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[Music] so I'm gonna explain the ante Freddie billed to you guys there's two different types of builds that you can do to face off against Freddie cuz right now especially especially right now since he just came out you're gonna be facing a lot of Freddy's there's the really aggressive build and there's the defensive build so I'm gonna show you the aggressive build and then I'll have another video showing you the defensive build we got self care and dead hard that are basically meta perks now unless you're running sprint burst and you have sprint person instead of dead hard but we also got bond so we can see other people around us and if they're not being chased then we can go and wake them up or go heal them if they need healing and then we got spine shield now spine chill you want to use spine chill for two reasons you want to be able to know that he's coming to you before his his humming starts so that you have a chance to go hide somewhere else and also you have a 10% chance to skip or the trigger a skill check so when you're in a chase and you use your self-care you want to spam the spacebar you don't want to wait til the needle goes to the other side of the skill check skill check you want to spam your spacebar so that right when the skill check happens you pop the skill check and then you can keep running or throw down the palette and do whatever needs to be done mostly what you want to do is you want to waste as much time as possible for your buddies or the rest of the survivors that do generators but there's also another way this trigger skill checks even if you don't want to run self care but it's also good to run it anyway with silk here you can go ahead and run a green med kit so that you get more charges the gel dressings and the thread or the needle and thread which slightly increases your chance the trigger skill check even more so I don't know what slightly means in terms of percent but if spine chill is a ten percent and the threaded needle is a slightly I'm gonna say slightly for skill checks is maybe like three percent because I know luck is one two and three percent for the chalk coached or whatever the hell it is salt poaching and salty lips so I don't know what moderately and is for the skill checks tones and shit like that and slightly as for the skill checks so if use running the perk that makes skill checks less likely to happen which is the green dress and the other dress yellow dress then just hope the guy that you're lucky enough to get a skill check while it's happening all right so we got someone next to us we got someone next to us on our left to what you want to do is jump on a generator unless you hear them right away you're goddamn serious he's right behind me

[Music] whoo all right so now you want to waste this time for as long as you can he's gonna be going after me for most of his time I should have thrown that down

so to spam the spacebar button and that may be I'm pretty sure he's got the green dress on so it's gonna be a little bit harder to get this done

but as long I don't know where you went

I have no idea where he went but yeah you want to waste his time for as long as you can and then maybe get out of his way so you can get someone else to wake you up and then hop right back on a generator don't walk around and do random shit hop right back on a generator I'm pretty sure he's running green dress and he might have what's it called the thing that decreases the time it takes to get in a dream state he might have it but I'm pretty sure he's got green dress on because I didn't get a skill check that entire time of self-healing and that's pretty rare when he's looking directly at me with spine Shalon well I'm getting a lot of skill checks right now so I don't know he might not have it on I keep thinking I'm hearing the the lullaby you're not getting away unless you get his dream state off and then you gotta find a way to actually hide without getting it reapplied on to you but this is good we're all getting generators working on them see that's that's pointless unless he's got node which I highly doubt he's got node not a lot of Freddy's have node on them unless he's got notice really pointless to get totems so it's just a waste of time maybe in like a week or so when killers start for Freddy start running node then it'd be okay but right now it's kind of pointless the thing about my legacy is that he can see me through the corn no matter what I don't know where he is so I'm just running all I can yet there he is man my nose is itchy wake me up before you go-go wake me up before you go-go [Music] huh see he's doing good right now he's wasting time so we're gonna be able to get this one and maybe the other guys gonna be able to get the other one nope

so this guy's got the other generator almost done this is actually really good this is a good match I'm probably gonna have to play another one cuz this one didn't last too long to be totally honest I'm one I'm wondering who's got to remember me on them oh that doors right beside them too

yeah he's sitting by him trying to watch the corn so I can see them moving through it but so far I don't see it he seems to be camping so I'm hoping someone's getting that door open over there cuz if not I'm going to be very sad yep

he's just sitting by them waiting no no come come what are you doing come come back oh my god this guy's gonna get caught

I'm gonna go to the other gate I'm surprised you didn't see this guy I don't understand how did he not see that guy run directly past them to the other gate doesn't make any sense to me

this guy will say gg when he actually pips but if he doesn't pipi doesn't say gg I faced him like three or four games ago there's no generator inside here or else these lights wouldn't be on yeah I can hear very faintly in the distance I want to check out to see if this key works on them


oh shit

oh and he has Franklin's and it dropped Mikey

at least I know where my key is and I know that the key doesn't work on him

whoa I didn't know that was a dead end

[Music] all right now I need to go get my key back all right so as I was saying in the other game all you gotta do is waste his time let other people get the generators if he's on you and if he's on other people then good on a generator that's all you gotta do like you have to do generators if you're not doing generators you're doing something wrong

he's looking directly at me oh shit

all right wake me up before you go-go wake me up wake me up you piece it wake me up thank you whoa that needle was really not working properly all right so far we still got everyone alive okay how the hell do I get out that generators done - oh my god we're doing all the generators in one spot this is not good Oh yep he's got a Maury probably in Ebony

well one person is dead that means all we need to do is get one more generator

all we need is one more generator we can leave let's fucking do this

my eyelashes are sticking together it's making me mad

why is he keep going after me woop and my keys gone again sorry but I'm running past you

alright now I spam this come on give me skill check I need to go get my key from the middle of the road it's literally sitting in the middle of the road somewhere I don't remember where though

where's my key I got hit like

where's Mikey someone definitely picked up Mikey oh there it is

all right let's see if I can get a generator or a skill check come on give me skill check get miss get a check this is gone real slow he's looking in my direction Oh God Oh God

see rate when he looked at me I got the skill check

no no no move move move told you I needed to go get my key again alright he's not chasing me I don't know if he's tasted him yeah he's chasing him where the hell is my key where did I drop it I did a I did a big spin somewhere around here you can't even see the key up there we go let's go find this hatch

there we go boys and that's how you do it

every single time I face this guy will say GG and he never Gigi's he just got them leaves you bitch goddamn I'm just all about this money I don't know [Music]


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