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your best friend is probably another we all can be you Boyd what's up this track oh no you know I would alright I've got oh no no it could be good bad ugly cuz I don't know I'm in a tree ya know I'm nothing finally we are good at it with oh it's straight or bank you're straight yeah I did that big did it what was he saying because rate oh well it's trying that to you fucker wait a bit in the past for us a powerful Vic Palmero yeah I go backwards I went way too far and I gave it to to DPI's connected EPO ah see it's right there bunch kind of killed it this better be about now I'm gonna be about this better be about probably ever probably your brother oh I hate this tree Vic oh my goodness no I think what's happening I'm gonna laugh from there I have a little more like it about here have I gone this far back then we be burning not know about you are you doing ah the trees look at me do you know even what I got a dick I got a dick what duck shit oh wait what now my teeth even I would please yes the temptations like malicious I literally hahaha prisoners did against really everybody was with a video maybe you got 20 second America way like no just get banging those are banging are bang yeah go I don't want it love it crazy I don't want it oh you go tell your shot quick okay Lizzy city yeah okay good can I pay your appease right I got a new rusty Osho's yeah no oh I'm gonna saving for not mad oh no oh I was gonna say you had three shots to get PI read get pipes yeah Oh JA we should work cheap yeah I'm going for it oh yeah change out okay hello okay all right oh there it goes no big loss very Chloe hey Toby hey buddy is it you forget green know I look at Austin up I used to come about this is not fun I don't know why I was get bent really later YouTube is where is my power I can't wrap my head can't go like so if he is not lost anymore Oh bad bad huh yeah might not smart I've got me here what is on oh wait you can't totally a rubber boom I I wouldn't worry because there's an applied you could have gone down did it well how'd you get that part I do you have to just like I mean whenever I go to the left but the very first bit the hole we went down there's a tiny gap to the left you can go okay off of it do you got a yellow though yay seems on fire skirt oh and ironic look to the left all right oh who is that who is that please please knock you're leaning to the left or something what's waiting to either amputee look to left of it maybe alligator paw take apart oh my gosh Oh looks like a parlor command room I know hahahahahaha what there's a slight incline there's a stat that man made of wood oh my god areas less this is rock-hard oh my god I had to let it go it's a guy with a boner Hey okay so now are the phone on my phone now that was narrating shortly haha I mean I only cared I'd be nice to you might have discharged on me yeah cool - ah yeah you might as well be like let's look at the line deeds that way let's go you Vic's no I have to mother hello my family stammers get you one okay Rick so you fix that you this chain of being Seidman you know we're pretty [Applause] girlfriend how many over five apparently can you hurry in because I don't receive this track from Harry yeah yeah yeah sure Oh way to pull them out of mana to thank you better Phaedra better yeah I see it oh yeah this is you back Oh No okay well I'm even here you want to go over better then I gotta find it just banged it I'll wait you oh well so now that I'm your mom that I bang the drum either night ah it didn't come in too hard will you give it the actual JJ oh no no no best fatty kisser what yeah just go stay there so either I'm gonna reset go oh did you get to the portal oh my god what when that bowel yeah in there in the hole it in the hole on this parameter to pull Dalek special not just I was telling the poor definitely a loser dude oh yeah you mean about you and Eva please please please Sam surviving at least oh sure dick no stop hey I can't I'm good I've got more common though go better go Carl yeah same no right to my pond I'm Carly my name's Colin oh ha ha I clearly meant that one maybe there's only one objective of golf - the problem I know you mean it though dude I was trying to get to the area yeah I go all the way can I go they know yeah I know you can if you roll it off the wall I've found over the hole three times dude like a drop in this track on the whole you know wonders told but is it is a shithole I've gone over again dude Oh

the boys what is a great team here guys dad and Harry if you feel empowered even trying to cheat this is the way you could do we could cheat it's also it explore happen this looks so confusing at the outstart regularly uh nail me daddy no alright now we good oh no I'm Emily all the way make it over all the way home this is where we want to be yeah yeah there's the other better place nobody but Vic that's fine we just drink this right oh my god is there a like my place we go again drop you got a good show yeah you'll play to be oh we have so far to go ah just did again I'm mad mad mad mad mad mad okay only what Timmy tee shot clear download I think birdie to please um where the fuck oh um Carrie changes are fucking bang is that why they say when say mister were slated to go yeah I told thank you - ah neo yes now on the UH on to your sister are probably today

Josh would make the weirdest this try ever Yui door and suck that rise come Joel that's just our country this trash that every searcher that's the time for such an evening oh shit all right straight what happened I mean ry many fucking edges of every one of these things where have I been sent to I am i noggin gonorrhea time state is this well I can't assault on to like on then it's gonna be it is fucking dick no no no no in momentum when the boosters are weed I know I'm not putting any power on right oh I believe she's my oh hi Simon hey bull a broom the broom come in the written space I wasn't the best work what happens to my ball this remote is it it does you have to kind of just go half speed this is half times alone now we hear back in wind con I hate wills so much fucking mark was applying them to generate energy what they were the Archaea mills ought to point I don't like this Matt we're do me not a fucking is violent wind turbine such a windmills bro they would use the wind come you get it oh my gosh it I cannot do this guy's we're here strange I just block in my golf ball she's much too bad you must have that one's not even clean up that boostin wide is then just go with a fetcher Josh you take on the fact shot that shot I'll get really angry right oh please please please make it full time I go we're not it's not even look at that rock what can i what it is huge nope okay where's the hole it's up there Simon a were left I just know they might have got baited gaining some we're ready follow it follow it little part of the map yeah yeah far enough is really it's called free seasons creator he's in the lobby three four themes I leave them one of us drops a fourth in you know a few of us do I don't know wait yes I know only yeah no no no if you can make it our way around it's Beth yeah it may be Toby eating Ricky my scrap of five shall I call him on bitter yeah yeah probably oh you can get away to the end yeah and I've wasted too sure Toby just driven off the edge did what we gonna be getting down here oh no not a hole down there yeah I mean it's not really a crippling Wow okay okay there's a hole of the car follow the car it's really not worth a shortcut I took 500 on and tonight about stack

drink are my own work or not Oh any one of them may take a shine you always win the trip short anecdote neighbor little to fly thanks man the goal for wasn't being chill was it bounce me so you mean like a fuckin genie wavy done yeah hey hello boys I'm a wavy doll hey guys I'm still back hey hey oh no that's not enough Tower with heart I'm dropping snow I've been finished finished yeah Oh for your pendant a prop hey wait there's a trouble or maybe I've done each other water aah or you can land them up it still hey I'll do that we do please please please by doing this I shouldn't try to associate register I'm gonna try ending just in the beginning get it a shot I want to do but I can't do it Doug oh let's see Josh please nice Hawaii day yes oh you're not why is the public pipes being to get over it that's very like I'm too proud again you know that was there I've just played this magnet are they so be just did research these I just band environment finish me on daffodility probably Oh God oh I just do the way you guys work it it is the pipes are very hidden port or somewhere then halfway down well as well yeah there's an portal actually gonna be that way by car let's go for it that's on the right is what this one time just goes yeah this apart just goes down halfway so those cuz there's a port in there in that batteries yeah there's a need arise granny shortcut Josh yeah man I got left I got more laws you sorry really worth it we went in really good actually oh wow oh this is it Toby there isn't one oh well I was gonna say oh ho what why do though this is why did this this is okay oh I oh boy no I think you need to power through it right clean for on gold look oh oh you have to do that really hard I mean what am I giving y'all get off that thing they don't go with you I'm too hard shouldn't the other girl guys okay it took me in the ghost LT doesn't how we think a little bit policy laws so I'm going to Reno to impossible Goldie this is to shoot through the back of the goal right so no corner flag dude hey go Josh little bit big deal in it you've gotta hit that oh my yeah we go yeah that's right chief so many times nothing that like hey uh I can't wait for again sometimes you just gotta go for it yeah how do i Cathy didn't come waiting for you Simon okay now my fucking oh fuck sake boy oh man all the way oh my god who did it it means I wasn't I in me sorry this is so slow okay now go actually fuck it I'd rather over shit dad you are so hot

[Music] so depressing oh come on is a chance Tony Victor I got welcome back down you see what I did last time you know take me out of the night I bounced up and then slowly rolled off the air and I'm going down the barrel help me out buddy no no no no no no it's not better done oh I'm gonna do this myself good self doubt sir are you going Oh straight in fair enough speed it to you but I'm a little scared I got scared about myself you many distractions all right I get it distraction golf it is shit why do we have to wait for mobster in no no golf with friends at shit work we have to pay for months than you Matt it doesn't rhyme but you know that fiber then we found out you've gone and what are we actually playing on I don't know but I went up now yeah I went up the top and it leads you to the middle hi sir oh my god I hate anything a filbert Joe cocoa Glen I did another cocoa glad yeah thank okay Wow taking my slime laughs I get over my angle what visible visible ah ah you don't to do that oh you know ever been born Ginga Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Babbitt the most under our fat what are you Savage roasted inside oh I tried to cancel favor but I just I want you to do no no no you can't do anything here ecstatic game vagina okay I'm with I'm doing it myself a second now [Music] I think I put your lesson maybe you want to do a gentleman in the middle this month no onion right here you miss right ah no only stock 27 bro we want 11 shots the husband ladies under par gang do make some cars they like really bang indeed and you got the pole is it half the courses Oh mashing things insane why are these courses getting so difficult why we think about judgment shit okay we're enough they're easy boy no I think we're getting good at it when you thought the sidemen we're getting good hey but a boy gaku automated analysis for like all videos if I'm being cryptic again woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck look like gold fuck me it's very negative no mood I would like to get a compliment this guy on it felt like smooth map you see the calving part of this map no that's overuse tough guy okay I really want to distract each other like only go for the cannon bro oh okay yeah buddy we did together and it kind of thought about guys yeah happy yeah yeah hey yeah yeah it's a bit trying to get a yeah yeah nailed it oh not on the sexual ha did you see I did it's a bangin choker even you know where we were your boy I got to the thing from there behind a nice ladder we're moving to the I signs now oh yeah yeah bye oh really oh you can do it Toby I can do this because I believe that you and me damn it oh we can the power of miracles okay bingo where you going I've given up trying to find anything though I helped my father you have the whole line yeah auntie I'm done for the long shot why is it yeah I can tell you really hard yeah I know my final show move as far back no I don't got me one boy magic wait oh my god Wow sorry about your way to Varney out of them being fuck dude messing we want to get up there you hit me dude and I wasn't trying to agree I'm in such a bitch imma fuck your girl I go bears I wanna make sure I'm on top of it hahaha swish swish bitch swish swish bitch we're thinking about the data and upon in the bow this fish bitch everyone in the back again is is gross truck did that actually make a difference to yourselves yeah anything I found I think it's idea I'm nightly Candida back to the oh oh okay when I went in the my that was piece of this for any of them a good mess I missed the montages the probably actually that's one yeah no yeah is that what happened to be digitally to marijuana I can work anything well I but that much phone the middle ones about I try to do any assignment is silly and do that why oh I'm in bounds I'm oh my god I just job I'm in bounds guys I'm no Ethan have you seen what I am have you seen where I indeed know I ask on another hole Simon I'm in the ground is I'm on the ground I'm gonna do the case that you guys missed more I mean I'm actually in the hole I finished you can get from there buddy thanks buddy hey pal oh you think very that you see that we're signing something on your shit 35 in your 80s that's very good I said your shit and again I was about I'll tell you that later your shit ah and you are in that are your shit kind of wrong I think got a first green eye Wow fourth fourth green well you know I our bed longer Oh beds while we were busy haha thought about it no no no none of no no no no no no no no just give me a gun Oh every give me out of it I grab the way a fat man yeah Vic what I was here before yeah I just wrote down tomato beers and it's now out of bounds oh why it's not a Josh no no please please please please no I'm just going to keep weight finish up for me Oh side bend it what the fuck so inside ya know when you wonder how your own dog knows the rollin rollin yeah behold emboldened by Wi-Fi slippy wise words where oh look a plague of oh you know watch my boy oh my god baby Oh why'd you prasad me once to part of my life got it somewhere hey listen to the right favor for me boy is is good just click on the Border's this is ha ha ha lo you win the whole holidays of that I knew the whole don't you give us I think we had 25 overpass I really know so some pipes pipe dream for you want to get mad front left from right either so you want that guy left at right I really like that song I've gone from left around I'm killing dudes ever I'm Chilean off and I was missing or is this a safer option and what are you master this game is a shudder I just hit too much power but always banged it games fucking shit hey hey hold on Josh I was kind of going to try and hit you gonna say free monster so safe route goofy very safe route no technically groaning crowd Dave Brown Jordan Minnesota safer safe route baby out another favorite extra thing I mean it is beauty in one shot bro stop hanging dress no I don't know who love you John RI this track on me yeah you're gonna get a country distract from you yeah at some sleep nightclub owner gonna discharge that okay if you knew no one tell us what they how much you're taking me you heard of a country dis track of two people one of them is the person being dis yeah you're full of tales my friend hey please tell me more oh yeah got me up oh fuck oh no Simon Ethan you see this yeah I've been hmm there's a hole in the bar I just missed it the master bik why you look at the sad fuck it's a nut so bad just for the better basis should I be your face no no stop stop stop stop a big man stop that how do you get in the Royal gap okay is there a hole oh how come there was me thinking that I had to fucking jump off that spike and then hahaha hey Vic I'll make you three something I got my myself so or Kanoa in your come on I think no pressure over the next hole you fuck it up you could lose anything it's uh we can get both get a crown that's the only complicate Arthur get to whoever's by the hole first your weight you'll take that many shot Oh Oh what the fuck is the goal king he's a maniac me I'm Oliver you've enough events whether you are not a fan group thanks for playing cunt let me try something so is this this is over there yeah oh my god where we go oh my god yeah it really does I don't have a fart clip maybe how in fuck have you done that I tried something she did he bounced off the wall to the country night okay Banerjee Energy's really liked you too okay was that angle it specifically guys I missed it though it's funny won't let me pass these I choose the fuck I might choose the phone phones the pan you might pick up your phone home yeah yeah yeah yeah please be about please be around please jeans didn't eat me I'm sorry dude oh good fun where'd you go I should let you all go for a BT bro I know but I honestly actually didn't know how many shots I'd ha shit I can get that's bone dude fuck me at the end we would have been on the same shot there guys I'm in trouble I should look oh wow that's actually relative major no no like that bull what should we go very easy hey you ain't at the wall be disagree then no other two didn't learn ice okay yeah you know at 14 oh my god oh my god oh my god I mean you guys have you guys 40 need rules okay that's fine oh darn it how could have one if I do fuck up that if you sure are now a city be home that you could drive you can I landed a fucking table and it won't be air bases up but 20 seconds shit okay 4014 13 back in know what at 11 turn man ah you only get one shot so make it count Oh get this moment I already have this on my screen am i talkin yours or is it Vic yeah yeah if I draw allegiance over to go on to you guys fucking cowboy hats all right I've got the shot of the game you did I apologize what it for me by me Thank You me I'm a mark excitement like it sucks wanna see more exciting things that my channels up here something I'm appalled you think I don't even know dr. right I know when I'm gonna feel I know that's why I'm a mother saying I can't fuckin pants black who's gonna make you like what the Mama's gone son ray yes yeah

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