Is This The Most Hooked Up Ration Ever?!?! BRITISH ORP - MENU NO. 3 (2016)

by: stickyfingaz745

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[Music] hey there guys welcome back it's one of the ration review and today we have another 24-hour ration now this one is a British or RP or operational ration pack and I believe this one is from 2016 so it's got some age to it but I'm sure everything is alright and I actually got this one from Steve at traversing food he's an excellent ration reviewers so make sure you check them out he's got a lot of great content lots of videos lots of rations so make sure to check them out I think we'll be down below and yeah it's a close look alright let's have a close look at it and right on top we have a Modi authorized use only this is property of Mo D an authorized sale and/or purchase is prohibited good to know here's one of the sides we have 24-hour ration pack this is one of a multiple menu choice and suitable for use on ops please take time a complete unclose questionnaire your feedback positive and negative really counts and will be instrumental in developing the ration pack of the future very nice and on this side we have 24-hour ration pack I believe that's French we have the British flag alright we have menu number 324 production date of October 2016 I believe that's what that means I could be wrong but I'm sure that's correct right on this side we have unless as otherwise directed by the mo D this ration pack and its contents remain the property of the mo D any unauthorized sale dealing or other use and consistent with the mo DS proprietary rights is prohibited and may constitute a criminal offence yeah all right web some nutritional data if you guys want to read that go ahead and pause it there's the bottom and okay that's pretty much it it's a nice hefty ration pack it's got some weight to it right so let's not waste any more time let's get it opened up all right it's time to open it up and just like that we're in see what we got alright we have two cereal bars this was a caramel or caramel caramel and this one is a cereal bar cookies and cream flavor delicious all right we have some Cola bottle gummies or candies very nice and we have some British cheddar cheese spread we can't wait to try that I'll grab a ziploc bag full of condiments and stuff we'll check that out in a minute we have some cheese old biscuits I like the packaging nice and golden and we have a package of just fruit you can't go wrong with that we have some BBQ peanuts nicely vacuum-sealed we have a tropical flavored drink powder with sugar and sweeteners my bad now this one is a Cola flavored drink powder with sugar and sweeteners never had this so can't wait to try it alright we have another drink powder now this one is grapefruit flavor all right all right we have another drink now this is a lemon energy drink and yeah check out that guy he's uh he's flying he's got a lot of energy alright and we have plenty of drinks so I'm really liking this ration already alright we have a hot chocolate drink can't go wrong with this all right we have some classic super soft toilet paper or tissue all right here's the first main entree now this is a bean and pasta salad which is butter beans and kidney beans with pasta in a tomato chili sauce I don't know about you guys but that sounds delicious and you get a nice hefty 300 grams not bad and we have a fruitful muesli with milk have we have the second main entree now this one sounds really good we have a chicken and yellow curry with rice you get another 300 grams back all right we have a chocolate brownie can't go wrong with that and it looks like the British mo D still gives up these little Tabasco bottles haven't seen one of these in a while and a ration so it's nice to see and we have the feedback sheet you could also win a prize which I don't think I qualify here's a list of the menus if you guys want to read that all right so you get a total of 10 menus which that's pretty good all right let's check out what's in the bag all right so it looks like you get six water purification tablets not bad and you get a couple of tea bags this one's an English breakfast tea and Typhoo brand and we get a couple of strong mint sugar free gums just like there's two in each package and we get a couple of antibacterial wipes keep your hands clean your utensils 1 2 3 4 5 you get 5 windproof matches with the striker and we get a couple of sticks of coffee we have egg Nescafe original and a rumbles instant coffee and for some odd reason they threw in a v6 white spearmint gum and you get four sticks of white sugar and of course we have the creamer and you get four sticks of creamer and the less then we have is the British spork and this thing is massive it's built very well and yeah it's got some weight to it and it alright guys there you have all the contents and as you can already tell this ration is ginormous you get a ton of components thirty-eight in total you get eight drinks in this ration which to me elec rations when they give you plenty of drinks plenty of options and you get some really good snacks from what I'm seeing well yes so far this is looking like it really will put together ration so far I have no complaints so I guess we'll warm up the main entrees we'll throw them in a pot of boiling water and then we'll begin with breakfast so and for breakfast we're gonna keep it simple we're gonna have the muesli with a just fruit we also have a cereal bar a coffee and tea and we'll also try out the tropical flavored drink so let's begin right let's prepare the drinks we have a coffee tea and tropical flavored drink powder all right let's get the creamers

dump them in there we have our sugars

here's our instant coffee rumble Rumble Rumble here's our English breakfast tea

and let's add some hot water

and get all master alright we'll set these off to the side for a minute let's get our instant drink prepared and we're gonna use our u.s. cold-weather canteen system I don't know just because it's winter I guess just because we can and there we have it just a fine powder add some water

and let's give it a stir and there we have our tropical flavor drink and it smells a lot like pineapples yep all right let's give it a try yeah that's not bad a good flavor to it I would have been more comfortable if it would have just said pineapple flavor tastes a lot like pineapples it is very acidic it's not overly sweet and not too bland I would say it's just right not a bad drink very refreshing all right let's try the tea and here's our English breakfast tea with creamer all right yes just a decent cup of tea nothing out of the ordinary nothing spectacular it's just decent and yeah I enjoyed it let's try the coffee and there's our coffee looks pretty good all right I go

yeah that is a really smooth cup of coffee it's not so strong it's not too watery or bland I would say it's just right it's just perfect all right let's prepare the fruit for muesli with milk you get 100 grams it mostly contains oats and skim milk you also get some fruits like pineapple papaya cranberries melon mango and apple [Applause] and that's what it looks like smells a lot like apples and I guess we can add one water

get a little stir get that milk rehydrate it and yeah that looks really good there you can see some of the fruit not sure what that is maybe some mango cranberries all right let's get a bite all right there's our muesli looks really good let's try it yeah that is a decent usually I really like the bits of fruit gives it a nice texture it is a little bit bland and that's because if you want to add sugar you can add sugar or honey whatever you want to add but as it is it's actually really good quality really good muesli all right let's check out just fruit and we made a mess there it is all right so this is basically just raisins and sultanas with some cranberries very simple let's give them a try there you can see a cranberry raisins and of course sultanas all right strap that is really sweet it's almost too sweet in my opinion but basically you just taste the raisins and nothing else but I guess we can just do some of this to sweeten up our usually let's give our muesli another try with the raisins sultanas and cranberries all right there we go yeah that definitely gives the muesli that sweetness that it needs that it deserves you're gonna have the muesli definitely have it with the just fruit that's the only way to do it all right let's check out the cereal bar caramel or caramel however you want to say it and there you have it you can see some raisins looks like cranberries some oats there's the cross-section definitely has a fruity smell to it let's try it pet is a really good cereal bar it's got a nice sweet caramel flavor to it you also get a hint of those cranberries and raisins with a little bit of crunch from the cereal yeah it's excellent alright let's try this mix it in with muesli and see what that tastes like and there you have the muesli with a cereal bar and raisins hype down the hatch

just wash it down yeah that is excellent and let's check out that antibacterial wipe yeah it's a nice big towel it doesn't really have a smell to it and it's basically just a big baby wipe right yeah not bad that's the job all right let's try the strong mint see how strong it is there you have it yeah it's decent nice and minty not bad all right this is going to be our lunch and we're gonna have that chocolate brownie for dessert and we're gonna try the chicken and yellow curry with rice that sounds delicious so let's begin and here's the grapefruit flavoured drink powder and here we have the lemon energy drink this looks like a fine powder and it does smell like artificial lemon let's get some water

and we might as well prepare the coffee this is Nescafe original let that creamer and sugar and some hot water

alright let's give them a stir

and there we have our drinks let's start with the grapefruit and there we have our grapefruit drink and looks a little bit pinkish smells a little bit weird all right let's try it all right for this one I added a little bit less water it does make it a little bit sweeter a little bit less acidic but that being said this one's a little bit weird you mostly get that vitamin flavor that vitamin taste it's not the greatest drink it is still a little bit refreshing and yeah alright let's try the lemon sports drink it's got some floaties in there alright let's try it

this one's actually really good it's got a nice sweet lemon flavor to it no weird aftertaste like this one yeah it's a really good drink very refreshing and very good alright let's try the Nescafe coffee just looks like playing instant coffee alright let's try it yeah it's just your typical Nescafe instant coffee nothing special about it just uh yeah it's just decent alright let's check out the cheese old biscuits [Applause]

and you get five biscuits and there you have it smells like a cheez-its and it does kind of smell like oats it's nice and crumbly let's try it that is just like a Ritz cracker just a little bit bland and a little bit more gritty not as crunchy but yeah you get a hint of that cheese and just the slight bit of that oats let's try the cheddar cheese spread so what it's like oh yeah and there's our cheddar cheese looks nice and cheesy alright let's try it mmm Wow and I have to say this cheese spread is way better than the US MRE cheese spread it's a lot smoother a lot sharper just the quality in general it's a lot better that is excellent alright so let's try what the biscuit

and there you have it check out that cheesy goodness all right here we go oh yeah let's wash it down yeah that is excellent it's like a cheesy explosion yeah it's pretty good so our meal is ready it's nice and hot it's open it up check that out it's got a really nice dirty scent to it let's get it in our Bowl oh yeah I don't know about you guys but my mouth is watering there you can see some chicken potatoes beans rice the yellow curry it's got a nice big bite there you can see the beans what appears to be lentils and of course the chicken all right got a hatch mmm Wow Wow let's grab another bite and there we have a nice piece of carrot here we go mmm this is a really good meal the chicken is just excellent it's nice and juicy and tender the vegetables are nice and firm the curry flavors just spot-on it's got a nice spicy kick to it this is a 10 out of 10 all day all right let's try with the biscuit just because we can why not and there we have a curry chicken with the cheesy biscuit looks really good here we go nothing wrong with that definitely make thumbs up I just cannot get over that spiciness it's really good let's wash it down and we're gonna have the chocolate brownie for dessert and there it is let's get it out and there we have the chocolate brownie smells very chocolaty and it appears there's some fudge inside check that out

all right let's try it yeah that's definitely nice and chocolatey and sweet it's got a decent texture not exactly like a brownie a little bit crumbly a little bit chewy it does have a bit of a weird aftertaste very similar to a protein bar or chocolate protein bar but overall it's just a decent dessert and this is going to be our dinner can't wait to try the bean and pasta salad we're gonna throw that in some boiling water get it nice and heat it and yeah let's begin all right let's prepare the drinks with the Cola flavored drink we have the hot chocolate drink and the Typhoo tea and here's the Cola flavored drink go back up just looks like a white powder and

here's the hot chocolate drink it smells nice and chocolaty

and we're using our foreign MRE comm mug make sure to check out our amina here's the type of tea it's got a nice scent to it we're gonna add some creamer and sugar alright let's add some hot water and for the Cola drink we need cold water alright let's stir them up alright I guess we'll try the Cola drink and it does look a little bit like Cola not a whole lot but let's try it

yeah that is a very interesting flavor it does have that artificial Cola flavor like those Coca Cola bottle candies those gummy candies very close to that it is very acidic and just a little bit sweet I wouldn't say that's a bad drink just very interesting just a little bit different but uh yeah it is what it is let's try the hot chocolate and there is looks really good alright girls that is actually really good it's got a nice chocolatey sweetness very smooth ready creamy yeah it's excellent just try the Thai food tea and it is very dark alright let's try it mmm that is some really good tea it's got a good body to it good flavor nice and strong which I like yeah that's a winner alright let's check out the peanuts and these are barbecue flavor see if we hear hiss just a small hiss there they are and you get a good amount and they are coated all right let's drop those peanuts are excellent they have a nice spiciness to them a little bit of a kick and there's somewhat sweet yeah not bad all right let's check out the cola bottle sweets there they are and they just look like coca-cola bottles let's try the candies are actually like the cola drink they have that distinct artificial Cola taste but overall they're candies and they're pretty good ok let's check out the cereal bar now this is a cookies and cream flavor yeah I wasn't expecting this this looks more like a dark chocolate you can still see the raisins and cranberries I believe that's what the inside looks like all right let's try it what can I say about it this is simply a chocolate cereal bar there is no trace of any cream or anything like that you can't even taste the cranberries or raisins and there's hardly any hint of cereal I would just write this off as a chocolate cereal bar plain and simple all right our bean and pasta salad is ready it's nice and hot let's get it opened up and there it is let's get it on our tray I can definitely smell the chili powder it's very strong and there's the butter beans there you can see that kidney beans pasta looks very interesting let's grab a bite there you can see for beans the pasta the piping hot but let's try it out yeah very interesting it's got a bit of a sweetness to it a little bit on the bland side you could definitely taste the beans pastas a little bit on the softer side it's a little bit soggy could have used some salt maybe some hot sauce so let's try that [Music]


[Music] alright let's try with the Tabasco there we go the Tabasco definitely helps out gives it a little kick adds a little bit of salt and yeah makes it a little bit better but overall this meals just decent alright let's try the gum yeah what can I say it's nice and minty alright guys that's it that's the video hope you enjoyed it this was the British 24-hour ration yeah it's a really good ration I like the variety of like four different components I like that it has lots of drinks I like pretty much everything about it the only letdown would have to be the bean and pasta entree not sure what happened with that this isn't a vegetarian menu they could have added some type of meat some type of chicken or you know beef you know it is what it is on a scale from one to ten I would have to give this ration and 8.5 out of 10 it's a really great ration it's a must try so go out and get it I'm sure for an MRE calm as some of them in stock so check them out just want to give a huge shout out and thanks to Steve from traversing food you really hooked me up make sure to check out his channel he's got a ton of great content excellent quality he's a great guy so check him out the link will be down below and yeah just uh hope you guys are having a great new year I started off a little bit on the rough side I got sick right after New Year's and a little bit rough stuff to make videos for you guys so that's what I'm doing hopefully the rest of the year there's a lot better hand as always thank you guys for watching


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