MANY DOORS ED BOY - Dead By Daylight

by: Ashlie9596

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welcome a snazzy boy welcome welcome welcome boy life has many doors ed boy which one of us here is the end boy already there we go done now just fight over which ones which look on a totally unrelated note I'm a little threatened by this Jake sunglasses he looks way cooler he has no hat he's not a part of my guild I'm just cuz just the hair hides the face it helps hide the face and his spooks better than the sunglasses hides the face yes whoa too much that's hardcore I don't unrelated note did you see I shaved my Jake he's cleaned up now how I actually wasn't paying attention I was too busy looking at the other Jay I thought you're like did you read the Greek text message where I saved my entire okay excited because I just love it whenever he shaves okay no fine we can segue this we can segue this I actually do something really stupid and dead by daylight I changed Jake's hair depending on how my hair look why don't you just actually shave well I shave it that I change Jake clean up I feel like Ashley has some sea EEP hatred for mustache beard I don't have it actually I just like it whenever they're clean when they're not clean I don't like them you know Ashley likes the well-kept look she doesn't like the the street tramp look that I always seem to rock a few people because I told actually like I love to hang it I never changed my purse no no the last time I did someone asked if I could play with my old set up and I just forgot to change it killers of well thank you sprint burst yeah now you're happy you had spruce well yeah well that's the only one I'm happy I have Oh this boy's got write others another win a sprint first and another one is dark sense and our doctor senses that dark sense no wait what else no HDI ball right yeah it's dark sense and the other one is a the warning one with the cat buying shoe Oh hells angels Jake Hecky Hells Angels she looks like a biker with the long hair and the glass he's so handsome oh I thought you didn't like the street traffic I don't know just something about that end boy in the boy

don't worry he's here me oh no he's chasing sweet Tramp Jake oh god no not that boy there's not many places you can go here it's either up or down yeah I'm surprised it's a map like there's a water I need a hide considering his leather face I'm willing to bet he's got barbecue and chilli on no he's up he's upstairs yeah yeah yeah go go save this guy but all of the doors are locked he could be downstairs by the time we talked I don't know he found me you found me you can get him I can't because all of the doors are locked oh no oh god that poor guys like don't worry they'll say babe I'm just hanging out maybe nope wrong way all of the doors are locked down here

this guy's just like I just want to live he's Bucky's bucky's book I need can see and we need to open these doors all these clothes I opened the door but that was not where we needed dude it freaking sucks cuz like the only way to get to that guy is through the stairs it's just like a mini basement just okay we need it I'm all the way across the basement now man no I'm sorry boy you gonna die I'm resting edie boy can you save them John I'm gonna try I am I've taken them upstairs I'm trying to find more oh wait oh my god it's just everything's closed down here we need to open it we need to air it out pretty much that's what yeah yeah we sell it we sell the place so what we do a fixer yeah we living our biggest flip yet oh my god can you give me a little bit of like up flip it intro hey your house suck disgusting snow like blood blood stains everywhere well we've got the right place for you killer flippers kill her flippers dude there we go he is still doing profits oh heck yeah dude I'm so proud one gates opened open up the rest oh my god keep doing it we're opening up all the gates down here okay oh my god did he just like switch yeah did he like switcher did you just suck that might just be really bad lag but oh my god I saw a standstill in the teleport in front of my face okay well I'm glad you guys got three - OH - okay I'm glad you guys got two Jen Jen's we ended up okay so there's two two extra gates open down here sorry if me and FY are just ed boy is about to save me again I was going straight for you he's going straight for he's going straight for Nick now be careful of course he is dude he wants the Jake bought a bow tie and boy nephew going for head boy again I'm gonna try to open one upstairs now

I'm so sick of not going upstairs okay but oh I found you guys oh no ed boy ed boys go and die we should heal them that would probably be a good idea he led boy thanks mom and dad you're welcome son yay what do we do with that yeah attaboy say comes this way and finds all of us we're screwed nevermind maybe everyone its barbecue I'm coming I'll distract it's like they just like come straight yeah he's coming straight this way Oh Ashley yeah bud let's go crawl do you want me to continue working on that Jen or what are we doing here oh he's putting me on that one Oh God where's he going uh he found me he saw that ed boy who IMed boy is he camping yeah he's up full he's not chasing me okay I'm gonna tap hey ed boy ed boys chasing me um nope never mind he's going back this guy really doesn't want I don't hear a heartbeat just try to finish that one no has anyone know that's like my bar has that went down it is going down not on my screen on my screen it is modular is lagging at very convenient moments so how's everyone doing I'm currently waiting for killer to leave the killer does not want to leave I don't think he's gonna leave are you working on a gen yeah yeah oh oh he sees me he's chasing me now oh I stunned him out of go Ron dead boy run baby he's headed straight back he's headed straight back I don't hear a heartbeat anymore I do hey ed boy

wait I hear a heartbeat again done can you stop moving for a second I want to heal you but sorry I like her too heavy oh are you Oh Inge no I'm good it's just he came over here with a chainsaw saw no one was here and turned around okay he's not very good at looking around the place it's just a game a guess who had secrets um Dwight's

yeah here John let's let's do that one the one that you passed my best thing he's gonna come right back down here tomorrow yeah okay then we'll have to finish him time yeah Ashley it's pretty far away are you running okay we do this one that we can go up there new actions oh hi Ashley you see your no hold position I let go and I read and he came downstairs and I got last time life as many doors that boy and that one's ending foul that was the only Oh with a sign grass Tremec I support the try it wasn't attempt can you finish the one that's down there no he's breaking it I think it's he's on that like flies off he's on mine right now

my god dude there are two other generators like these ones no Ashley here hey there's the meat hole oh there's a meat holder nice yeah you know what good job leather better I have one that's upstairs that's almost done okay but he's like her around though I'm gonna see where he is because he tried to wall the meat Jose keep running oh

okay he's downstairs okay no I'm taking him up well there is there any one thing to finish down here I don't think so oh well did you guys do the one in the bathroom or yeah John did that on the first one that got done oh I'm gonna get got what do fine by me okay Ashley really behind the heart that's whole well where is it gonna be if we're lucky here the mean hole oh I mean isn't it already spawned in yes bo went down the world music hello is anyone Dale whoa boy put President to that whether face is that you he does have what's it called let's see let's see what he got he's got barbeque chili distressing an iron grasp you can't you can't use that anymore a barbeque and chili nope no more can find that dang hatch barbecue and chili something you have to activate it's something that's only activated whenever you hook someone remember Leatherface can close the hatch now because yeah wait are you serious so dumb remember that changed it they made it so that killers can close the hatch that they find it now that's so unfair for the survivors I think it opens up again if you do a generator but like that changes anything yeah cuz I mean that's really dumb I really hope that's not a thing it is a thing that's already but I hate that so much oh there it is we hear it right yeah yep okay we're good close it I'm sad that boy didn't make your last round I don't care I don't care we're done on to the next oh it's on to the next head boy do you still love watching that's what they said at the end of every episode on to the next on to the next we should watch Ghost Hunters was the ghost hunters or Ghost Adventures there was two different ones and that one was ghost another one that I was watching was supposed hunters the other one was Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures has the hot guy in it it was pretty hot yeah there's a lot of ghost hunting shows out there original I do like the scoopers that's why we like this DG the og they had a day job as plumbers and the night job this ghost hunters boy it shows a lot like Ghost Buster and the day they were fire fighter at night they were scientists and ders in the a.m. it's the flavor I savor but which is really fizz puffs Reese's puffs no eat him up eat him up eat him up don't like sugary cereal about it sugar-free Reese's puffs sugar-free Reese's puffs even Bob beat them up but you know that there's some sugar in there why would they say sugar-free if they would add in sugar that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen people do that bro they just have a substance for sugar that just makes it sugary yeah like oh it's not sugar it's it's corn syrup Sanger chamber Sanger love longer days we only put the finest Lumpy's in our cereals Lumpy's Long Lane lumpy Lane are you tired of having old regular sugar cane and your room get lumpy today I still I forgot to change my pricks again God dang it enjoy your dark cents awesome ray Oh big boy love me a good race now that's an ed boy if I've ever seen one boy now what now we just do gents I guess miss Chung gets chased by the Bing bong son of a monkey being mugged yeah the monkey that's what I want sort of a lump Isleta Bing bong boy gotcha I wish the rate hit people on the head with his Bell instead of like his weird phone axe thing no they pull someone flashlight really yeah it was o'clock dad with feet of course it's always the closet don't if you come in this house I give you some field those Oh Claudette got a beatin honestly those flash lighted me I would go against the person that flash lady the guide provides I self and leader to wisely faster what this is as fast as it gets man wait guys hold I help Nick sort of sort of me me stacking the leader it does help I improved thyself she's run a hooker now who wants to save her I guessed wrong I guess I got cry you had the flashlight my dear did you take her pretty much mattoon he's invisible you don't know where he always facing me you're good wow I would have gone straight back to the closet oh I'm such a turn alert I love it oh I don't know would you tunnel her because a flashlight yes I'm glad we're on we're on the same page John like this mini door 3/8 boy life has many flashlights you say that my house only has like six doors doors to choose from it all those doors led to a different future that's a lot of doors you know what you're all and you'll be right I don't know but life has many doors Wow you have to leave him this way sorry I'll go another way yes oh he's still chasing you under that house I just wanted it to do the one on the street is there another one on the street let's do that one John let's just do the ones on the street to get them over whoa whoa ping-pong boys still chasing I know how to give them a good long chase and that's for sure started this one's actually a good math to be chased around because you can go through many windows and boy so many head boys where's the Claudette Claudette is I don't know you're on the street right yeah oh oh she's oh hey bud she's uh she's moonwalking yeah she's oh dude she's she's got the pro stretch she knows how to bang she's just gonna run straight for you I think me and you should invest in buying a house maybe I think in today's market we'd be crazy not to oh oh there's a generator by a gate I'm gonna do that one all right John do you want to come here deuce we can finish it faster you can dude he's totally is so hard so hard right now geologists so stubborn about finding good retail no you know what I understand because you need to think about a future and our family John I'm pregnant they're going that way I hope everyone in the comments take some serious when do they not I don't know and that's the scary thing here remember when we were telling people that you had that you were not that we were telling but you were telling them that you were color blind

dude well that is literally just walking in the middle I did okay oh oh oh man Nick's on the hook just notice but uh it's not that I just noticed it's more like I'm this way I'm okey-dokey left and I was like is that knit and then I looked down and then I was like that shirt scheme is like oh I think throughout this whole video I've been chased a lot so go here and then before no one escapes death grabs all three of us our IP well it's a good thing you're right well anyway guys if you do this video of dead by daylight and if you didn't go ahead in it the like wouldn't it subscribe for meetings because there are some and go ahead and subscribe to these lovely people's except me down below in the description that's been a long time since I've actually sent these lovely people holy cow

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