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terminated Briah ready I'm in the wrong movie okay all right ladies and gentlemen welcome don't sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger okay I'm in the wrong fucking wassup I got

yeah so who's gonna who's gonna start this bitch well I don't know Star Wars so don't look at me just say something like may the force be with you rule or no no no no no good Onias Scotty bad beam me up Scotty let's star Trak oh god damn it I don't fucking knows Thor hmm all right guys welcome to Star Wars death row and you must make it past every single obstacle to find the ring that's all or the Rings and Star Wars have you're not seeing the movies you must go the whole way to the end and you will find a man called Scotty you will beam you up that's our track beep oh um they have to find the Elder Wand and defeat and find all the Horcrux Voldemort I'm Madi go and get the Master Sword so yeah yeah that the end you'll find Master Chief all right let's go yeah boy you can't sprint job you sprint jumping ass all these things oh shit we got to move ok great ok I'm gonna use my Jedi mind trick alright you bring on Turkey I am you do not want to hit yes ok explosion ever and I'm dying infinitely over it no Minnie Minnie Minnie ok that trump uh no chill do you guys want to pick the red one or do you want to pick the blue one oh go on the blue one oh gosh Tyler incision bitch it's the red one guys

that's not the red one Oh No fucker buy one go ahead Brian just just sprint across hey just we're gonna get a run fast you're my best friend jump spring jump oh I'm in V Fano wait what wow what there's like anti-gravity it's a flash jump Tower it's a force jump oh hell I've got a halo jump oh god I love halo - hey are you alright so this totally isn't a firing squad of storm life sucked oh they'll never hit shit just walk through I told you they can't hit a fucking bitch okay okay okay the stop holy shit that's one of them shot you fucking dick hole onto the Natesville own do the neck bone or there's no visual so that means it's a four trap Wow the force is strong through the fucking wall holy shit what is that horn head swing just fucking crashed into your bitch ass fuck ISO audio so there's no you know it's obviously a floor simulation oh you have a full simulation darling surprise I'm alright I'm alive I'm alive if we don't fall in all right so let's let's somehow shimmy our way back up so back to back Oh eyes you're fucking just that's fine oh my god bodies and down in this fucking hole mmm sorry bro down up down up down up really the forces of weakness okay this one's Oh P so good fucking luck to you yeah this one's not okay this is nothing you just got to get down and dirty soon enough you just gotta go it's gonna fuck you okay Tyler it's not red red ready fish no rope no no no all right all right it's a 50-50 it's a 50/50 same time yep yep ready 3 2 1 go you motherfuckers you're their poacher how did jump like a little punk bitch either yeah creep yeah creep pass at Mario with your big fuck-off head try try least me try me fuck you shooting me directly in the back of the head this is so much bullshit look at that I make a typical stormtrooper share right here I got him mm-hmm you're gonna look no I so stopped think I'm going down with this shit let's just do it all right calm my legs aren't moving when I look down and run fuck you you asked we need a map ah all right this one's easy super easy really super easy fuck you stop doing your fucking loud noises stop falling Foreman we'll stop doing them this one's the big hole in the ground it's all the way to fuck down there hmm press e on it Oh plan through it fuck you okay that's water acid water it fucking kills you I know the water's going down there doors open wait it's supposed to tell ya the water or when we will meet some food tap fuck hey what the fuck was that shit trap that's a fuckin rat oh my ok this is a shit show the force is not strong with these two oh is this trap activate what yeah it's going it's going but I don't know how many more traps there are in this let's back up let's back up and have that trap go again ok it's Biggums water foot you know suppose bitches I don't understand what the fuck just happened there baseball in here this explodes we've got a speed run through that you let me fuck you got a stink run mini me drunk if you're the water's going the other thing on Oh

oh my that shit fell so far back oh my god reset oh fucking shit I was like Tyler just looked up at his impending death fuck you and then yeah I'd I'd be fucking time stop fucking stupid I love this game I saw what happens here the sunlight kills you so what if you do this okay oh wait you're dead mmm welcome to outer space motherfuckers yeah all right you sons of bitches now to figure out which one of us is a true Jedi full horse master as Marcel would call it we're have a little a little pew pew laser gun beam fight thing and the last one surviving is in fact the true is my source Master Chief halo star trail the chosen child of one you're a wizard Harry hey yeah Oh three two one go dad how's it go bitches let's go bitches no fuck you Marshall oh hey on top I'll pick on top pick up top I reload I reload go go go look at Tara's mini mini shoes nothing that's being a pussy he's not engaging he's just walking yes he's on there what the man is vagina now you can't gang up on me bitch yeah I can you're being a bitch you deserve it uh-huh Oh Minnie Sally oh that's all right what's going on shit Pilar help me I'm gonna shoot him in the ass help me oh god I'm gonna lake

hmm all right so I realized that we can't determine a true Jedi force master ass blaster without having a good old-fashioned lightsaber fight right all right everybody back up a couple paces oh shit


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