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you never see the man gig warmed up for a Minecraft video oh that's how I do it well you got to get hyper you got to get you gotta get whoa but ladies and gentlemen welcome back to squatting and i welcome you back to trolls and i welcome you back to my eye ball collection guys I need your help real quick before we start this video I got a lot of eyeballs and I don't know what to do with them you can see that my microphone has been missing eyeballs for quite a while and a lot of you guys have been sitting in speaking so I need your suggestion guys hold on give me one second mundo there's a couple options that I can do here with this microphone option number one I gonna have one big eyeball like this option number two I can have two medium sized eyeballs you know kind of like it kind of like it once before option number three I can have oh geez oh my gosh I can it's kind of hard to put them on the camera but if you guys can see here these are all like really really tiny I there's literally three of them in my hand right now these are really tiny eyeballs and I can just put like 50 of them on there but the problem is it proudly well so you guys let me know in the comment section below one giant eyeball one medium eyeball weird lots of small eye bows anyways now that we've solved our eyeball problems we can get into the video so first thing I noticed is I joined the server right and uh oh you're gonna hurt you guys gonna love this look what the flip is that there's a giant lava wall around the whole entire squad base and you know what someone wrote into the wall and they said hi nubs bye spree I honestly I think it's hysterical I gotta give this guy mad props he went out of his way to find our base which I don't know how we did and he went out of his way even more to get hundreds of lava buckets and build a giant sign that says hi nubs and honestly dude I don't know how you got that much redstone but beats me dude I like it maybe he's working out you know maybe he's gonna put some redstone lamps on the on the on the block scene Ohio I don't know all rights the last video you guys know that i trolled struck if you didn't see last video what do you know I was it so I tried to troll shark I built this thing oh we covered it up so I built this where he died down there and Margit our snowman our beautiful snowman was down there however I flippin failed I'm just gonna go down here and see what's up it didn't blow up I failed miserably and honestly I don't know why I honestly don't know why the troll failed I I think I was just like too good for Minecraft you know maybe okay that's just a big ego boost for me okay you know you know what I failed that troll and I feel like I owe it to you guys that I should troll shark even better and that's exactly what I'm gonna flip and do today Sharky going down you laughed at me you thought it was funny I feel controlling you mr. Jeff 21 one of my good fans said go into creative mode copy his house and when he walks into his proper house it teleports them to the copy of his house and put it very far away and when he walks into it it will all blow up no will just be a fake house like if you agree oh I liked I liked well I mean on the screenshot you didn't see that I liked it but I liked it and I oh I agree I agree so what we're gonna be doing is we're going to be copying sharks house pasting it really far away right when he walks in he's gonna step on a command block that teleports him to his other house but then it's also going to set off the TNT that blows up his whole entire house I figured this would be an epic troll and a perfect role for shark and if this troll fails I'm sorry I failed you guys and by the way if you guys are curious my house is okay don't once touched it um actually I haven't been inside so I don't know if I've been trolled I'm kind of scared okay we're good we're good okay we're good I already went on the roof we're good what is this I'll flip why would I step on that actually I kind of need this okay actually oh this is what I'm gonna use it for because I noticed that shark doesn't have a flipping pressure plate on there by the way if you guys do want to hop on troll wars definitely be sure to do so you can join the server the IP is in the description and maybe you might catch me on here playing subscribe black troll and some noobs and/or you might catch that or you might make that honestly I can't wait I think it's gonna be so funny when someone writes in giant texts along this wall subscribe to what their YouTube channel like whatever their user name is insert user name here you know I think that's just gonna be hilarious that that's like that that would be some savage stuff that I would pool on other youtubers like I would just saw that's just so funny but hey well it will happen and now that I said it in a video someone's gonna flip and do it so let's get started on shark stroll now we do have to go into creative mode to do this troll because we're going to need world edits in order to do this so let's go ahead and grab a wooden axe and we're going to just completely copy sharks terrain of his house we're just gonna copy this whole area right here alright so slash slash copy there we go okay so we just copied this whole house and all the area around it because I don't want just this house I'm won't the area around it to look the same as well so let's go ahead and paste it pretty far away because it's gonna blow up a lot of stuff and probably not make him happy alright so let's find kind of a flat area oh this looks good right here okay so let's try to paste it right here so slash slash paste see if that will do let's go up a little bit more and back slashes paste huh that works that works fair enough it doesn't have to be perfect because you guys remember shark is going to be inside his house so the only thing that's gonna change is kind of what he sees out this window which isn't much it's gonna look pretty much the same he's barely gonna be able to notice it the only thing is gonna notice is probably the fact that chat says teleporting shark to this what is this now geez Rick and tuna fish man alright so this is what we're going to do so we need to get the coordinates right here okay so let's get these coordinates so the coordinates are yep yep and yeah good thing I decided to blur out the coordinates otherwise the whole entire flipping world would know where our faces are alright so now all we got to do is set a command block right under here Jesus someone already told her to try to troll him oh Jesus like literally like a death trap all the way down through the bottom jeez okay well shark don't worry I got you buddy I'm gonna protect you now for a long okay so we do /give oh no I want to give unspeakable thank you very much you unspeakable minecraft jeez minecraft man and commit on a score blocked there we go wasn't that hard was it yeah it was pretty hard I can't place wait what what what hey I'm gonna head out uh what you can't place the command blocks okay so we got a command block now let's go ahead and do TP @ p which is targeting the nearest player which is gonna be shark TP oh oh I shouldn't say the coordinates well might as well go ahead and Sam's alright so command blocks are not enabled on this server

what do you mean command blocks aren't enabled on this server no why enable command blocks please oh don't you argue with me like let me let me type them a nice message maybe they don't joy hi my name is unspeakable I own this server please enable yourself hey my name is a big boy on the server please enable yourself alright guys so we had to reset the server to fix the command blocks but now they work and also now we have fans all over the server we have actually opened the server for anyone to join so if you guys would hop on right now you you can hop on like like right now like up on the server right now now the only thing I'm worried about is I'm worried about setting up the strap because shark isn't gonna record his next episode and see his house probably for a couple days I'm worried that a fan is gonna come on and blow it up which is probably going to happen so the only way I can fix that is what I'm going to do is I'm going to remove the pressure plate at the front door now this doesn't allow for shark to get in but maybe when he gets on the server you'll put another pressure plate there but fans when they come in at this radius they can't build anything so they can't really get up here and get inside his house so I'm hoping that will fix the issue if not flip I don't know I also took off the pressure plate on the outside of this house this is the other house this is going to be the one that's going to blow up and explode I don't know why it did this anyways this is the house that's gonna blow up and explode so I took off the pressure plate in the front so no one can get in there and actually activate the pressure plate now one more thing that I needs to do is I need to get diamond blocks so diamond blocks allow our land to be protected now you get this when you spawn into the troll world you get some of them to protect your house now whenever you place them down it says look in chat this area is now protected entering unspeakable games protected area so I'm gonna kind of place these around the property I don't know exactly what their range is I think it's probably like maybe 30 by 30 or 20 by 20 blocks but I'm gonna play some kind of wide so no one messes with this property and no one like you know maybe throws TNT at it or something with a TNT cannon okay now that I said that please no one do that that's not cool but these blocks do protect all the way to bedrock all the way to world hikes so I don't need to worry about someone like building over them or something but I'm just gonna place a lot of them to protect this land because it would be a shame because I'm not failing on this troll I will place hundreds of diamond blocks I don't care I'm not failing on this troll I love you guys and you guys are awesome but I don't want one of you guys accidentally setting off the troll or blowing up the house his shark must react to it because he's not gonna make fun of me in one of his videos again okay that should be enough diamond blocks there's more than plenty all right so now it is our time to set up all the TNT hold on bar boys so my plan to set up the TNT is to take this block right here and to go right over here and dig all the way down now whenever sharks sets this off it's probably gonna crash the server but I'm okay with that so we'll do slasher set TNT so I just changed 9200 blocks so 9,000 blocks of TNT I hope that's enough if it isn't then I don't know oh there's teens you over here I might want to cover that up that's awkward yeah I might want to cover that oh yeah you know I got it cover that up a little bit I don't want anyone see that okay I think we are good I think everything is good I think I'm just looking for any spa hot now that's not good there we go all covered up okay so I think everything is patched up no TNT showing so now if I step on this pressure plate the TNT should blow up oh yeah yeah it's gonna blow up so I am going to do this and I'm also going to grab a lot of pressure plates because I don't know exactly where shark is going to spawn but if I'm correct I should be able to remove oh wait no these blocks don't have T and T on them okay hang on let me do this real quick let me do this let me set T right here okay all this is T okay you guys can see that all this is TNT so I'm going to do this and then we're gonna put pressure plates all along here okay so pressure plates for days so right when shark teleports he will land on one of these pressure plates no doubt okay so we'll do this and then we'll do that there you go the trap is set all it needs is for shark to come and set it off now I'm gonna make sure no fans are able to actually get inside his house or the way I'm going to do that is kind of protect the house a little bit more now like I said as much as I love you guys I don't what you guys messing up the trolled man I need this troll to be perfect and I cannot fail so I'm going to pretty much like kind of guard the house up I guess and protect it more so snow fans can like ender pearl into it or anything like that alright and then we'll kind of protect this area as well there we go okay everything looks pretty solid no holes in the glass or anything like that okay umm there's a little hole right there there we go we'll go ahead and cover that up a little bit okay there we go so everything on the house looks pretty solid I am kind of worried cuz I know that there is some sort of glitch where you can go through fences so with that I'm gonna be a little extra cautious what I'm going to do is I'm gonna do this and I'm going to do social set barrier so I'm gonna turn all these into barrier blocks there we go so set barrier so these are invisible blocks that no one can see so just in case someone tries to like glitch through the fences or something I'm not taking that all right there we go so it's all set to barriers so this house is protected I think this house is good and it's ready to go so all shark has to do is log on to the server and walk inside his house and then rightly walks inside his house he's instantly gonna get teleported right to that house which he lands and steps on pressure plates that are gonna go kaboom and he thinks that his house is going to get blown up so guys that is pretty much gonna do it for this video is there any fans down here there is some fans down here what saw a dude so there's a bunch of people that have managed to find the bases someone make a hole in this I think someone set some TNT here what does this say oh look eight hundred buckets of lava in twenty seven hundred blocks so that's how many buckets of lava he used holy mackerel he actually counted all that so we got some other fans over here just kind of around here oh my gosh they even put ladders building up and over the wall that is so awesome so if you guys do get on the server it definitely try to find our base and take a screenshot of you in it and tag me in it on Twitter or Instagram and I'll like and I'll reply to your pictures and photos so guys thank you all so much for watching have a same fantastic yesterday be sure to join the server right now and hop on Trail Wars and I want to thank you guys so much for watching have a safe fantastic rest of your day the IP is in the description so go ahead and put it into your minecraft and hop on right now guys thank you love so true watching and I'll catch you guys tomorrow in a brand new Minecraft video [Music] [Applause]

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