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hey this is the access 40,000 800 milliamp hour 100 watt generator they call it a generator it's not really a generator it's just a giant battery but I got this on Amazon looking for a portable solution to to power my CPAP machine because I was going on a longer camping trip and if you're looking for something to run your CPAP without the humidifier for about four days this is this is what you're looking for they make bigger ones there's an encore battery that that's you know roughly twice the size of this one that's just some ungodly amount of power that would probably last till eternity but if you're looking for about four days this is a great compromise and it did last four days of you know about eight hours use every night so if you're looking for something to to last about that long that isn't too terribly heavy this will fit the bill I believe this is about six pounds so it's not super heavy you could even take it hiking with you so I'm super pleased that it the compromise that I decided to go with number one price-wise it's about one hundred and fifteen hundred and twenty dollars depending on where you get it I got this one on Amazon it's a lot cheaper than you know some of the four hundred dollar batteries that granted are much more capacity but if you don't need that much capacity especially if you're not using it for a CPAP machine it's going to draw a lot more juice this will last you know two weeks to charge your battery just as a comparison you know I've got a samsung galaxy note 5 that's about 3000 milliamp hours this is forty thousand eight hundred mill ham powers and it'll do a continuous hundred watts on the AC inverter as well which I'll get into okay yeah feature wise a power button turns it on the DC is always active if you're in DC mode so basically all the power button does is turn the display on and off the light on the back has two brightness levels I won't point it straight at the camera because it'll be tough to tell that's the bright mode and off dim bright and there's not a huge difference between dim and bright you can't really tell on the camera and you can't really tell in real life either it's the bright is it a little bit brighter than the dim and it's not super bright either it's good for a tenth and I used it several nights in a row just to give me some light while I was rooting around in the tent and for that it's fine if you want something bright here and you know you might want a lantern or a flashlight that can be converted into a lantern or something like that it has DC and AC output modes if you turn the AC mode on that will turn the inverter on don't leave it powered on in AC mode because the inverter is always active and it'll just drain your battery until there's nothing laughs so don't so don't leave it there and turned on on the side here this is kind of another thing even though it's not feature Laden to me and that's a kind of a feature in itself because I've got other Power Packs that came with 3000 different connectors that I'll never use you know it probably increases the price this what you see in front of you is what you get and it doesn't even come with a bag which is kind of disappointing but I prefer to you know put stuff in my own my own bags anyway so that wasn't a big deal there again and you're not paying for a crappy bag that you might replace anyway you just paid paying for the battery and the few accessories that you'll actually use and for me you know means everybody's situation differs but for me a couple of USB outputs and this for the DC output this is a just a standard cigarette lighter you know power adapter that's more than that that's all I need it's USB and 12 volt and that's it the AC adapter I haven't used yet because everything I used this for doesn't need AC but I did plug a lamp into it and you know it works for in an AC lamp and just for giggles I plugged a dremel into it that was pulling a little more than a hundred a hundred watts and it does it will cut out it'll kind of rear as it's trying to limit the the current coming out of there so so it does do you know what it's supposed to it doesn't pull more current and it's actually capable of it'll it'll stop you from damaging anything it does have a UPS mode I don't know why you actually use this for a UPS the UPS mode is a little odd I kind of get what what they were trying to achieve why you would use this as a UPS you know I if I was going to use a UPS I would use a real UPS work that you know that can really pass through the idea is just basically protecting the battery circuit if you've got you know your wall charger plugged in here and the power goes out you can click ups and that will come on without you having to unplug the charger and turn it on which is kind of a poor man's UPS I get the idea but is it really all that useful I doubt it you know you most people don't use a UPS or anything on their tablet which is really all you'd be using this with you you could use it for a notebook but yeah and it will you know run your notebook probably for probably a whole day maybe more it would certainly charge your notebook battery a couple times so as for your s accessories you've got your AC adapter that plugs into the the one DC input there and it also comes with a 12 volt charger and that's all the AC adapter is it's just 12 volt converters so you can plug this into your into your car and or boat or whatever or your airplane which I have done and it does work you can plug that in and charge the battery that way you know if you're in a long road trip or a long flight you can you can use you can charge it that way this guy here plugs into one of the DC outputs and provides DC DC power plug 12 volt power plug and of course USB outputs and again these are active regardless whether you've got that turned on or not so really all that is as a display turn on/off thing unless you have the AC on then it really does mean something so that's about all there is to it it's I was just really really pleased that you know I got a battery pack that served exactly the purpose I needed lasted exactly as long as they said it would with with room to spare I charged my phone's several times and ran the cpap for four nights charged my phone for two lent it to another camper that was with me and she charged her phone on it and there was still a little bit left not a lot but you know that just you know shows you how how much is there and they're not and they're not lying when it when they say it's 40,000 milliamp hours it really is and that's all about all there is to it but I did want to go over real quick was another pleasant surprise another reason why I'm so happy with this battery is it's the perfect size for a CPAP set up you know everybody's bag is different that it just so happens to fit just nicely where the this bag is made for it like a humidifier on one side and a CPAP on the other but if you're camping you can live without that humidifier because it's gonna suck the battery dry it uses a lot more power than the CPAP day so if you can live without the humidifier put that in one side CPAP on the other you know your mileage will vary depending on your bag and the CPAP that you have you'll want to get one of these don't use your just don't plug your AC adapter into the battery you're just wasting 30 percent of the battery maybe more on running the inverter converting AC to DC and then DC back into or sorry DC to AC and then AC back into DC for the CPAP machine when you can just go straight 24 volts which is what this is this is a little DC to DC converter yeah it does waste a little bit of power converting 12 volts 24 volts but nowhere near what the AC inverter does and basically all this is I I got this it was either on eBay or one of the CPAP supply places I can't remember and it came with a couple adapters it had a special adapter on the end I just cut it off and soldered a regular 12 volt adapter to it you basically use this 12 volt adapter which is just like at your car 12 volt lighter socket and plug it into there and you can see that the red light came on and the green light on the converter is on and this it came with a couple of cables because it it's compatible with a couple different ResMed machines but this is the cable that works with mine so you just plug that into there plug that into your CPAP machine and you are good to go and like I said it will last for real four nights no problem so this side goes into the the 12 volt pigtail that goes into the the battery and this side here again your CPAP is going to be different but I imagine a lot of them are pretty similar this one goes into this cable that mates with my specific machine and they make these with a couple of different adapters for different machines so make sure you get the right one for your machine but to don't use the AC adapter because unless you're if you're only using it one for it for one night I guess it's okay but you're gonna be wasting a lot of the capacity of the battery when you're wasting almost nothing by just going straight DC to DC and and running your machine that way and I can attest that it will last for days doing it that way there's no way you're gonna get four days out of the the using the AC inverter so that's that's about it it's kind of the perfect battery for for a CPAP machine I know they make ones that are special especially made for CPAP machines but all it is is a big lithium battery pack the same as these and they're nowhere near that size so I know there's no way they're gonna last as long as that one does and and they're like 300 bucks this one was 120 115 so you know do the math for the price of that adapter it was like 20 30 bucks if that and $120 battery you're saving yourself half half the cost of the battery and it's gonna last you know three or four times as long because I've looked at them in there and they're not that big and there's no way it's gonna have the capacity that that one does so and that's about it yeah so if you're looking for a CPAP battery or if you're just going on a crazy long camping trip and you want be able to charge your phone like 20 times you could probably charge your phone you know 30 times with this thing there's so much capacity I really am pleased with it and I'm pleased that they didn't BS me and tell me it was a 40 thousand milliamp hour battery and I use it a couple times and then it only has half that capacity or something like that I've used it several times I've drained it several times it always lasts as long as they said it would so good on packs s I don't know if it's a Chinese company or a US company but you know good on them it's it's well-made it's solid it's reasonably small it doesn't come with a lot of frills that you don't need I'm just really pleased with it it's just a good solid battery that works okay thanks for watching

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This battery pack was the perfect solution for a four day camping trip to power a CPAP machine without access to power. It's also a great power pack for long trips that will recharge most small devices for well over a week.
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