom enter that's off it also makes sure you've taken near the airlock and of the other fermenter er which you should have done if you're moving it anyway and next I have the sugar solution done and turn the tap on and it's as easy as that I give it a little here once it gets to the bottom took the fermenter up a little bit just to get the worst in the be area you don't want to keep all the yeast out of course on the bottom the true but just get as much beer out of this one into this one as possible there's no need to mix with a spoon or anything the natural circular action of the bead going in will mix it in you can see it's going down fairly fast we're down to 15 metres left already standing at 23

let us start taking a nap just to help


you can say where the yeast is that's enough you stop before you put all the gum here to make in there pull those yet so now it's drained now's the time if you wanted to you could wash your shoes and use it again waiting to scoop it out put it in a new brew I prefer to wash it but I'm not washing is a batch today get rid of that now that's ready to bottle doesn't matter what size bottles you use they're all going equally carbonated and so the next step add my butter in sterilizing solution of sanitizing solution I should say put it together this is this one that comes with the creepers kids put that into the tap

you ready to go there the other thing I do always hears are sanitize my body or as well I mean I'm going to be touching this is going to be touching the bottles I'll be touching everything everything I touch I'd like to spray some sanitizer

on the handle anything I don't have to worry do all it takes now you chain your tap on here for your bottle ready to go wait till it goes up it's ready to go grab a bottle never kept any sanitizing solution straight on top like that

they go bottled now just got another twenty nine to go but it's that easy you could use any size bottles he's a little 330 little stubby Thank You solution

they'll both could be the same combination easy saves time it's very easy to do give it a go there's one thing I forgot to mention before a girl bottling can be a little bit tedious it can be made easier in the sessions as this bottle tree and my bottle washing car and not having to worry about putting the right amount of sugar in each bottle there's one thing you I always do that let's have a beer this is a hand rub wine been sitting in the frictions last night opened hopefully it's to us I'm sort of head on it there's no IP ima so much cheese


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