Roadtrip back to New Mexico and BUILDING THE NEW BIKES!

by: SYD and MACKY

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I just received an extremely exciting text message prototypes g2g which for us stands for good to go we need some tires and wheels and stuff ran into a bit of a snafu we decided to put the building of this bicycle on hold for a moment so he buildeth my bike the saga continues hi everybody welcome back to the channel if you are new or if you have forgotten I am Maki Citiz currently at the grocery store but it is easy to recognize her she is the beautiful one with the long hair that's it I'm Maki anyway if you knew you should subscribe or if you're not new but you haven't subscribed you should do that too today I am hanging out in the autozone parking lot here in Prescott Arizona and I am doing a repair that I've never done before I'm replacing the Vans alternator because we were driving a couple days ago and there's this terrible smell and we were like what is that it's something dead and it turns out that our battery had leaked so we have the battery acid here which is no bueno so I was all worried and I was like the battery's dead we're gonna find a battery that sucks and came in here the guys tested it at autozone and they're like I actually know your battery's fine but your alternator is not working properly and the Vans been doing such a good job that I forked over the extra four dollars for the premium air filter so high-rolling on first year battery is cleaned and reconnected there new alternators on now we started up and hope that I didn't screw anything up Oh in SIDS back from the grocery hey will you hold this camera while I start the engine I am quite proud of myself nothing exploded we just went and ran the alternator test and everything passes now so new alternator g2g which for us stands for good to go and now we are g2g which is going to go and I'm gonna start driving but I'm gonna let Sid explain all the plan changing that has happened because it's pretty exciting we are currently in Prescott Arizona and we were originally planning to go to st. George training up there for a few weeks and then go to Seattle however we are now going back to Taos New Mexico and we're doing that because we're getting new bikes and yes yay Amira's it was just gonna be like a nightmare trying to ship stuff to st. George and then we have like some parts from Shimano and exclusion that are in Towson anyway it was gonna be a nightmare so we're going to Taos and we're gonna build bikes you guys are just incident that's part not forever left we're going left pretty sure good look we're going to the turning lane oh my god turning lane I keep scaring some press-fit yuppies yeah sure right now Abby's getting scared so we've been cruising along and started smelling a weird hot smell and since we just replaced our alternator and we've sort of smelled it before we were a little bit worried it turns out the rice cookers chord is cheap which we knew I mean it cost like 40 bucks but the cord seems to be kind of melting itself which is no bueno we also don't want to fry our van I might try taking it apart it's all it's a good solution that is a red light of success right there no it just I successfully got it charging again and it doesn't smell like melting plastic yeah I'm feeling like really ridiculously stereotypically van life today because I'm eating out of a wooden bowl I am eating baby arugula with quinoa with lamb meatballs with cucumber tomato and mint sprigs covered with tahini and lemon sauce that is being served with a wooden spoon so that might be the most stereotypical Eve and life thing I've ever said in my whole life they'll probably cost like six dollars per person yep we are now going to procrastinate the dishes until the morning as we hardly want to do saving the dishes for the morning always seems like such a good idea until the morning when washing the dishes the night before seems like such a good idea the way it works for us is when we are going somewhere and we know we're going to be there we have a limited amount of time we're like quick all the things we've needed to order we have to order them and get them sent there so they arrive before we leave that place here's your Monday morning life hack you want to buy something on the internet put it in the cart and then don't order it and usually within like an hour you'll get an email with a discount code this actually was an accident some reason my credit card rejected this because I was accidentally ordering at the product on the international site and not on the US site so I was like what's going on just doing a better internet and voila now get 20% off

what you doing there said he's labeling this bottle and SIDS bottle not for max somebody drinks all of my water what happens is I end up getting really dehydrated because I think I'm drinking water he's drinking all of my water and I never drink any water Syd drove for approximately a million billion hours which was awesome because I was able to get our video edited we are in Albuquerque stopped at Chipotle I'm gonna share with you guys my secret you asked for the burrito bowl and then when they say what rice do you want you say a little bit of both and same with the beans and then you ask for the fajita mix and meat and I believe it costs the same amount as just a normal bowl and then you ask for some tortillas heated up on the side and so I do two big tortillas and I can turn this burrito bowl into too close to Chipotle sized burritos for the same price I successfully killed my entire burrito bowl two tortillas basically two we've got about two and a half hours to Taos and we're gonna see what we can get done tonight so this is my parents house in Taos New Mexico and we generally just Park in the driveway and sleep there I grew up in this house more or less I moved here when I was 13 or 14 consider myself at Taos a No we kind of use this as a home base during most of the summer because most of our races are this area so we just kind of bounce through here every once in a while this is where we get a packages sent so you will probably be seeing a certain amount of this house the biggest drawback to being in Taos is the internet speed the Wi-Fi is ridiculously slow we're talking like 0.2 megabits per second sort of slow whereas my phone is doing like 2 so it's all slow but at least it's faster yeah I just received an extremely exciting text message from my dad's office manager it is a picture of multiple bicycle boxes so they have arrived I guess we better go get them oh those are some exciting boxes right there Sid couldn't wait to see her new bike her renegade which is a gravel grinders - she already tore open this box it's pretty cool-looking this one is the comodo 27 5 plus bike and then this box is my cyclocross frame we are gonna build up these two bikes and then today we have more bikes showing up we're basically going to work on building up these bikes until those ones show up our vlogs on Monday are a few weeks behind we've tons of content that we're still catching you up on so if you're like oh what are you doing in New Mexico real-time updates on our piece yeah real-time updates on patreon but yeah we have a ton of cool content we're getting to it but today well just you know do a little tour of our sweet bike here we have to come up with a name for it yeah it's like the hack Shack or the Nugget or 'i'm only with way more mice it's basically a house for mice and all of our parts of bikes there also isn't even 4g in here so there would be no live streams in the shed yeah he's also allergic to the shed so we try to really minimize the time that we spend in here what should we call our bike shed you could call it the adventure Shack I don't think I think that's too serious the mouse house come on but then it sounds like it's like chuck-e-cheeses or something yeah yeah only real live mice hopefully aren't a chunky cheese though I mean we decided to put the building of this bicycle on hold for a moment so that Sid can bill her gravel grinder because it already comes with all the parts so I think we should be able to put it together pretty fast don't worry she's not running with the scissors she's just holding them in her mouth there we go this bike the renegade everybody loves apparently it's like the best gravel grinder ever so Sid got one and is very excited Ness it's gonna try to figure out which way her drop handlebars go there we go [Music] it's all built now look how beautiful it is and it's I think it's like half the weight of our current bikes I just got a very exciting text message not sure if you can see it but that is a person care a bicycle box in to my dad's office so that means that our prototypes have shown up and we are gonna go nip into town and get those before building up this bike we're in the little orange car which by the way is called the rockmelon bonus points to anyone who can figure out why it is called the rockmelon prototypes so the box might be a little bigger than the car this looks like a all-round good idea what could go wrong we are good to go it's a little cozy kicking in the car in the rockmelon right now but I think we got this driving stick with your knees hitting me yeah I refreshed Lee you got in there I wouldn't be able to

after that short break from our usual programming we are back at the house and I'm gonna pick back up and build up my little Komodo plus bike ran into a bit of a snafu as often happens when I am building bikes in that I forgot to ask Jameis to send me a headset and a seat post clamp so those have been ordered from our local bicycle shop here in Taos gearing up and should arrive tomorrow so I have put the build on hold I have all my parts in here have my frame I am ready to go and I'm gonna build it up like a maniac tomorrow city's using her newfound brake bleeding skills doing some lever bleeding on her new bicycle if you haven't seen her lover bleeding video you should probably go watch it it wasn't it was a full bleeding video well it took a little while but we eventually got SIDS bike all built up we still have to change the suspension but ex fusions 36:29 or fork has not been released yet so we have to wait a little while on that but we should be getting the ex fusion shock tomorrow so we build up my bike finally took forever building bikes always takes way longer than we think it's gonna do so we're gonna finish Mackie's and show you all about it in the morning well it literally just took me all day to build this bicycle it will go down in history as the second worst bike build ever the worst being when I had a fork and I forgot to include the height of the stem on the fork before I cut it and so I cut my fork like thirty millimeters too short that was the worst one this was the second worst I had to do things like drill out a stripped out bolt on the old stamp and then I like cut a di2 wire and there was just thing after after thing you'll notice that despite our best intentions we still have Fox suspension on there not X fusion that is because in the continued comedy of sit and Mackey attempt to build their bicycles FedEx lost a package they delivered one of them and then they claimed that the location was closed and couldn't deliver the other one so obviously the FedEx guy just forgot it in the back of the van and noticed later and put oh you know it was closed the other comedy is after ordering the headset for my plus bike for the comodo bTW I forgot to put it in the package and so it showed up at the bike shop and there was no headset we decided that we were just gonna come to Santa Fe pick up the package from FedEx hopefully go bye bTW I pick up the headset from them and use this as an excuse to go ride our bikes at glorietta because the riding there is awesome and rocky and it would be a really nice way to test them out well the saga continues get to FedEx half hour after they open or something and they're like oh yeah the holder quest didn't come through in time it's on the truck on its way to Taos they called the driver and the driver basically was like I can leave it at the Walgreens in Espanola Espanyol's about 45 minutes back the direction that we just came but that's closer than Taos so I'm gonna go by BTI and cross my fingers that things go a little bit more smoothly there and then I'm gonna drive to Espanola and get our Forks and drive back thank goodness for places like BTI it came to the rescue we were able to get the headset for my komodo so I can now build up that bike and the springs for our coil shocks that we were lacking I just talked to Sid she pointed out that it probably doesn't really make sense to drive him all the way to Walgreens and then all the way back because then we'd still have to cut our Forks and install them and all that kind of stuff and she's right so instead we are going to just put our shocks on because that was the thing that I really want to test out and we're gonna head over to glorietta and we're gonna go ride our bikes all right we are in glorietta he's gonna show us some of the new stuff here we're pretty excited and we're riding our new bikes yeah yeah also look oh yeah look what we have as requested we have a gimbal let's see how it goes it's a hand-me-down it's sort of an experiment for we invest in our own GIMP first ride with a gimbal let's see how this thing does yeah prepare to see my handlebars alright it's party time see how this thing feels

yeah yeah dude how super fun that's a cool trail I gotta say this shock feels better than the one that was on it I think I just like my coil shocks Andrews probably up there thinking and these to call themselves pros bunch of lazy

here we are the holy moly or holy moly since we are in New Mexico this is the newest trail a glorietta apparently it's a pretty rad flow trail Malay dusty and loose I like it dusty

whoo oh man that's so much fun all right yeah yeah have you guys heard this before yeah after you yep you show us the good lines


I was evolved on though

we just took an awesome ride and nothing terrible happens so that's good so big thanks to Andrew for taking us out Dustin for joining us we are back at the van now we're gonna go pick up our Forks from Walgreens in Espanola and then hopefully that will be the end of this

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