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how's it going guys stray here and welcome back to our turmoil playthrough today we're gonna be going back out and hopefully like I said in the last episode I really would like to get some of these rare items today obviously I can't do much about that we have to get lucky to get those but yeah that's gonna be a major goal of mine cuz I'm really interested in that now we do have some money to upgrade some stuff right now we've gotten all the major upgrades that I wanted I guess upgrading the speed of the horses would be smart so that's a good one we could also upgrade the speed of the dowsers which would obviously be another good one as well and we could also have create the speed of the pipes as well as the timer actually the rig pressure timer might be smart we have spilled a little bit so there really is a lot of decent upgrades that we can still buy uh in terms of magma upgrades there's nothing left right now so yeah I think what I'm gonna be doing is the horse speed for right now you guys have said in the past few seasons that I didn't have enough horses and my horses we're not doing enough you're totally right my bad let's upgrade that speed I don't know if I have to buy I think I do have to buy that upgrade unfortunately every season though so I might not always use that but hopefully I'll get good use out of it now drilling speed don't get me wrong it's good but you really don't drill that much throughout the whole season so I don't think it's gonna be as useful as the dowser upgrade ah that's 15 grand so that's pretty much all our money right there so that's all we can get for right now let's go back to town hall and do another land auction and check out what's going on in this northern grounds so yes we did hit a pretty good pocket here well KY didn't but KY screws up a lot so let's let's not judge him it's hard to tell obviously this is gonna be a good zone right here so I'm gonna go for this I'll probably get outbid and I'll go down one if that's the case actually they really want that spot okay and then of course Joshua at the end took my damn spot that's fine I'm gonna go for this one I usually don't fight too much when it comes to land maybe I should fight a little harder let me know in the comments below what you guys think but I just think it's it's it's not worth it for the amount of money that it cost to do that unless you know there's gonna be a lot of oil in a certain spot alright well let's get out we're basically out of money again as per usual to every season so we're gonna put down three dowsers I'm not gonna do it well actually let's let's do a couple moles why not we're I'm looking for those items so we're gonna go mole heavy in these next two seasons and that was quick so that's good we also uh I think I just found the node that he found if that's not it we're gonna waste some money on this pipe but hey we're gonna do it anyways and look at that all three dowsers right beside each other here so that's good we are gonna go directly through that node I should have done a little pipe here and then expanded this out into three pipes kind of screwed this up already but these nodes are looking really really nice alright so what am I gonna do let's you know what let's connect to this like this this is gonna be an ugly rig but hey whatever it happens and do I want to do a sensor no let's uh let's start earning some money here so we don't have to get too many loans I'm gonna borrow one thousand right now get some extra wagons here and there buying from ninety one so that's really good hopefully one of these moles can find this guy's you know what let's actually send out another mom I'm going more heavy like I said found some lava over here so that's good actually we're gonna go connect to that right away if I have enough money just because that's gonna speed up our rig here and give us some more money alright there's some oil right over there how much money oh I got a thousand bucks not bad not bad so we're selling early this season and that's good and now we connected to that that should heat up all of our pipes here very slowly and this rigs gonna be really good oh that was two nodes okay this is a really messy pipe guys bye apologies but at least we found an extra free node there I didn't even well we didn't even find a dowser with that one oh sixty-eight cents Jesus that went down quick alright 77 cents that's a little bit better and we're gonna go wagon heavy right now because I do not want to overflow we already got eight that's not too bad 750 to upgrade those bad boys I think we will be doing that next we found a lot in the ground let's layer one more dowser though while we're waiting around maybe we'll find something over here and we need some more wagons cuz that that heat upgrade man it works good we're already at 12 I had no choice or whose it was gonna overflow I still want to upgrade those wagons but now we should be good for wagons for a little while so that's good and yeah ninety-seven cents not bad at all not bad hit the 750 upgrade out we got another one down here let's use the scanner and see what is up there it is right there connect to it nevermind don't have enough money I should have enough money now though so there we go we got lots going through this rig already man this is crazy I think we found some really good ground at the start here and that obviously always feels really good ah so this guy's waving oh no tan he's done now hire some more dowsers the ground is one up a little bit so we'll hire two more moles as well and hopefully they'll find something and of course he finds it way over on the side what is that that must be lava right there I think I'm gonna do another rig over here then since we got this guy waving over here let's scan it up it's probably down low that's a big rock and underneath that rock that looks to be yes a big thing in oil what did I just find I think I just found our first treasure guys unintentionally that wasn't even due to a mole that was due to me we're gonna drop that mole down there and see what happens ah now we got a drill to rock so we're just gonna upgrade that right now connect to this that looks like gold I think I just found gold guys and yes there we go what do we got we found treasure that's all we know is this it's treasure guys what am i selling for 61 cents like an idiot okay sorry I was too curious about the gold nugget there okay it's a good thing we bought this rock upgrade though this is some rocky friggin ground and we're gonna go over to that lava after that now this pipe system is very very messy right now so I have to think about what I want to do with the gas before that happens because it's real it's gonna be hard to connect these two together I think ah but we got this gas pocket you know what how much is it gonna cost to connect this 568 let's do it oh don't hit the gas no no no no no okay close that pipe close rig oh I hate it I hate it okay so we hit a pretty good-sized gas note here I thought I was gonna miss it but of course I just touched the damn thing oh so now I can't connect these together because that's gonna make this thing blow off as well so what I think I'm gonna do is just boost this price already and then we'll start selling because it's at a dollar fourteen already that should be good unfortunately I put my silo over to the right-hand side but if we connect to this we should be able to boost that price at a good time we're already at a dollar twenty-one on it just naturally and that's a pretty big node so I'm gonna start telling these guys to sell and there we go it's gonna go up as these guys sell it all so grab that oil guys and get over there that's what I'm talking about no bed you know we turned a bad thing into a pretty good thing there we didn't have too much oil out of the ground at 12 K so that's good and now we can connect these together now that that gas node has been depleted all right maybe I bought a few too many wagons guys a lot of these guys are just standing around that's why I don't like buying too many wagons how big is this gas node over here so we're not gonna do a huge big scaz strategy but goddamn that's a nice gas no that's for sure ah so do we want to connect to right Inc and utilize that one that might be a good gas strategy with just that one damn node ah what we're gonna do though before we figure out what we want to do with this gas is get a few more moles maybe we can find a few more pockets and utilize them together let's open this thing up now totally forgot to do that and yeah we're going pretty well I haven't upgraded any pipes this season which feels weird but I'm actually sucking quite well out of these things there we go we hit another gas note here let's see how big that one is decent size very decent now this dowser is not flying a damn thing though so I'm getting a little worried then maybe I got too cocky early on yeah you just left the screen meaning there's nothing in this ground I don't think benefit being we're obviously gonna get a good season here we'll try one more dowser later on but I think this is pretty much it now we have so many wagons I'm actually not gonna buy another silo just to see how much we can take out of this ground here so it's July we got lots of time I'm just fast-forwarding and letting these guys store this stuff because like I said we bought a lot of wagons just to try to address the overflow issues that I was having alright so let's do one more dowser here we might get lucky now that's a little deeper and we did a lot of moles I'm gonna do one more and see if he gets lucky we got lots of gas though which is good looking at writing actually let's prepare this cuz it's going up really really fast moles don't seem to be finding much it's at $1 6 do I want to boost this I think I do so let's go and prepare here we're gonna go connect to it we're gonna close this off yeah it's going down now so we want to make that price a little bit bigger we don't have too much oil on top of the ground right now Oh actually what's closed off is actually no you know what we're gonna do right Inc they're basically on par with price but we have all the oil by writing right now so we're gonna let that go up a little bit because we got a lot of gas right now again we don't have too much oil but we got enough to probably profit a little bit here so let's just give it some time here I like how the gas by the way it goes upwards downwards good attention to detail there I don't know how long I want to wait here because it's gonna plummet once this gas is done but I want to get as good a price as possible because we don't got too much oil in this ground so there we go we'll sell for that and I might even risk opening the pipes here since we have so many wagons let's see what we can do here Oh God guys get it address it quick yeah we got this keep selling it's still at 290 this is good this is good this is going well ah we still got oil in the ground man though alright but there we go not too bad 34 grand we held pretty well considering this lacking ground now I'm definitely not gonna upgrade this rig for this one little pipe here I hired one more dowser though just to see what happens we're still selling for a dollar 50 which is great this is plummeting now so let's stop selling and yeah that dowser ain't finding anything so this is all we got in the ground you know what I'm gonna risk it here I want to upgrade this pipe because I want to make sure we get this all out of the ground so we're only stuck to this one node we're already at November though we technically got two months we probably could have sucked it all out of the ground but I want to get that extra to ground I want to make sure we get it so we upgraded to two and just watching the prices right now November 22nd just trying to do the math here oh we're already out so yeah we definitely didn't need to do that pipe upgrade just wanted to make sure the fact that we're already at December let's go actually let's just give it a little bit of time let's get as much prices as we can or as much as much profit as we can because we should be able to do this all in one trip alright it's over a dollar let's not fight for sense here I don't want to risk it in case something bad happens there we go all the way guns go over and all the oil is sold guys 37 grand for the little bit that was in the ground I thought we were gonna have an amazing season at the store cuz we hit all these and then I just went dry really really quickly so at least we found that gold nugget I'm curious to see how much that's gonna be worth and did we hit everything Oh literally everything we got the rare resource we hit both lava notes look at that I didn't even know you get bonuses for all gas depleted but that was the definition of a perfect season we can't get much you can't get any better than that oh that feels good guys that always feels good so there we go and we sold for decent prices too so let's see how we did compared to the competition you yes yes Isabelle's kicking some ass now all right that's what I'm talking about Isabelle we got this thing in the bag do we have anything new magma no we do not so now I'm thinking we just probably want to do these speed upgrades I mean mol speed will be cool too size is totally pointless cuz I don't like doing the big sensors the counters totally pointless and herd size three optional but I haven't hit the need for more horses than what we have so yeah I'm gonna do the speed upgrade now we're running out of upgrades guys we're actually doing really really good here I mean I still got 11 K to my name I could technically buy the mole upgrade but I think we're just gonna save it so we don't need to get a loan let's go see I think we're hitting yeah this is gonna be the final season in this plot of land and then we're moving on to probably harder ground so decisions decisions how was my note actually that was only a 20-9 yield guys so pretty good profits considering how lacking the ground was now I'm thinking it's definitely gonna be this one it's probably gonna be the good one looks like these guys disagree with me that's totally fine please don't take it somebody just take this one come on guys oh man they are really funny you know what I might just take this one just the deal with it how much you know what I'm gonna fight her once let's see what happens okay there we go see I bid for land once it cost me double the price hopefully it's worth it all right the final season of a land one now let's see what happens here guys this is exciting two thousand bucks down the drain and let's get her done guys let's find this stuff again oh I didn't even check what the Gold's worth but I guess we're gonna have to check that before the end of this episode and even before a week we got not one not two but three all right you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put a little pipe here and hopefully I don't hit the oil node but if I do that's totally fine too I didn't actually want to hit it okay so we got what is this it's so far sideways that could be gas so let's go see if we can find this first oil node there we go hit it can't get much better than that perfect but now we're gonna split off this pipe and do the pipes right hopefully this time I'm gonna sell for 73 cents because I don't even care um first of all I gotta find these things though that's an oil note obviously so that's good we can connect to that really really soon here I was hoping these moles with the oil come on oh that's not there so it's either higher or lower looks like this is a different color so come on moles we found some gas that's good good job mole all right it looks like we're gonna have to do the searching ourself these moles are going around it but it's not even getting close actually let's go for this one I'm feeling good that it's like right there there it is so we're gonna connect to that and what are we selling for a dollar 32 I'm serious all right good a couple more wagons out of here god damn man oh we found another gas node oh this this is some gassy ground guys holy crap - gas notes this is nice there might not be much oil I have no idea but I'm getting great prices right now and I'm getting lots of gas already so I really can't complain um how big is this no since we're gonna have some money here I don't want to hit that node and I want to find where this guy's one is it must be is it like a really small guy up here yes of course it is okay so we're gonna split this pipe off into three ways and then we're gonna upgrade this little guy at the top a dollar fifty what are you doing lifting where are you getting all this money because this is amazing but we're gonna upgrade this actually let's let's earn some money first we're gonna upgrade that to a tier three though so we're pulling as much oil as possible out of these three bottom pipes obviously three tier ones going to one two or three is the perfect system that's what you want to do so hopefully we can do that I should upgrade these wagons first though all right you know I'm too lazy to wait I'm gonna take a little bit of a loan here just because bigger wagons are better and getting more oil out of the ground is smarter so just this small little pipe it's very cheap to upgrade once we upgrade it - it's here three it should there should be perfect black pipes going through this with no air and yes as you can see that's the way to do it actually it looks like it's maybe a little better than three tier ones all right well that's pretty cool let's connect to this free oil node over here as well and there's like this red thing over here oh that's lava I like lava let's connect to that as well thank you moles moles really are I underestimated the moles why am i selling for 60 cents when writing spying for dollar fourteen I understand your frustration guys but it's hard to look at everything in this game and I admittedly suck at you know keeping an eye on everything so sorry if I sell some for no so good I'm doing my best man doing my best and I'm having some good season so I'm feeling good all right we could upgrade those what why are we this for the thousand now it's always been why are you overcharging me man oh wait I already upgraded them okay so what oh that's the speed upgrade so first of all you do the size and then you do the speed got it pretty cool and now we should be able to deal with this with lot less wagons because they seem to be a hell of a lot faster I'm curious how big this thing is oh yeah that's nice so this is gonna be a good season I feel it ah new moles yes please let's do that and let's do some dowsers as well because there's gonna be more in this ground I know that for sure and let's start storing as well we're gonna upgrade that to a decent size and we got well we don't have too much money right now but we're doing all right all right Dalles have found something I'm gonna wait for the moles to finish to see if he can exactly find it but we'll connect to that really really quickly we got a guy way over there you know what let's let's do some searching myself this is why you let moles do it all right these moles aren't finding crap so actually is this the same lava node probably now it could be let's do a decent size here because it's got to be somewhere around here and yes there we go connect to that and what else do we need oh that's why it's not totally full because we didn't have technically oh no there was oil right here that we've already depleted so I'm just wondering why the tier 3 pipe has three tier ones connected to it and it still has air in the system so it must be a better pipe ah now this guy over here must be down low oh oh didn't mean to do that I wasted a little bit of money there do I want to go all the way over to that probably that would be the smart idea so we'll do that it looks like we got some more lava down here as well it looks like okay we got a drill to rock that's totally fine did I don't have enough money this money issue man all right we're just gonna get a alone I don't want to waste money on low oil prices if I don't need to oh that's right drill through rock there we go you're good now I don't have any money damn it alright ninety cent since it's actually really good so we'll be able to sell a lot because these wagons are upgraded I don't want to sell all my oil though that's for sure so there we go money and over to this one we go we need some more wagons because they're travelling a lot right now actually $1 I'm gonna sell a lot of this for $1 we need a good baseline in terms of money because I hate getting loans so there we go get some more dowsers out here this guy is gonna be gone in a second oh look at these prices a dollar 20 right now this is this is great these dowsers you know a little worried here let's speed up time well we earn a lot of money yeah they're not finding anything guys so I might regret selling that oil but for a dollar thirty six what do you want me to do we still have this huge note here I think we ran out of ground really really quickly though it's weird seems like with this land there's a lot at the very lopa are they very high parts of the ground and then once you start going deeper it's just sucks those three dowsers are higher didn't find crap so yeah I'm assuming at this point we're just gonna want to utilize this gas and boost the price so even at a dollar 25 I need to start storing this because this oil is very important we're only at 10,000 right now so hopefully these moles can find something whether it be gas which is good we found some right now diamonds diamonds will be great but we're not gonna get that lucky obviously let's just see what's going on here ah yeah these moles are not finding much let's see how big this note as though I'm curious not bad all right so I bought another silo just to see what happened to your August September October November December we got lots of time so we may as well wait for a good price and we're I'm gonna try and pull the majority of this out of the ground how big okay know you can see the end right there no sense wasting money I don't think I'm gonna upgrade these pipes I think it would just be a waste of time and money ah do I want to get a super silo though it looks like we might actually need one September October November December left inks looking really good right now kind of tempting let's actually prep for a selling strategy now a lot of you guys say why don't I lock the pipes it costs money to lock the pipes so I could do that as well but if I know exactly where the ends of the gas are it's actually cheaper to just do it this way so I'm gonna do it that way ah dollar 10 yeah you know what I think I might head up to left ink here and push this oil through because we have two silos filled it's all the way across the screen but you know what it should work well assuming this doesn't go down while this pipe go down that's fine though you know why we're gonna close this off and I'm gonna boost this alright so there we go first ones going through price should be going up a little bit second ones going through should I slowly connect these I think I will slowly connect these let's let these two end and then we'll start selling with these other two well I'll do it right away basically all right so I'm getting a little uncomfortable let's start selling to 40s a really good price obviously so there we go and we connected to the other two so that price is still gonna go up and the question is do I want to open up this rig no three dollars gotta love three dollars that's great we got some fast wagons you know what let's get a couple more wagons just in case I want to make sure all this oil sells before it starts plummeting and there we go we'll open up the rig push some oil through since we have enough wagons to deal with it and still sell for close to three dollars so man that was an empty season oh I totally forgot about this one over here ah yeah we didn't get much oil at all that season but still I mean we did all right last month is here I don't think I'm gonna get all of it on the ground check out this $1 15 at right Inc ah yeah I think this guy is definitely not gonna finish this one might but we'll just let it happen we didn't have the perfect season but hey was good enough and we did miss one gas note as well God most of it on the ground now and 31k with a little bit that we had I'm pretty happy with that I don't think you can get much better unless you got it all out of the ground obviously so how'd we do we still owe cars coming back cause impressing me lately Joshua at the start of this game was like killing it now he seems to be sucking kai was just behind me in that one we still came top though we're moving to new oil rich lands there's less gas here but I'm sure jack will come up with something first land auction action holy crap that was hard to say also yes I remember what we're gonna be doing in this next land I remember the strategy and it's one of the coolest mechanics in this game so yeah we'll be moving on to greener pastures in the next one I guess there's more oil I forgot if the first land had the most oil or not clearly that is not the case so hopefully we can get some more money in the next one I'm excited I hope you guys are excited as well as always thanks for watching and liking guys and I'll see you in the next [Music] [Applause]

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