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my eyebrows look so dark paper citizens show got paper scissors show rock paper scissors show rock paper scissors show you've got me as your so what so if I win you can pick if you want okay yeah this is my video it's right on professional fashion hello everybody welcome back today I'm joined with my favorite person in the whole world

it's been a while since you've been on this channel you know a long time real long been a while since I've actually seen him it's been like four weeks it's just the longest we've ever not seen each other for the whole time we've known each other pretty much yeah it's good to be back in today's video I thought would be really fun to do a best friend does my 8th shop now no pressure I'm expecting great things expecting great things ok the thing is I feel like I know your wardrobe so well I feel like as I keep saying I feel like I've already boots I've bought stuff that you've already got that's a testament to how well you know me yeah but I feel like it's like a psychological thing I've seen you wear it and I'd be like oh I'm gonna buy

because we've been talking about doing this video for so long yeah I've been so excited and I've been looking for more than just the other day when I bought wear but we'll say okay so how will you do I'm just gonna like hand you one piece and then we're do the trials at the end Oh a lot we said dubiously eight items we said I owe it hey hey yeah Wow

right right so obviously through each item I'm going to give you a little bit of an extra later okay the first thing I'm going to be presenting you with okay is something I feel like you can wear on a casual day mm-hmm that it's gonna be like a cozy just everyday thing sounds like right up my street I'm terrified oh my god you know how much I love my spots at the moment there we go it's on there like oh my god fuzzy fell isn't it I love this isn't it really no I know you're freaking it's my face you look so white these are the sorts of jumpers that look amazing tucked it like I think it's supposed to be like yeah because you tuck it in and it like hangs really nicely like this one yeah age okay oh my god mark even if this is the only thing I love I this is like my new favorite thing okay seven to go yeah so what would you wear that with like everything yeah good stop these are the thing these are the things I think you've already got shoes Susy's oh I feel like you've only gotten love if its heels I probably don't so don't wear them that much but I feel like the reason why I got you these because they are very like a bit out there like you wear them I definitely don't have these

are you sure yeah but don't you have jeans with like bells on yeah I've got jeans okay I love these but I actually love these do you the next thing is is PJ's oh yes PJ's in your mouth I feel like these are crazy okay I love crazy pj why like right crazy okay like it's crazy it's the sweet piece you bought me that time what did I get you then look you back I'm like why made in Kenya did you know what I would wear this like out I just thought oh they're so unusual okay that's a bonus well no I just saw these on my cycle they are so cool but yeah they like different a larger site they're quite unusual I really like these these are very Zoey yeah is it weird that I would wear these owl yeah I feel like the best under there yeah yeah and then these with like her another vent at the top yeah that's a multifunctional pajama set like all sleeping em oh oh that's very nice if you ever want to do some of this what we think I love these again I actually love these were you a bit shocked when you open your eyes not really I just thought this looks too nice to be dramas how are you feeling as in giving my stuff I'm a bit nervous oh yeah yeah because now I'm like you're doing really well I feel like I can't let the side down I can't be like the worst friend ready you can go I don't mind here we go

why are you I'm so confused why did I order you there I honestly don't remember ordering you that but it's cute I honestly don't remember can you this I like it what do you think I do like it nothing much more out it's a much more like bold pattern yeah very bold yeah I think it was just add a bit more summery yeah always definitely go for the summary yeah this would make cute with little like red boots yeah that's okay a little summer hat and you're more surprised I honestly don't remember Kevin either thank you love you okay this is lovely I don't want this video to ever end it's so good this one okay close your eyes okay I'm getting like 90s flare flare flare trousers such as 95 90s vibe maybe on a nice day where you're sort of do it sort of doing like casual meetings okay in the summer oh no we're not Oh Oh is it very clueless clueless yeah

okay here we go oh here we go every guy that's a sequence oh my work has gone down oh I'm not opposed to sequins they're like saw do you know what I don't hate them I'm just thinking for that one time of year when we're in the club yeah I can wear them yeah I'm just hoping my ass small I think this is definitely gonna be like went once it's on well no but you can make them look so cool if you wore them with like converse okay that's what I was thinking you're so good at mixing stuff together like like it's like oil slick I'm not sure I can oil slick type effect with the sequins I actually don't hate them in yeah yeah little bit out of my comfort zone I wanted to get one thing that was out to comfort I'll try them on for sure perfect I close your eyes okay it's an ironing board cover yeah Oh awesome trousers oh I like these you like them these are very Zoey I like to wear things like this to my meeting there we go I've got literally something for every day yeah every occasion these are lovely I really like these yeah look pip plain yeah but like these will go nice with the spotty top and oh that shirt tucked in it's got Navy in it maybe we can try that when you try it on yeah okay I yeah big thumbs up from me you know there's really nothing I would send back at this point maybe once I try the short sell like I've gotta get one thing that she's like Oh laughs well okay okay yeah or a spring dress it's a jumper dress I like this with some trainers yeah big glasses all the hairs on my face stand on end it's my hairy face this is lovely yeah like I like it um hi top not barn glasses business de Bourgh so just running up to like also this is a good in-between clothing item in between winter and spring yeah cuz you have their legs and like trainers or boots but and then this so you still stay quite warm mm-hmm you've done really well at ten like a solid nine hey hey what's your favorite outfit oh my favorite thing is this potty top yeah like I'm surprised I've not ordered that myself I think it was no yeah I think it was new in I love that I also love the pajamas I love the bit I love everything so well and what like the thing is like when you saw I was nervous I was like I know we're nervous but as I went through them again I was like no I think I've got arrived right I was completely shocked about this I don't know why I honestly don't remember getting either like ah I'm really nervous feed open should we do oh is it let's do it now and now you can see me trying them on that's why when first outfit oh yeah that looks amazing with the mom jeans and even the Roenick inside I love this that's when I movie to hold it up it was like massive but that looks so cool and you come I love them yeah amazing he styled by mark oh my god with a nice bit of like maybe like the sort of van black shoes yeah oh yeah I think that top goes perfect with it as well hey oh no sorry I actually really like them I honestly I mean they are chunky yeah I love them I think they're gray yeah okay not the best okay Oh oh my god they are so so nice perfect fair comfortable well these PJs these are crazy good yeah but you could literally wear them trousers with something else if you were to wear them like that with something else though look how good that looks

no I'm obsessed with them puffy I don't know I mean it's cute yeah it's like um like what they called tea towel like tea towel material no could you see where I was going with that yeah yeah I tell you from a by net I mean it doesn't it doesn't no bad yeah yeah right ready oh wow that's so cute yeah the colors inside yeah so flattering yeah what's your favorite one my favorite one is probably the jump yeah the spotty jumper like I also love the boots the pajamas this the trousers basically everything except that I think is perfect yay that was the video I really hope you enjoyed it make sure to go on over and check out marks video where I bought him his clothing and see what he makes this I'm really nervous give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to get notified every time I upload a video and I will see you

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